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Mike Collette 0:02
All right, so we have Maurice and Gina Richard on the Community Conversation today, Maurice and Gina, thank you guys so much for being on. I really appreciate it.

Maurice Richard 0:13
I’m happy to be here.

Mike Collette 0:17
Yeah. Gina you too? So I’m excited because our first like, Father, daughter on the community conversation we’ve had, like, you know, mother and daughter and that sort of thing and families, and whatnot. So this is like a first, but I’m, I’m excited because I think everyone wants to hear your story. Gina, you just started appearing at these 5am classes one day, and you’re like, kicking the crap out of all these workouts. And I don’t even think a lot of five am-ers even know that your dad’s Maurice and they probably do now. And I think recently your mom came into the workout. So with that being said, Why don’t you guys just kind of get give everyone a little background on how you guys found Prototype, like your fitness journey, all that sort of stuff.

Maurice Richard 1:04
I’ll start first. I started working out probably heavily 10 years ago. And I did the p90x I love that. And then from there, I went over to a couple of other gyms, the Y the gym in Northborough and I just wasn’t getting what I was looking for. I you know, I had hired a personal trainer, but that really wasn’t working out. I was seeing like, I was just paying somebody to watch me work out with no much direction. So I had heard about CrossFit. I was looking around, I stopped by your gym and I probably stopped by a gym maybe a year after it opened. I do remember the green grass in the middle, doing the inchworms on that getting a little bit of like that black. So I just thought whatever it was. And I loved it, you know, and I kept going. I had been on and off. I as you know, you know a guy might come for a full year then take a break. And unfortunately a lot of it has to do with work. I’ve never been to a class and left not feeling terrific and glad that I went to that class. It’s always been the best part of my day, but I’m still struggling to find time because of work. So and from there. When Gina turned 10 she was you know, she was playing a lot of hockey. She was looking to do some extra work–dryland work, and I brought her to do your gym. She did the kids class with, who was coaching with them, Was it Jon?

Mike Collette 2:30

Maurice Richard 2:31
Jon. She was probably 10 years old. And again, loved it. I brought Jean on Ryan. And from there she loved it. So Gina.

Gina Richard 2:41
Oh, yeah. So me and Ryan would go to the kids class. And I think the group was me Ryan, Jack, Meg, and Rylee. That was like our group. Um, one thing I think Jon and i will never forget is one time after school is like the mile run that we did. But um, I thought it was a smart idea to eat a brownie before. And I had the worst cramp. I was crying running back and forth in the 400 meter of the worst thing. Um, but yeah, I after that, I would just come like in and out like, like, a couple times every year. I did the fitness with Jon at one point. And then like, just did that. And then during Thanksgiving, like last year, like Abby Pearson and Ed and my dad and I, we did the Thanksgiving workout. And me and Abby were like, we should do this every single day before school because like, why not? We don’t have sports right now. So we would go five to six in the morning, every single week. And we like loved it. We didn’t want to go after school because like we were dead by then. But we loved going every single morning. And then that happened until like March like spring break time. And because Abby had like a crush, thank God, I got my permit, like not long after so I could keep on going and I just been going to five AM ever since.

Mike Collette 4:04
and now you’re not in school though. It’s like summertime, but you still come in to the 5am class you could be like a normal kid and sleep till like one o’clock like most kids your age? Probably do. So like what is kept you like in that routine? And that’s what I think is like so impressive. And I’ve said it there’s a there’s like a few kids that have come through like our gym that have done like early morning classes, but you seem to be the most that have stayed like consistent with it. What like what is it about like, coming in in the morning at 5am and you’re just an early morning person like what what’s the deal, Gina?

Gina Richard 4:41
Yeah, um, so there’s a couple different reasons. One reason is just because like I like to get like this morning routine where I just go to the gym and I just feel a lot more productive throughout the day. Like I get the workout in because like I’m that type of person that doesn’t like to go at the end of the day like I’m fully drained as soon as I like the end of the day. A huge part of it is the 5am crew. Like like the 5am MC, you never know how much fun it’s gonna be until you get there. And then as soon as the workouts like done, it’s like the most refreshing thing and the best thing ever. It’s like, Oh my gosh, I’m so happy I went. And like in the morning, like, I don’t seem as excited as I usually am. Because it’s 3:30 in the morning, and I’ve probably been up since 11. And I’m like, dead. But it’s like the favorite part of my day. Like it’s the best part of my day.

Mike Collette 5:31
Now, we just got to get you going to bed earlier.

Gina Richard 5:34

Maurice Richard 5:35
Yes. She’s so nice. She’s in bed by 7:30, 8 o’clock. So recently, it’s been like a weapon day. Yeah, like 730 used to be like, yeah

Mike Collette 5:44
and then Maurice you, like hockey is like a huge part of like your life and like, obviously, the kids so like the original content, like when Gina started getting involved in doing like, cross it was to like, compliment her, like the hockey training, like dryland training is what you mentioned, when they were like, when they were kids, like, what are the what has as they’re like, what are the benefits then are they using like, maybe his dad and a coach, and maybe you need to talk about is like, you know, this type of training or just like CrossFit, or functional training in general and how that’s kind of applied to like your, your sport?

Maurice Richard 6:20
I’ll start so she’s become a much stronger player, on our feet on our stride, just a stronger player. I’m trying to get her to use that more on the ice, but girls hockey a little bit different than boys. Now you can kind of shoulder them too hard, which I would like if she did, but she she’s not there yet. The other big part of it too, and I’ll kind of jump in on this as well. Is the nutrition aspect of it as you’re prototyping. How much Sam has helped Gina with her nutrition, and also her weight loss. I remember last summer she was playing hockey in a tournament. And she asked me to be honest, and if she asked me to be honest, I’m going to be honest, I told she was probably one of the slower players on the team on the ice at that game. Come to find out you know, we’re talking about you know, her waiting why you know, watch was so slow nutrition was was really not good. So she, she joined in with Sam. Since last summer she lost what 25 pounds. In her speed is she’s gone through a lot fast. I mean, imagine taking off a weighted vest in skating. So huge kudos to the nutrition program their prototype, Regina. Wow.

Mike Collette 7:37
I mean, not even as good as the nutrition nutrition team. I mean, that’s like that’s your you put in that work, that’s you putting in that work. What are some of the takeaways? Or what are the some of the things you’ve learned on like your new on the nutrition journey that you’ve been on Gina, because that’s such a huge part of like performance and any sort of goal. But like, you know, most kids are just going to eat what they want to eat. They’re not focused on the nutrition component, what are your biggest takeaways were the things you’re going to, they’re going to maybe implement or that you’ve learned kind of like for the long haul just in life in general.

Gina Richard 8:11
Yeah. Um, so Sam has been like a really big help with, like, helping me know that like, you can eat what you want. And there are going to be like harder days where like, you eat a lot more than next and then like, you eat like fine the other, but you just have to remember that like food is fuel and that it’s gonna be good for you, and it’s gonna help you.

Mike Collette 8:34
Food is fuel. You definitely need that fuel. Because I know that this is this is when I think you blew a lot of the minds of the five and people is when you did I forgot the workout. We did a workout and they said, See I gotta go to hockey practice. Yeah. Like, I think they were all like, Wait, what? Like there’s if you’re doing more what like how do you like, are you eating between that like, how are you how do you have the energy to go in and, and do that. And then I also want to talk about like, you like playing hockey too, because I’ve seen it’s awesome those videos of like you on the ice and it’s like, He’s incredible. But like, I you find the energy like where do you end in between?

Gina Richard 9:22
Um, so usually before the workout like the CrossFit workout I’d have like something like like a yogurt or like a fruit or something just like to get me somewhere through it. And then I’d have like a light breakfast like overnight oatmeal or something or like a bagel like a bagel thin or something. Nothing too heavy before it because then I like feeling in my stomach as I’m skating. But just like little like carbs that would help me feel throughout the workout and then I go home and actually eat something.

Mike Collette 9:50
You’re not eating brownies. You learned your lesson there?

Gina Richard 9:56

Mike Collette 9:57
So what’s the what’s the league you’re playing in right now? Cuz you’re not you’re playing with the with like, see like young women. I mean, right like what’s the like? This is I think I don’t think a lot of people know this this is gonna be like news for a lot of a lot of folks and when I share that video in like the prototype group of your like your highlight video, I don’t think anyone understood that you weren’t playing with kids your age necessarily. So can you Mary Morrissey talk about that too? Or do you know?

Maurice Richard 10:27
Well you play with the U-19 flames Yeah, in your club team. And this summer, she was on a U-20 team, but she was playing against girls that were sophomores and juniors in college. So it’s a u 20. League and they were exactly 20 or maybe on the high end of 20. But kids that played D one college matter of fact she played with one girl this summer that was playing for Providence College D one. And she’s going to be a junior this year. So. So she actually plays at a very high level for a 16 year old. She plays against a lot of age 17 or 17. Your birthday was a few days ago. Sorry. Oops

Mike Collette 11:07
Duh, Dad. Yeah, so what’s that like Gina, what’s it like playing with like, you know, 20 year old, you’re 16, 17 years old playing with like, college? Must be intimidating.

Gina Richard 11:19
Yeah, definitely intimidating. Um, when I find out that there’s a team that’s mostly 20 and 19 year olds, it’s definitely, definitely scary. not scary, but it’s like, wow, all right. I’m 17 I’m playing with a bunch of like, 16, 17 year olds, and 19 and 20 year olds, they have a little bit of an advantage. But um, you know, just play like a normal hockey game, and you just play your game.

Mike Collette 11:45
And that’s there must be like a lot of like, confidence that you’ve built, like, over the years and just in terms of getting in and playing with like these people that are a lot older than you like, what do you think is like the biggest difference because I know you want to play like your goal is to play hockey down the road, right? Playing in college. Like, I think like mindset is, like a lot of a lot of people are talking about nowadays and it sounds like you have to have I mean, I knew it wasn’t a hockey. I didn’t play hockey, but I know like, you have to have the right mindset in hockey. What like, how do you how do you describe that? Like, how do you like go into the games? And like what’s your mentality like?I’m I just play like, every single person on the other team is as good as me or trying to like get to that D one level and I have to be the best person on that ice no matter how old they are, how much more skilled they are, I just have to play my game and play it like I’m the best player on that ice.

Awesome. How about you? Have you Maurice? What have you seen? Like from the development? You know, being Dad? Are you? Are you coaching too, or just?

Maurice Richard 12:51
I’ve coached for several years. I haven’t coached lately. And now she’s getting up to the higher levels, even though I do have my level five, which is masters. But no when it comes to dad coaching their daughter, prefer not. So the coach of a club team has no kids on the team, which is great for her less favoritism. But she’s been skating since she was probably three, four years old. And everything at the very beginning was all about skating, you know, when you can be a good hockey player, not a good skater. And she’s just loved it ever since. So, but that being said, I have to kind of throw that in there too. So a few weeks ago, we were at dinner. And so you know, she’s really been loving CrossFit. So I asked I mean, she again, hockey has been a passion. And I said Gina, you don’t have to answer you right away. You only have one choice to make hockey, CrossFit. Said I don’t have to think about it, CrossFit. Now, the face that you just made is the face that I made blew me away. So yeah,

Mike Collette 13:50
that’s pretty wow, I did not know that. Wow. Yeah. Why is that Gina?

Gina Richard 13:58
I mean, don’t get me wrong. I do love hockey, but like, just the adrenaline rush and just like the happiness that I get as soon as I walk into that CrossFit gym and then I leave is like, nothing that Hockey could give me. Like a different experience I guess.

Mike Collette 14:16
That’s why your mom tried to class the day. Yeah. Yeah, that’s pretty special. It’s pretty cool. All right. Well, let’s talk more about let’s talk more about CrossFit then because it now that I know it’s like your favorite thing ever. Um, what uh, you know, if you’re going to the gym and make your own workout, what would you what would it be? What are your favorite things to do? Favorite movements favorite exercises? What are your favorite things to do and then reuse that same question to you my man cuz you’ve been you’ve been doing it. You got some got some tenure here too. You’ve been doing this a little bit longer than Gina Yeah.

Gina Richard 14:46
Favorite Things? Well, I mean, if I could do like most like, most of these things, they’d probably be like, pull ups. Probably like front squats, deadlifts, running, burpees you know, take a really tough workout but

Mike Collette 15:05
Do you like the longer workouts, shorter workouts, strength stuff, light stuff, longer stuff?

Gina Richard 15:09
Longer runs kind of like the hero or like the Murph like workouts like those are my favorite.

Mike Collette 15:18
Do you have any one in particular your favorite hero workout? Do you know? Do you remember any outside of Murph?

Gina Richard 15:23
Probably just Murph, like the most standard but it’s my favorite.

Mike Collette 15:27
How about you Maurice?

Maurice Richard 15:29
Same Murph. Murph is great on my merch. But I like to show up. So Murph is one of my favorites. Cindy, which is similar to Murph from my worst his friend, I was the first workout I’ve ever done. And I thought I hated that one. One of the other ones that I really did like was one of the CrossFit Games where was a ton of rowing and a ton of thrusters? Like 27 down. Oh, yeah, that was the one time I thought I could see God. Like, I stayed on the floor for like, 45 minutes. So,

Mike Collette 16:05
Right there with you. I remember that one, too. I forget what that was. It was like, I think it might have been like 1414 or 15. Yeah, something. But yeah, it was like 15, five, maybe or 14. One of those was the last one. I remember. That was a torture. Yeah, that was that was pretty gnarly. Um, I was just gonna ask you guys something, and it totally just just passed me. Oh, this was gonna ask you. So considering that you’re like a CrossFit addict. Now Gina and Marie, since you’ve been doing like, kind of involved that prototype have been here for like, almost near our inception. So that’s 2013. So eight ish years, which is kind of crazy to think about. What would you tell someone that’s never done? Like crosswords never been to a project before? Like, what would you? How would you describe like what we do? or How would you describe CrossFit? Or, you know, this type of training to them? Are you asking me my, both you both you How would you How would you guys describe it? Or like, how would you? Um, I guess, like, what would you tell them? Like is like a lot of people? You know, it’s intimidating, right? That’s like, the biggest thing, it’s like an intimidating thing, right? crosswords intimidating, that sort of stuff. Like how would you? Or what would you say to, to maybe one of your friends or something like that?

Gina Richard 17:28
Well, like he said, When do you hear CrossFit? It’s like, oh, wow, CrossFit. That’s like, intimidating, but I would just tell them that no matter what, you can always scale the workouts but even though the workouts gonna be hard, like not only will you feel so good after it physically, but mentally, like everybody around there just makes it so much more fun that it’s like half the workout, half the people in it just just amazing. Like, I don’t know how else to explain it. Besides that.

Maurice Richard 17:59
Having been doing the workouts for a while and being older and 56 this year. I’m less afraid to Well, I am less afraid to scale before I would try to do everything our racks keep up with the younger kids and all that stuff. And now I just want to go work out and feel good at the end of the day not be sore. Like for example, pick the workout Monday was deadlifts. The prescribe was 185. I did 135 and that was okay because I wasn’t sore all week. But I got a good workout. And so as I’m getting as I’m getting older, I’m not afraid to scale and be okay. And the thing is about your gym is there’s nobody that’s judging you. It’s a very friendly gym. It’s I think you said it best it’s your as much in the relationship business as you are in the fitness business. Everybody there is terrific. no judgement. Everybody you know fist pumps everybody’s terrific there. We love everybody there and that’s probably a big part of why Gina loves it loves the five m loves the five man crew. She’s She’s part of their group. They’re, you know, they took her in so so we love it.

Mike Collette 19:03
Part of the tribe 5am tribe. I love it. All right, so I want to get into this Spitfire round of questions. So visceral, don’t think about it too much. I always say that I’m going to change these questions, but I never do. But with that being said, My Favorite movie of all time, favorite TV show of all time. And what are you currently binge watching? Gina you go first.

Gina Richard 19:33
Favorite movie? Probably the first conjuring. Favorite show is probably friends. I watched that every day with my mom it’s always on the kitchen.

Mike Collette 19:46
That’s awesome.

Gina Richard 19:47
Um, what I am currently binging. I mean, probably friends because I don’t really watch TV. So that’s probably what I’m binging and the office.

Mike Collette 20:00
Like the friend or the office, you can just watch it on repeat and watch the same just as soon as it ends. you restart it back over. It’s one of those shows, horror movies. I didn’t know that. Yeah, so horror movies and friends are in the same you know, same center. Okay? I like that. Maurice how bout you?

Maurice Richard 20:19
For movie I’d say Indiana Jones I love that anything comedy will feral stepbrothers was awesome. Old school loved it so you know just love to laugh. So so that was probably for my movies. For do you say series for your favorite TV show? Probably favorite TV show lately is been watching Ted now. Well, for TV show. It’s kind of a strange one. It’s a weird one. But it’s something me and Sheila do together like our together thing, which is weird. Bachelor and paradise for the Bachelor Bachelorette. And we watch it together and we have a drink and laugh and it’s like a stupid kind of show but but we have fun. Watching it together. Ted last Oh, we binge that first season. That is absolutely terrific. If you haven’t watched it last, so watch it it’s you end up watching it and you feel good at the end of every show. Just feel good. So,

Mike Collette 21:15
What it is on, Netflix?

Maurice Richard 21:17

Mike Collette 21:17
Oh, got it. Ted last I got to look at that. I’ve watched all the office and friends. So you know, I’ve already seen it’s very seamless and I’m and I’m not I’m not a horror movie person. Do you know so? probably not going to be watching the conjuring, but anyone out there? Does if you haven’t seen it, check it out. Alright, next question. Favorite musician, band or music artists of all time.

Maurice Richard 21:41
Lately I’ve loved country so Luke Combs I love any kind of you know songs with a story a good story. I love it. So Luke combs, country.

Gina Richard 21:52
Oh God, Shawn Mendez. Big Shawn Mendes fan.

Mike Collette 21:56
There we go. Have you had to listen to one song or is your life what would it be? Um, doesn’t need to be by Shawn Mendez.

Gina Richard 22:03
All right. Um, honestly, probably Stitches by Shawn Mendez.

Mike Collette 22:09
So it is by Sean Mendez. Got it? Maurice, yours?

Probably beer never broke my heart.

There we go. All right. I don’t think you’ve heard that song. But I will. I will listen to it after this. Okay, last question in the Spitfire around. What is your favorite hobby to do outside of working out and going to the gym favorite hobby. Could be like leisure, it could be stuff to do with family friends, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Maurice Richard 22:38
I really don’t have too many hobbies. Like I said, I work a lot. I’ve been trying to go to the gym more lately. I used to golf. I don’t have time for that. It’s just too much shine. So my time is just me and Sheila will go out for a drink and dinner. You know, just quickly. So that’s about it.

Mike Collette 22:54
And watching bachelor bachelor, Bachelor in paradise.

Maurice Richard 22:57
Yeah, keep that on the downlow though don’t tell anybody. Right, so nobody’s watching this, right?

Mike Collette 23:02
It’s on the internet dude everyone’s gonna know. Everyone’s gonna know, everyone’s gonna be watching this episode. Gina, how about your favorite hobby?

Gina Richard 23:09
Yeah, kinda like my dad, I don’t have any hobbies. Like, I just go on my phone and like watch TV. But like I don’t have any like, set in stone hobbies.

Mike Collette 23:19
Hockey. I guess you count that?

Gina Richard 23:22
I guess. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Collette 23:25
You’re an athlete. Come on, that counts. Um, all right. Well, this is awesome. There was a lot of awesome information in here. I think folks are going to be really pumped to hear this community conversation. So thank you both. For being on the community conversation. A means a lot to me means a lot to everyone that is listening. And then for you folks that are listening right now appreciate you tuning in to commute conversation. Remember, every Monday, we have a new community conversation to get your week started. So Gina and Maurice, thank you both for being on today. I appreciate it.

Maurice Richard 23:56
Thank you Mike, appreciate it.

Mike Collette 23:58
You’re welcome.

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