The 30 for 30 Squat Challenge
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-This challenge was inspired by CrossFit Invictus but we changed it just a little bit : )
Your goal: Work your way up for 30 days to hold a squat in a relaxed position for 30 minutes
Why should you do another challenge (last month was 30 burpees for 30 days!): The squat is one of the most essential human movements. We do it everyday. The only thing that is different is that we squat and sit… in a chair for the majority of us that is. A beautiful squat embodies perfect symmetry between the ankle, knee, hip, mid line and spine. This is  not only a test of your endurance (how long can you hold this position) but a test of your mobility and stability (which we all can work on)!
Here’s how it works.
Day 1:
Hold a squat for 1 minute
Day 2:
Hold a squat for 2 minutes
Day 3:
Hold a squat fro 3 minutes
Etc… The days go on for the Month of May (more like 31 days : ) but 30 for 30 sounds better.
By Day 30:
Your goal is to hold a squat for as long as possible. You can break the squats up in intervals if need be, but the goal is to be able to sit in that position if your body permits it PAIN FREE.
Start small, one minute at a time. Use the stop watch on your phone to keep track of your accumulated time throughout the day. If squatting is difficult for you, use a doorway, table or lean up against your couch in order to make it more bearable. You will be blown away at the progress you will make. Let’s get after it CFP!!
-Coach Mike