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To that end, this guest doesn’t need much of an introduction as many of you know him, the one and only Kev Cruz! Kevin is actually our first guest on the community conversation that has moved and no longer comes into the gym, but he and his family will always be part of the Prototype community! If you don’t know Kev or his wife Courtney, they were avid 5/6/7amers and came almost every day. Kevin used to win our “Best gear award” almost every year, which we essentially renamed the Kev Cruz award. He and Courtney have 2 kids and recently adopted another dog. I can keep going on the intro but I want to leave some talking points for Kevin!

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Michael Collette 0:02
All right, everyone. Thank you so much for tuning into the community conversation brought to you by prototype Training Systems, home of crossett. prototype. The community conversation highlights a different member of the prototype community each week and allows them to tell their story, share their life experience, and communicate their perspective on all things. Fitness. We’ve all listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos, I highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries. And we believe we have some amazing people at prototype and we’d like for you to get to know them. So to that end, this guest doesn’t need much of an introduction, as many of you know him, the one and only Kevin Cruz. Kev is actually our first guest on a conversation that is actually moved away, and actually doesn’t come to the gym anymore. But him and his family are always going to be part of this project community. So if you don’t know Kevin or his wife, Courtney, they were avid 567. hammers that came in almost every day, Kevin used to win our best gear award almost every year. So he basically just renamed it to the Kevin Cruz award. He and Courtney have two kids, and they recently adopted another dog. And I can just keep going into this intro, but I want to leave some talking points for Kevin. So Kevin Cruz, thank you for being part of the community conversation. Thanks, Mike. Happy to be here. This is awesome. Yeah, to be a part of it. I’m excited. So Kev, why don’t you give everyone kind of a little bit of background into your story. How did you like find prototype? How did you get into CrossFit? How did that journey begin for you?

Kevin Cruz 1:33
Yeah. So first and foremost, I am not a New Englander. I am a Cali boy born and raised in California, born in Orange County, lived most of my life, just north of South San Francisco in the Bay Area. Fast forward to 2007, when my daughter was born, Meredith, we moved out to Grafton, which is where Courtney’s parents were living, just to be closer to the in laws and to her mom was a saint and helped us so much as we were just transitioning into being new parents. But lo and behold, we kind of got hosed with that, because I want to say like, a year later, we moved they, her dad got moved out to Philly to work. So then we were left high and dry out in the cold of New England. But, you know, as is everything it all worked out, you know, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Massachusetts is a great place, great place to raise my family. And it really has been a blessing being out here and that, you know, so many great friends and people that I know, I’ll have relationships for the rest of my life. But in regards to your question. I had always been active in sports when I was little played baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse in college. And then, you know, after I graduated, and we moved to the Bay Area after school, we were at school at UC Santa Barbara. You know, I really kind of let my my lifestyle kind of dictate my health and fitness. I was working in the restaurant industry a lot. So if any of you have done done that before, you know, it’s it’s a grind, you wake up at like noon, you get it and you start prepping the kitchen. And then after your shift at midnight, one o’clock, that’s when your night starts, you go out you drink, you eat food, and then you’re done at like three, four in the morning, rinse and repeat. doesn’t leave much time for working out or for exercising unless you really make it a plan, which I did not. And that kind of just followed me and transitioned with me. As we did move into Massachusetts. I realized I had to change that because I was a dad and and I was a you know this Mike I was you know, in my late 20s a young male with gout which is really odd for someone that young to have that have that condition. And so I realized I had to make a change. So I started going to Boston Sports Club, playing hoops. Just pick up hoops, just anything I could do. And you know, in the back of my mind, I realized you know, I don’t know if I’m really doing all I can to really get in the best shape of my life or of my life but just to be in better shape in general. And, and I’d seen prototype because we always drove through the center of town. I actually it’s kind of funny, I actually purchased the Groupon for small town CrossFit before you guys acquired them. And I just never made it through the door and never use it. I think I you know, to be blunt, I think I was just just scared or just intimidated because I didn’t know what to expect. But finally, you know after some time of being in the gym at Boston sports club I started doing some training programs that Jim’s the party used to do, or that he would program. It’s like the Superman workout and it was really like hit base. And I realized, okay, like, this is all good and well, but I kind of feel dumb doing this on my own at Boston sports club. Everyone’s kind of looking at me. Why don’t I actually just walk through that door and see what happens? And that’s what I did. You know, I met with you. I met with john I met with Bz, and the rest was history. I think the next day after my first class, I bought a pair of Nanos and, you know, I drink, I drink the juice, or the Kool Aid and I was lost in the sauce ready to go. And I haven’t looked back ever since that was fall of 2014 Oh, and you know what it was my it was actually the 30 days for 30 bucks Alzheimer’s challenge. That’s right. That’s what got me in there. Kathy Milligan, Russell Swartz all those folks we were all in it together and and we just kept on going on after right after that. So awesome. I do remember that and a couple things.

Michael Collette 6:05
I love how you bought shoes like today that’s like such a Kevin Cruz thing like like you got that didn’t surprise me when you just said that. The second thing is I love how you had to like let everyone know that you’re that your West Coast not an East Coast guy shout out the niners is I’m sure you watch a little bit of the draft. Jimmy G or Trey Lance man

Kevin Cruz 6:30
Trey Lance I think I mean I love Jimmy g i he took us to the Super Bowl but I just don’t know if he can do it. He’s injury prone and it just wasn’t working out with the niners I think Shanahan’s a bit under the gun here. So I think they need to they might go in a new direction. But but we’ll see. I mean, I mean thankful fully for me, you know, barring the last year that was set back with so many injuries. They had turned it around there was there were some brutal years I want to say at least close to 10 years of them just being down in the dumps. So it’s good to see that they’re actually trying to turn that program around and keep it going.

Michael Collette 7:12
Dude, I’m like we have similar things going on right now Niners getting a QB the Pats and Mack Jones i mean you know well i think that the niners are in a better spot they got they got a better talent I think on the offensive side that they can plug in So yeah, I think you guys are in a better a better spot can talk about let’s talk about like your family I don’t know if anyone is whoever’s watching this can see in the background give us one move aside you got like a full like setup in your in your home basement. Now he got a hold for home gym, like you got turf like, like I you know, for the folks listening like, like, why did you put in tariffs like and I know why but why don’t you talk a little bit about that how you got your home gym set up what you’ve been doing during COVID update for all the folks that are like, Hey, where’s Kev Cruz? Like, what’s he been doing?

Kevin Cruz 8:06
That I never left that I’ve always been around the owners watching on Facebook, what everyone’s doing and folks you know, but But what happened is, is we were at CrossFit medfield when the pandemic hit. And you know, as is as it was with everyone we were just uncomfortable and we took a hiatus on going to the gym, and really just started building out the gym in our garage. We we moved from grafting and Halston, almost two years ago, and at Ellis thought to myself, it’d be nice to have some equipment in the gym, or in the garage that I could work out with my daughter and my son. And just kind of show them a few things just so they get, you know, really ingrained in their in their lifestyle that that working out isn’t just about looking good and, and being you know, the strongest person but just it’s about having that active lifestyle and just having that throughout your life. And that’s all the stuff that Courtney and I have always tried to present to them as everyone knows, or that knows her like she’s a crazy runner, we would have Saturday workouts she would run three miles to the gym, do the workout, and then run home right after it and and you know, it’s just something that we always wanted our kids to see. And so with that, you know, like, like a lot of people did just slowly built out the gym in the garage. You know we have a squat rack we have rings pull up bar. rower I just got an assault bike too and and just kind of been grinded away in the garage. It stinks during the winter because it’s not insulated, so it’s so cold super cold but the tip you gave me about putting the barbell in the night before inside the house. was a lifesaver and really really helped to make it easier.

Michael Collette 10:03
I tried to I tried to eat Sorry to interrupt you. But yeah, I tried to literally so I was keeping my bar out in my garage until we made the decision to move it, move everything inside, just wait till to use a squat rack until it got a little bit warmer. Yeah, we’re taking the heater in like a like a hairdryer and trying to warm up the barbell. Because if you got if you guys are listening and you you haven’t, like, had a cold, like a freezing cold barbell and trying to pick it up and do stuff with it, it’s it’s like the worst. It’s like the worst thing ever. It makes it miserable. It makes everything more miserable.

Kevin Cruz 10:35
So yeah, the funny thing is, is, is sometimes I would do the work of workout, and then Courtney would run and then she’d be like, I feel like I should do a barbell workout. And I’m not kidding here. Like, it must have been the span of like, maybe every four or five days, she was like, I’m gonna do Titi. And she just kept on doing DT over and over. But the bar was cold. So we didn’t have like, workout gloves. So she would use like cloth mittens. Just like

Michael Collette 11:05
Dude, doing DT unbroken with mittens, And just got to get it done. I don’t have time to mess around mittins and dtt are not something that you would pair pair together. Because Erin was the same way she would wear her brown Lehigh mittens to pick up the barbell or like full on like gloves like her gloves.

And they’re like, yeah, yeah, there’s like the it’s just like,I can even really grip it. And no, I totally know this, the struggle of being working out in your garage and how cold it can be. But you move things inside and you seem to have a good set. What other than it being cold, you know, have you like what were the obviously there’s positives to being able to be flexible and working out like at home, but like what were also some of the struggles or like the I guess the negatives to that, because I know there’s a convenience factor to it. But there’s also there are some struggles that come along with it.

Kevin Cruz 12:05
Yeah, I definitely think convenience, definitely made it easier. A couple of negatives, though, I would say is that, that I found my baseline strength definitely increased, I did a lot of double progression cycles. So I think that helped me with my squat deadlift and press. But I think my conditioning, I’ve lost it, it’s a lot easier to not push yourself as hard when you don’t have friends with you working out with you. And I was thinking, a lot more breaks than I needed to check the phone, I’ll look at emails, I will say another thing that’s, that’s related to working out but also impacted. My, my, my work was that, like, Oh, yeah, I’ll start working out at like eight and then I would be like having coffee and like hanging out with the dog. And then that turns to 830 then I’m stretching and rolling, start working out at nine and now I’m logging on at 10 o’clock. And I’m like crap, like, Where is the morning God. So I really tried to just really set a set schedule, just so I can be more productive and just get the most out of my day. You know, and other than that, you know, the thing that sucks the most about just being by yourself is you don’t get to see the people that you want to see, you know, that was the best part about waking up at 5am and go into the gym was that you’re there working out, and you’re with like minded individuals, but you’re also there with your friends. You know, like all those people at those early morning classes or, you know, they come over to my house for dinner and for parties when when things are normal and and that was the best thing I was about prototype in the gym was that it wasn’t just there to work out it was there to be with people that you genuinely genuinely like and love.

Michael Collette 13:53
And that’s probably the most negative thing about having to work so work out so but I agree with you there because I’m in the same boat you know, obviously being a you know, eight minutes from the gym, I’m there coaching classes, but primarily doing my workouts from home you know, specifically as from a convenience perspective, but also you know, we had limited capacity so like you know, for example I never go in on Saturdays because I don’t want to take a spot from a member but like I know exactly what you’re saying is that like having the group having people around you you push yourself a little bit more than you would there’s that added layer of accountability and I agree with you I’m I’m I missed that. You know just personally even though you know Aaron was here we would work out together But back to like that whole group component I mean, I’m sure you got some some favorite memories from being at the gym. Do you have any off the top of your head that you’d like to share some of your favorite memories?

Kevin Cruz 14:55
Yeah, I got a couple. I’m definitely always the in house competitions. are great, I think it took a good, you know, two, two and a half to three years to get Courtney to finally come into the gym. She’s had a couple of missteps when she was there, she broke her finger and, and she had to miss one of our one of the Wet Hot Summer throw downs. But when I was able to do a competition or two with her that was awesome, just to see not just, you know, I always knew she was a strong person, but just to see her progress over time, you know, is like, is like it was just really awesome to see because she, you know, she was always the person like, Oh, I can’t do that. I can’t do that. And lo and behold, yep, she could do it. She could do it. You know, she’s the one that’s that’s always talking to me about pistol squats and I’m saying oh, I can never get a pistol squad and then she’s in the kitchen and nurse slippers you know oh dropping down like this and going into pistols bought in her LL Bean slippers and, and she doesn’t stretch. I don’t know how she does it but but but she’s able to get it done. I will say and and your brother will crack up about this and probably gee man well is it must have been the second or third week that I was at the gym and I went to a Saturday workout because traditional partner was but this was a it was a trio odd. Am I frozen? No. But and, and so it was my first time going in or one of the first times going to the gym and doing a you know, a group workout. I had no one to workout with, you know is fine, because I was new. I didn’t really know anyone ever partnered up. And I think it must have been g man and john like, Hey, why don’t you go with these guys like, okay, that’s fine. I go over and it’s um, Kevin, nah, he must have been 15 or 16. And then one of his buddies that I don’t Emery. His name just just, I can’t I can’t put my name in his name, face to the name or a name to the face. But um, I remember doing the workout. It was great. It was fine. And then like I looked at me, I was like, so you go to Westboro high school? Nah, man. No, no, really? How are you? 32. Bro. Why? And then I was doing a session with john and his. And it was just a private session. He was like, Hey, man, you’re doing really well, you really catch on? So So how many years have you? Are you in college? How old are you now? It’s like, dude, I’m 32 I’m married and have a kid and I do this conversation. Mostly. And when you when truth be told, I realize that him and john thought they were putting with me with my peers because they thought I was in high school kids. might like you’ll laugh at this, but it’s like what Leo said. Asians don’t raise it, man. I guess it was fine. Like Kevin was a great guy. But I was like, Yeah, I’d rather be with like Brent French or like someone my age. So you know, so we can talk a bit more about things better.

Michael Collette 18:09
Oh, you keep putting exactly school kids. Oh, you think I’m in high school? Yeah. That’s a that’s remember like, yeah.

Kevin Cruz 18:20
Yeah, I remember Maria and like, and, and peg and I was telling them that story. And they’re like, yeah, it’s funny, because I remember we would say to each other. Well, that’s a nice young man. He always comes in and is so polite and smile, like, because I’m a grown man. I’m a grown man. I make adult decisions.

Michael Collette 18:40
That’s so funny. That’s a comment, email. Young you haven’t you haven’t, you know? Hey, you just don’t age. I mean, that’s, that’s Yeah,

Kevin Cruz 18:48
no, I’ll take it. You know, and I will say, you know, all of my greatest memories were probably right when I first really started doing CrossFit and being at the gym. I remember it was 14, or 15.5. It was the 27 down to three rowing for cows and thrusters. And I remember I went in early the gym workout with Nate. Yeah, yeah, it was the final one. Oh, that was like, five or something like that. That was that was like the worst workout? Yeah. Yeah. And I remember coming in early for Friday Night Lights and watching you, Nate and TJ just go through it and just crush everything, right? Yes. Like, oh, wow, this is gonna be tough. And I remember doing it and I was in my heat. And I think we were starting to bleed into the next heat. But I remember just everyone cheering me on because I was failing thrusters. But, but I remember like, there’s no way I could do it. But for some reason I picked up the bar and just kept on going no matter how often I failed. And it took me like close to 30 minutes or something ridiculous. But I remember going over to Jesse Dimmick and was like, I don’t know how I got through But I just couldn’t stop because everyone was cheering me on and telling me that, you know, just supported me that no matter what I was going to get through, he looked at me and the one thing he said is, it’s the heart of CrossFit man, the community, the people there that support you, that’s, that’s what it’s all about. And that’s just stuck with me forever. And that’s why we’re not you know, I go into the gym, anywhere, when I go into watch competitions, you know, always be there to support my friends and ever in there. Just because I know, that’s what, you know, that’s why we all come together. And that’s why we all love it so much. Yeah. 100%. And that’s, you know, it’s a big thing that you miss, too, especially, you mentioned the, you’re, like a former athlete, you played a bunch of different sports. So you let that team camaraderie, that group mentality, you know, pushing each other to be better the accountability.

Michael Collette 20:53
You know, to add to that, like, actually, I should say, speaking of being an athlete, you got a couple athletes as kids right now. So you’re in like, full on dad mode? Yeah. You’re How old is Meredith and Charlie? Great. How will they know?

Kevin Cruz 21:10
So Meredith will be 14 and in May, and Charlie is going to be 12. late September. There is background in it on Rocket League right now. It’s Charlie is Charlie come over here. However, we’re doing a little podcast to the gym. And what’s going on doing?

Charlie Cruz 21:36
Nothing much. Are you doing? Good play a video game over there? Yes. Well, you got to talk guy. Talk to the people, man. Let’s talk about this. The soccer journey that you’re on. What do you got going on right now? How many boys score me goalie score this week? 300 200 700 700. Alright, see ya.

Michael Collette 21:58
700 Yeah, good number. So I know I just mentioned that Charlie’s playing soccer. So what is it? Like? Let’s talk about talk a little about Mary. What do you do? What’s Charlie been up? Yeah. Yeah. So mer is a maid that is, believe it or not, will be in high school next year. That’s crazy to think. You’re still a nice? Yeah, go in there. Go into our first High School, right?

Kevin Cruz 22:24
Yeah, so I don’t know. It’s crazy to think about, but um, I just want to be adults. I don’t want to be at the kid table, man. But she’s, um, she’s been dancing ever since she was three or four years old. switched studios. When we moved out the hall, a student has found a great studio that she loved, and is just they started doing their competitions, the past couple weekends. She’s This is the first year that she’s done solos. So she did a solo for tap. And she placed in the top 10 for the entire competition, which is awesome. So it’s just been really great for her and her growth and her competence. And it seems like she’s really set in a nice little groove there. And, you know, and with that, too, like, she’s coming downstairs on her own and she’s doing her own workouts hopping on the treadmill. You know, it’s never has to be like a, you know, a little push from me or Courtney. She’s doing things on our own. And it’s great to see that she’s really, really, you know, taking ownership of that, you know, as she grows into a young woman, right? The other guy, the little Savage. That kid is crazy, believe it or not, when he was like three or four, he went to this little kickers program and for kicks and Marlboro, and he hated soccer. He wanted nothing to do with it. But I’ve coached him through for soccer for basketball, and baseball, and he just had something in him for soccer where he was just able to just keep up with the big boys. He was a six year old playing with eight year olds. And he was just mashing on them. And he’s just kept with it is it the good thing about it is it’s Same thing with him it’s never an issue or like where it’s like okay time to go to practice and he’s you got to drag him by his feet but no, he’s always ready to go. It’s It’s It’s crazy to see the moment he steps onto the pitch. His face lights up and he’s ready to go. With him I think what sets him apart from other kids is agents his work rate is just beyond theirs in his the way he understands the game is is is really lightyears ahead of where you should be at his age and it’s been great for us because we’ve gotten a lot of great trips related to soccer. We went to Puerto Rico we went to Barcelona two summers ago. We were supposed to go to Germany last summer, but But that got shut down because of COVID. And, you know, he’s doing a great time is playing for any FC now and, and then we set up this turf in the basement, just so we can have a spot to just get extra touches and do a little bit of extra work. And it’s been great, it’s, it’s something we always look forward to during the weekend and, and it’s a, you know, really good, you know, activity for our family to be outside and just watch him play and, and that’s something that we’ve tried to really, you know, really take the opportunity, you know, I think I was talking to peg and Todd and, and, you know, we’re like, you know, it’s like a lot of money to go to these trips like Puerto Rico or Barcelona, it’s like, you know what, though, like, if you have the means, and it’s something you can do, and you know, give them the opportunity to do it, if you can swing it, because, you know, right before you eyes, you know, you blink and they’re all grown up, and it’s can’t be you know, there can’t be anything more truthful than that, you know, I blink and merit of this now going into high school, so, so I’m glad we’re able to take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of it. You know, because I, you know, it’s, you know, not to dive too much in the backstory but but you know, I think, you know, when I look back on it, you know, when I was younger, my dad wasn’t too involved with sports, he was he was working in the Philippines while we were in California, and he just wasn’t around as much you know, he’s always provided for our family and it’s a great guy, you know, could drink me under the table any day and and and you know, and just has like great stories I golf with them all the time whenever he’s here. But he wasn’t at games he was an app practices and it’s not because he didn’t want to I just he just wasn’t there. And so I think I’ve kind of you know, reflected and said, Okay, yes, I have to work I have to do these things, but I’m not gonna let that take away from me being able to be there for Meredith or Charlie. So I really try and take the most make the most out of that and and give them those opportunities set up this turf so we can mess around and play soccer tennis or get touches because because it’s only so short before they’re they’re walking out that door and go into college or doing something else and so you want to make the most out of it. It’s a great way to think about a man it’s true. I mean 100% i mean i don’t know from experience but like I just mentioned it’s crazy that he said marry this fourteens blows my mind time time literally does fly

Michael Collette 27:30
Yeah, I want to So one question is as Charlie ripped any giant holes into your wall from playing soccer he took any any any shots of the wall or done any damage in there man? I mean like

Kevin Cruz 27:43
No, not yet. He’s broken up broken a couple lamps. But because there’s windows I’ve told him he hit like the basement is not for shooting is for like getting touches. And

he’s so tempted. Just Just try to rip it as hard as I could down there. But oh, sorry for this wall. Now my buddy did the same setup for his son. And what he actually did is he just put plywood down against the walls. So then his son could just rip against it. But we have Windows all in the basement. So I know. Loud, you know, especially if you’re trying to go to sleep you need to up at 12 o’clock at night on a Friday night ripping into the wall but you know, yeah, now but it’s like having a drum set. Yeah, the late night thing that’s keeping me up as him screaming on fortnight probably. So he’s a big gamer is not the pivot the subject but you guys just got a dog too. Yeah, right. Like

Michael Collette 28:38
Yeah, and you guys from my understanding you guys adopted the dog from another country like what’s the What? Give us that story that

Kevin Cruz 28:46
Yeah, yeah. So So Nellie, she is from Qatar. We got in touch with rescue out there from some soccer friends. One of Charlie’s teammates mom is her sister works with the organization and this mom was originally going to take in Nellie but she already has three dogs and she realized I probably can’t take on a fourth so Courtney and passing was like oh well take her we’ve we were looking to adopt anyways but but it’s super hard to adopt if you have kids or another dog. We have a little Yorkie too and so everyone was turning us down. And so we got her in February. We were supposed to get her like late November December but but just the way she was it just there were just a lot of complications she was her side is all burned from acid her left eye is gone because the the previous owner who had been known for abusing dogs had either punched her a hitter so they had to have her IRA removed so she has one eye, but she’s here and she’s starting her new life. It’s been great it’s I didn’t realize because we’ve only had yorkeys. Before that she’s a mostly Saluki. We did one of those DNA tests. Check this out. She’s like, she’s a Saluki golden retriever. And then like, I think like 25 to 30%. They said like, wild dog like either coyote or wolf. Yeah, but, but she’s awesome.

Michael Collette 30:25
I mean, dogs get on how does Nellie and B right? That’s Yep, yeah. Yeah.

Kevin Cruz 30:32
Beatrice wants nothing to do with her. And Nellie just thinks the world of her in. The problem is that Nellie is a big wrestler, and she doesn’t realize that Beatrice is six pounds and she can’t play with her that much. So, you know, she’s a puppy. She’s only nine months old. I think the novelty will wear off eventually. But but they’re learning to coexist. Well, I’m sure Kota would love to play with Nellie. Yeah, yeah, we’ll have to get them together. I love dogs, man. Yeah, it’s so terrible to hear about the injury and like the previous owner and stuff, but sounds like now he’s in a much better place right now with with you guys. So that’s great. You guys. 100% of that. Save that little, little girl. That’s all.

Michael Collette 31:19
So So Kev. I want to hit you with a little Spitfire round right here. Some final some final. Okay, we’ve been going the Kev crews in review session is been awesome so far. So I got to change these questions because everyone knows they’re common. So it’s a bit of a surprise. But um, what is your favorite movie? TV show of all time and then also what do you binge binge watching right now?

Kevin Cruz 31:46
So my favorite movie and you know this and Bz and Lisa know this Karate Kid hands down, always and forever. When I had my appendectomy It must have been a marathon. I think I watched Karate Kid like five times in a row. I just it’s one of those movies that if it’s on I have to watch it. And I think we went over this list and when we went to Yama one night of horror movies you have to you have to watch if it’s on and my movies are complete trash watch. But But Karate Kid is definitely there. I would say glad eight or top seconds. Yeah, we won’t. We won’t talk about all the other serious. Yeah. favorite show of like all time would be breaking bad. There’s just no I mean Stranger Things Charlie is is a close second, but but Breaking Bad is definitely right up there. It’s definitely not Cobra Kai Jiang cola.

Michael Collette 32:48
So beetus Okay, so I watched like five episodes of that. And I was like, it’s okay, but it’s not. I don’t want to like spend my time watching this. There’s just too cheesy since you’re like a karate kid. Like, dude, like, this is like that’s your jam. Like what? Like, how would you rank that show? Like, does it does it honor The Karate Kid? Or does it do? Or is it almost like a slap in the face? I would say the first season it did. Like it’s it’s all about nostalgia, right? And the way they set it up if you didn’t like religiously watch Karate Kid, one, two and three. You know, you would have missed a lot of the inside jokes and that’s what it was catering to. But after a while I just a you know, I watched them when they were on and Charlie was watching them, but I just I didn’t burn through them.

Kevin Cruz 33:39
They’re good. They were entertaining. But but definitely not my cup of tea. Now your thing? All right. What do you already bingeing? Right now? You want to binge watching anything? Um, I have been it was. So this is kind of funny. And I’ve been binge watching Fear the Walking Dead, which is, so it’s like a spin off of The Walking Dead. Yeah. I’m a big zombie guy. But but just so we know that. That the for the whole zombie apocalypse. If it’s a slow zombies, we’re good, right? We can handle that. But if it’s fast zombies always say this all the time. It’s like, I never understand the slow zombies like so. What’s that movie with the fast zombies? There’s like 28 days later, right? Yeah, yeah. There’s what’s the black summer, y’all? What’s the one with Brad Pitt?

Michael Collette 34:34
Oh, geez, what was that? Um, I know as World War Z. Yeah. Yeah, fast zombies. Okay, make sense? Gonna take over the world. They’re like, yeah, like dragon. It’s like, dude, yeah, we got it. We got Yeah, like what? Yeah, well, let’s go. Yeah, but I started watching that more so because, you know, work is for me had just been a grind and I really needed something where I could

Kevin Cruz 35:00
like kinda just put it on and be on my phone if I wanted to scroll and just veg out and not really have to pay too close attention to. So it’s kind of just like something just kind of get away. You know, it’s fine, but it’s not like going to. I don’t think it should win any awards or anything but it’s been interesting and entertaining for me. What’s your favorite zombie movie?

Michael Collette 35:23
Favorite zombie movie? Oh, I’m

Kevin Cruz 35:27
Shaun of the Dead.

Michael Collette 35:28
Dude. I was gonna say that’s my favorite one, too. Such a good. I’m glad you said that. Hi, what’s your let’s let’s get into some music here. Favorite music musician, band artist of all time. Would you like listen to a bit the favorite album of all time, outcasts, VT aliens.

Kevin Cruz 35:50
That was definitely my favorite Jay Z. The Black Album is really good, too. But I like all kinds of music to like, I remember when I was in college, we would play the diary of Alicia Keys, like all the time, which is crazy. We’d be like playing dominoes drinking for his keys. But that was just the thing. And that’s all we did. We do mean your West Coast man. Yeah. Why did I Oh, I love it. Yeah. 40s and Alicia Keys and playing dominoes.

Michael Collette 36:21
Like that. Man, I so so what’s your favorite musician? So those are your favorite albums. So like, what’s your favorite? Like, if you could only listen to one musician? Like their whole entire, like, just discography or whatever you call it now. One one person nursery life, who would it be? for the rest of my life?

Kevin Cruz 36:44
It would be to pop. I mean, that’s kind of cliche cuz I’m the Cali guy. But but there’s, it’s just one of those things, though, right? Where you listen to songs and like, it brings back so many memories, because that was basically my childhood high school and college. Listen to that. So so it’s very nostalgic for me.

Michael Collette 37:04
I agree. That’s good. choice. And then all right, last one is what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not?

Like working out at the gym? Like what’s your What’s your favorite hobby?

Kevin Cruz 37:17
favorite hobby? So, um, I would say like more recently, like, some of the like, what we’ve been doing a lot lately is after the kids go to school, Courtney and I take Nelly on a walk and we live right by the rail trail and Halston. So we’ll do like two three mile walks. And there’s a lot of trails that we can go off of and take her on. She’s not off leash yet. But that’s been I think, just great for me and like my back and just really just kind of setting me up for the day. And it’s just been great for me in court just to spend time together doing that. And you know, also work on the train and with the dog. And that is it, you know, going and watching Charlie play soccer. In just spending time with a family with mer it’s all about finding awesome desserts and eating those. We went to some awesome place and after her dance competition in Providence, it’s called try school ice cream. And it’s the guy but from San Diego. And basically it’s not like, like regular ice cream on a cone. They do a bunch of like ice cream sandwiches. But like, you know, similar to like the fancy doughnuts, they’re like fight fancy ice cream sandwiches, ice cream tacos and stuff. So it was pretty cool to do that last weekend. And she she got a kick out of it. So that was a blast.

Michael Collette 38:36
That’s awesome, man. family man.

Well, Kev, you know, I appreciate you being on the community conversation. It means a lot to me. It means a lot to everyone I product. I’m sure a lot of people are gonna be excited to hear this that are listening now. And you guys that are tuning in and watching thank you remember, every week we’re releasing a new community conversation with a new guest to get your week started. So be the first to know, when the new community conversations posted, subscribe to our YouTube page or listen to us on Spotify or join our daily newsletter. These videos are also posted in our community members only group on Facebook. And if you’re a member at prototype, but not in that group, for some reason, just let us know and we’ll get you in. And then lastly, if you’re interested in being on the community conversation, just shoot us a message. And we’d love that. So till next time. Thank you again cab.

Kevin Cruz 39:29
Thanks, man. Appreciate it, buddy.