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To that end, I want to introduce our 13th and 14th guests, Hailey and Marybeth Costello. Hailey and Marybeth are both fairly new to the Prototype community. If you come into the gym in the evening you probably see them crushing the 5:30pm CrossFit class with Coach Christina or Coach G and they are actually the first mother/daughter duo we have had on the Community Conversation.

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Michael Collette 0:02
Hi everyone, thank you for tuning to the community conversation brought to you by protesting systems home have crossed your prototype. The key conversation How is it different member of the project community each week and allows them to tell their story, share the life experience and communicate their perspective on all things fitness vault, listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries. And we believe we have some amazing people here prototype and we want you to get to know now. So to that end, I want to introduce you to our 13th and 14th guests Haley and Marybeth custo Kaylee and Mary Beth they’re both fairly new the prototype community, but if you come to the gym in the evening, you probably see them crushing the 5:30pm class with Coach cassina or coach G. And they’re actually our first mother and daughter duo we have had on the community conversation. So Hailey Marybeth, thank you for being on and we are all excited to get to get to know you guys a little bit more.

Marybeth Costello 0:54
Thanks. Thanks for having us.

Michael Collette 0:56
Yes. So, um, Mary Beth, and or Hailey, why don’t you guys just give the community a little bit more depth and background if you like, tell us your story, where you’re from, How’d you find the gym? all that fun stuff.

Marybeth Costello 1:10
All right, awesome. She has the giggles. Talks. I grew up in North Berlin. So next town over from the gym. I’ve lived here since I was five. So we were lucky enough to get a house here. And so I got to raise my three kids in Northborough to I’m a special education aid in the local system here. I work with kids with special needs. One on one they you know, on the autism spectrum or other physical or mental difficulties. So that’s kind of I’ve just been a townie I haven’t gone too far. I just moved to Northborough last year, about a year here. It’s a great time. Ya know, it’s a nice town. It’s changed a lot from when I grew up. You know, it’s a lot bigger than it used to be. But it’s a great town. I feel very comfortable here. You know, felt great. raising them here is good schools. So, Haley is eighth grade, right? Yeah.

Michael Collette 2:09
You really gotta let everyone know how old you are Hailey.

Hailey Costello 2:12
I’m 14.

Michael Collette 2:13
You might be one of the youngest members in our CrossFit classes crushing it. I love it. Yeah, you guys got to tell us how you how you found the gym. I know. You have a sister Hailey that does CrossFit. She might have given you that little nudge to get in. I think I actually I don’t think I know. Haley, you started before mom did so why don’t We talk a little bit about that. How did you find the gym? How did you how did all that stuff happen? Um,

Hailey Costello 2:40
I played soccer for a while, but I think like eight years, and then it’s fun, but I wanted to try something new out. And so I and then my sister does CrossFit. And so I figured it’d be fun to give it a shot. And then so I started doing that in the summer. At some point, like August last summer. Okay. And. And, yes, really fun. And so I like stuck with it. and stuff.

Marybeth Costello 3:13
Yeah, no, I, I think it was early last summer or spring, late spring, we had to sign up for soccer. And she’s like, you know, really not feeling the soccer. And I was like, all right, but what else do you want to do? And she was like CrossFit. And I was like, really? Okay. I know, she had been exposed to it from her sister and stuff. And I her sisters also made me watch some of the CrossFit Games with professional athletes. So I was like, okay, we actually found your gym because one of her friends goes and does the weight club. The weight of the barbell club. Yes, thank you, blinking. Um, so because I had searched around on the internet, and I was doing CrossFit and teens just because she’s 14, and I didn’t want, I wanted it to be a good place that would, you know, train her not be discouraging, because this is something big and new. And then she told me her friend Allah goes there. So I, that’s how I really found you. And I said, I’m interested in finding out more and then he started emailing me. So

Michael Collette 4:20
I do send a lot of emails.

Marybeth Costello 4:22
Yeah. And it’s just in westborough. So it’s not far, which makes it good. So that’s kind of how we discovered Prototype. The funny thing is my brother lied. And no, he used to work out there for a while, I guess, too. So after we joined on my brother in law, Rick was like, that’s where I used to go. And I was like, Oh, I had no idea.

Michael Collette 4:42
Oh that’s awesome.

Hailey Costello 4:43
So Hailey, you started in August, last year, so 2020, which is like the dead heat of summer. We’re working out outside. Why don’t you talk a little bit about that. And now we’re going to be getting back outside again, as the weather is getting really, really nice. Oh, was that like?

um it was nice then cuz like we didn’t have to wear masks all the time at first and so then it was sort of still like a transition for me so i didn’t have to jump right into having to wear the mask doing even more like it like intense workouts than i did before and then it was nice outside because they’re thresher except when i was in a spot where the sun shined right down on my face because then it just got really hot and so yeah that part wasn’t as fun but i still use i still like enjoyed the workouts and being able to exercise with like the fresh air

Michael Collette 5:44
now Marybeth i know you’re Hailey’s like number one fan because you used to be in the gym before you started watching her oh dollar workouts like how did you like when i know you started after Hailey like we talked a little bit about that and you know from your perspective like as a parent watching her workout what was that like

Marybeth Costello 6:04
yeah so because of her age i didn’t feel comfortable just leaving her at the gym you know and nobody ever made me feel uncomfortable about being creepy mom on the sidelines watching the workouts you know i did go for walks just so i wasn’t constantly i walked around that you know that rode around the gym and around like multiple times that we’d only see

Michael Collette 6:25
The CFP mile is what we call it that one yeah it goes all the way around it’s a little it’s like 1.2 miles little bit longer as everyone complains as longer than a mile we call him out but yeah CFP Mile.

Marybeth Costello 6:35
yep, yep i walked that many times so it was it was neat seeing it just because you know even though my oldest daughter did it i still didn’t really know what it was all about i just knew that was like weightlifting and other stuff and i know people are always like crossfit mindset and if you’re a crossfitter and i don’t know so but um for me i think it was good so i was watching her do it and then there’s also another woman there that was older than me and seeing her do it and just seeing how christina would like modify it for hayley and then watching how the other woman just did what she could and nobody was being disrespectful or calling him out on it was just you know so it made it feel really welcoming and it wasn’t like all these buff guys and girls that were you know it was like everyday people so it just made it seem like it was more approachable because i don’t know if she hadn’t been doing it first and me watching if i if this is something i would have chose to do um so in november you had that really great gift certificate the holiday card mm hmm and i was like alright i’ve been kind of thinking about it since like october and the deal came and so i asked haley though i was like haley what do you think like i’m really kind interested in trying but you know how do you feel can i come work out with you and she gave me the okay so because i wanted her to still have her thing and i didn’t want to like take it over but um

Michael Collette 8:03
mom asking you for advice that’s pretty awesome

Marybeth Costello 8:06
yeah well you know like this was her thing and i just wanted to do it with her and but i didn’t want to make her uncomfortable if i was there you know so yeah so in november i took the plunge and here i am.

Michael Collette 8:21
so awesome so what’s so for both of you guys what’s been like the i guess the well we talked a little bit about like some misconceptions but what’s been like your favorite part about like the gym or the workouts are kind of anything as it relates to cross what’s been like your your favorite thing Hailey why don’t you start

Hailey Costello 8:44
um, ah I don’t know i like that um everyone’s like really nice and so even though i’m a lot younger it’s not like they underestimate me a bunch or anything they’re not like wow you can lift more than like 10 pounds or something not that anyone would say that but um i like that everyone’s really nice and it’s an honor i’m like the coach Christina who ipg workouts he’s really helpful and makes it so that i can do a great thing in the workout or that i can do something that will at least give me like the same result as the workout or similar

Michael Collette 9:30
that’s great yeah, Coach christina would love to hear that she’s gonna she’s looking forward to this conversation by the way.

Marybeth Costello 9:35
yeah no we’re definitely a big fan of hers i think she’s been great with haley from the get go she was her virtuosity trainer and just made her really comfortable i was really glad that she got paired you know not nothing against guys don’t me but you know the girl and you know she got really comfortable and it’s hard to get haley not to do any like to do any other workout except the 5:30 with christina so

Michael Collette 10:02
That’s great, everyone has their favorites it’s okay because she’s seen yeah

Marybeth Costello 10:06
i’m sure everyone else is great you know nobody i can’t complain about anyone everyone’s always been super nice so but i kind of agree with Hailey like with the aspect you know nobody looked down on you they’re all so supportive and you know you see people modifying things and at the end of the workout everyone’s still like great job you know it’s not like well you didn’t do it rx or all this all the lingo lingo that you had to learn and i’m still learning everybody really cheering each other on and it’s nice like a supportive group so

Michael Collette 10:41
it’s all relative take pride in the effort and speaking of the lingo i’ll send you another email it gives you a breakdown of all the acronyms in case you want a little cheat yes i do have i do have a blog post about that so i love you guys perspective i think a lot of people will appreciate hearing that too because you know there is a misconception sometimes it also depends on like the gyms that you go to and stuff like that and you know really you know i i personally really appreciate that that feedback and that’s the way you guys feel because that’s the environment that we’re that we’re looking to to create in the family environment the family culture that means a lot to us so it’s just so awesome and you know another thing that’s really awesome is the prototype open that you both are participating in we’re just we just finished up week two now like it that’s another level of intimidation right do this right so you guys are constantly getting outside your comfort zone and doing those things i just i love that can you guys talk a little bit about the Prototype open why you guys decided to sign up why are you doing it and like your experience so far

Marybeth Costello 11:57
do you want to say something first

Hailey Costello 11:59
sure, um, well one thing that really made me want to is that a star wars themed cuz i love star wars

Michael Collette 12:09
we’re all nerds at Prototype so it’s okay yeah

Hailey Costello 12:13
um and then i didn’t really exactly understand what it was at first so i figured why not try it if it’s like too much and i guess scaled back and then and so that’s why i was like sure why not sign up

Marybeth Costello 12:30
yeah no i went and asked christina specifically i’m like alright these these workouts are gonna be friday that’s like haley haley’s very specific she likes monday and friday because she thinks it’s a good amount of time in between workouts and not too long from friday till monday again so we typically do monday through friday night and more rest time yes optimal rest time but i went to christina specifically i was like i’m the open workouts you think like i’m really new and she was like no go for it she’s like they’re gonna modify if you need it like it’d be great the as much or as little as you can do and so i was like all right and like i said star wars themed really got haley excited for it so we’re like alright let’s try it and see how it goes um the the first workout came out and i just remember seeing that going oh my gosh i don’t know what i signed up for um i can’t do double unders but i did single unders i have to say my old school jump rope from elementary schools kicking that wasn’t as bad so that was good but yeah it was kind of scary but we did the first one i was like alright that was pretty cool then the second one came out i was like oh my god this is just getting worse but i made it further than i honestly thought i would and you know hey that works for me my are older my older daughter is doing it too at her gym so the first week i thought this was great she scaled it the same scales i did and she only beat me like by three reps and for someone who does crossfit and then have their mom who’s pretty new at this you know only get have her beat me by three reps was like pretty awesome she totally kicked my butt the next week but that’s okay

Michael Collette 14:16
that’s okay it’s the friendly competition component of this

Marybeth Costello 14:19
it’s neat though cuz she’s down in south carolina and we’re here and we’re doing the same workout which i just it gives us an extra connection and something else to talk about which is i like it so that’s an added bonus for me with the open which i didn’t realize she was doing it too and so that really i don’t know i just i liked that we have that extra bonding even though we’re like 900 miles apart or whatever it is to south carolina

Michael Collette 14:44
that is another great benefit to be able to do that when you’re in massachusetts using south carolina but another thing i found your shirt at the gym scene got that on friday sorry total side note another Thing is, you mentioned double unders. And some of these like exercises that are cheating. So not only is it challenging to remember the name of them, because there’s so many double unders are typically one of those movements that a lot of people are challenged to get struggle with. Right? But you know, you get your first one is like, Oh my gosh, have you guys had any moments like that? Like our Do you have any goals or things that you want to like that you’re working towards? or anything like that? Or? Or any, anything along those lines?

Hailey Costello 15:30
Um, pull up, pull up? Yeah, yeah, I won’t be able to do a follow up, because my cousin’s ever pull apart in the garage, and I visit them occasionally hang out, because they’re like, our social circle. And so then, I, whenever I’m there, I would usually like attempt a couple pull ups on it in the garage, and then I would go hang out with them. And so I really want to be able to do a full

Michael Collette 15:59
well, you keep staying consistent and coming in, you’re gonna get that pull up. I know, you are

Marybeth Costello 16:03
know, she’s definitely closer, and she’ll go, when we go over to my sister, she’ll go out and try one out and see, you know, she’s way closer than I’ll ever be. So,

Michael Collette 16:15
um, how about you Marybeth any any goals or anything that you’re working on?

Marybeth Costello 16:19
Um I want, um back towards the beginning when I started, and I only use the little blank products, I attempt in a box jump and I I was totally fine. But I was just like, oh my god, so that like, kind of broke my nerves for attempting box gym. So I guess a goal, even if it’s just the black box to eventually be brave enough to try to do the box jump again. The bigger box. I mean, my knees have been struggling a little bit, you know, obviously, it’s all this new stuff. And so the bigger boxes a little too much, I think for me now, but it’d be nice to eat, you know, even if it’s just on the black small box to be brave enough to do that box jump again.

Michael Collette 17:00
That is fantastic. And you guys are those two goals are very, I don’t know if you guys notice. They’re very common. Because they’re they’re they’re very challenging for everyone. The mental component, the box jump. Especially if you fall I mean, I think we’ve all it’s like a badge of honor. At some point, you’re going to fall off the box. Yeah. And then the Polo. And I love those things. Because those are like, you know, if you don’t do it one day, and then you’re working out and staying consistent, and then you do and then you’re able to do it. It’s that feeling like, Oh my gosh, I did it. And I know you guys are gonna get that. So we talked about the things that you want to get better at what are your favorite thing? What are your favorite exercises? Or favorite movements? Or have we found any yet?

Hailey Costello 17:48
Well, I’m dead this because, like, does like the basic things that you can look like the most that basically. And so I like this a lot. I’m not as big on the cardio part, but I like the assault bike.

Michael Collette 18:09
You Do?

Hailey Costello 18:10

Michael Collette 18:12
Okay. Now many people say that but okay. Like, yeah, I like that. I like that.

Marybeth Costello 18:18
Yeah. Um, I like the row or I discovered I like rowing. So whenever the row gets pulled out, she does not like the rower. She prefers the assault bike, but I like the rower. And I don’t know, I do like the weightlifting stuff. So I’d like to get some better upper body strength. The deadlift school just because it makes me sound like my numbers higher and I’m staying on par with her. I am actually pretty happy with my jump roping and no, like I said, I’m not the double unders yet. But the fact that I can. I did one of the home workouts, I think was Annie. Yeah. And I strung together. Like, I think I did like 29 just single unders, but I was like, Oh my gosh, you know, it wasn’t like five and then you hit yourself. I was like 29 so I, you know, just get in a good rhythm. So I don’t know I kind of like jump roping again brings back my childhood.

Michael Collette 19:14
You know, what I’m most excited about is a year from now you guys are gonna be able to listen, really listen to this. And I’m sure you guys are crushing a lot of these things that you guys are talking about right now. That’s gonna be that’s gonna be a really cool moment. Marybeth and Haley. I got I got three more questions for you. I’ve loved this conversation so far. It’s so great hearing this hearing this stuff. I got three final questions for you. All right. All right. So Hailey, you’re gonna answer first then then mom can answer Second. Okay? So number one is what is your favorite movie? Your favorite TV show of all time and on it. In addition to that, what does it show that you’re binge watching right now or Currently?

Hailey Costello 20:06
that is a hard question

Michael Collette 20:08
movie TV show and what are you bingeing? You can start with start with any any, any in any order. If you want to defer to mom so you can think a little big and defer to mom too.

Marybeth Costello 20:22
Oh, no. Oh my gosh. Um there’s been a lot of TV watching over this past year just because there’s not much else to do. Um, I really, I guess I’m just gonna do my nerd card and the original Star Wars like, for the entire ship tree? Well, I really like Empire Strikes Back is probably one of my favorites. So I, I will say any, any of the three original Star Wars, or Empire Strikes Back, I don’t know the whole

Unknown Speaker 21:02
You can’t go wrong with any of those.

Marybeth Costello 21:06
um, I guess one of my favorite TV Shows of All Time is Gilmore Girls, Haley. And I watched that together, my sister watches it, you know? So that’s like, I watched it originally when it came out one episode times, and now like she just couldn’t binge watch a season. I’m like, I can’t wait a week for the next episode. And I know currently I’m watching. Well, I binge watched on all time. I kind of like crime shows, but I like the more lighter side crime shows not CSI. That’s too much. So I did death in paradise. And I’m currently doing Almost paradise. So they take place on an island and you get the ocean views along. Yes. us which doesn’t make me at the beach but makes me feel closer to the beach.

Michael Collette 22:00
It’s feeling like you’re getting close to the beach rather to Okay, that’s great. So Hailey, we got some?

Hailey Costello 22:07
um, man do the movie last cuz I there’s so many movies. Um, one of my favorite shows is Brooklyn nine, nine. I’ve won. I’ve seen every episode like a million times. Because it’s just so good. Because it’s another like, cop show. But it’s like a comedy. And it’s really funny. Um, a show. I’m watching right now. I was watching. I’m watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I was just watching.

Michael Collette 22:40
actually very cool. throwback.

Hailey Costello 22:45
And favorite movie. Um, there’s so many good ones to choose one of the top ones. That’s Yeah. So I can’t even really think of any movies i’ve watched And oh, um, I really like once upon a Deadpool because it’s the only Deadpool I can watch.

Michael Collette 23:21
Great. Yeah, I was gonna say I don’t watch real Deadpool yet. You know, a few years but once upon a Deadpool okay.

Hailey Costello 23:29
It also has like Princess Bride stuff cuz it has Fred Savage from Princess Bride as like the beginning scenes.

Michael Collette 23:36
Yeah. That’s awesome. Okay, we got two more questions, right. Next one is a favorite musician or music artists band. What’s your favorite of all time? Favorite musician.

Hailey Costello 23:50
One of my favorite bands right now is AJR.

I Like AJR they’re great


Michael Collette 23:56
Uh, Huh.

Marybeth Costello 23:58
Huh. Mostly I listened to whatever she’s been playing. So I don’t really get to pick my own but we go old school then. Like, I’d have to say like Guns and Roses with probably, you know, she’s been playing, throwing back to a lot of stuff I listened to so it’s like, Oh, I love this song. Oh, this is another good one. So it’s music is awesome. It is

Michael Collette 24:21
very true. I had one of those moments when I was when I was a kid. I my my stepdad I remember like listening, and like hearing like Led Zeppelin for the first time. And I remember saying to him, Hey, Bob, have you ever heard of Led Zeppelin? And I think he just shook his head and like walked away. Yeah, you know, it’s one of those things. Okay. Yes. Last question. What is your What’s your favorite thing? What are you guys favorite thing to do when you’re not, you know, working or working out at the gym. What’s your guys favorite activity to do? hobby.

Hailey Costello 24:54
Um, I like I like to watch TV. i also like to like a draw or saying or just listening to music

Marybeth Costello 25:08
yeah i like to paint so i one of my things i picked up over quarantine i’ve always painted with acrylics but i got a watercolor box so i started doing watercolors last summer and so i like to paint when i have some free time

Michael Collette 25:23
did you paint that behind you?

Marybeth Costello 25:24
i did not that is i didn’t

Michael Collette 25:28
well that’s an awesome hobby i wish i had those skills i don’t have those skills at all it sounds like you guys are on the creative side

Marybeth Costello 25:33
yeah, We both sing

Michael Collette 25:38
Oh that’s awesome! yeah um well haley marybeth i want to thank you guys so much for being part of the community conversation it means so much to us at pro theme is a lot to me and that everyone who’s listening right now thank you for tuning in and watching remember every week we’ll be releasing a new community conversation with a new guest to get your week started so to be the first to know when a new comedian conversations posted subscribe to our youtube page we’re also on spotify and also subscribe our daily brief newsletters ones that mary beth was talking about those emails you get every day these days also posted in our community members only club on facebook so if you’re a member at prototype and not in that for some reason just let us know i’ll get you in and then lastly if you’re interested in being on the community conversation just us message we’d love to have you so until next time thank you everyone