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Mike Collette 0:02
All right, everyone excited today for our community conversation we have Rebecca Welch. Rebecca has been part of the prototype community for quite some time and I feel like she’s brought almost her entire family into prototype at some capacity. So with that being said, Reb, thank you so much for being on the community conversation today.

Rebecca Welch 0:22
Thanks for having me.

Mike Collette 0:23
You are very welcome. I’m really excited about this, because you’ve been part of prototype, like I said, for a while now. And you’ve kind of seen us go through changes and different people. And you’ve probably seen what the gym looked like, from the very beginning to how everything is kind of changed and different stuff. So I’d love to hear from like, your thoughts on what, what you think of the gym now. But, uh, before we get into that, I would love to have you share with everyone kind of like your fitness journey. How did you find prototype? Like, what, what made you get involved in CrossFit? And, and yeah,

Rebecca Welch 1:00
so um, I didn’t do sports in high school, I had a horse. So that was kind of my thing. I spent a lot of time outside. That took pretty much all my time. And then when I got older, went to college, had to sell her. I got a job after college at a computer company. And I just felt like, I wasn’t in shape. And they had a lot of like, group things. They had softball teams, and they did some, like charity running and stuff. And I was like, Oh, I could, you know, I think I could do some running. And it was a good way to like they had showers there. So it was a good way to like hang out with people at lunch, go for a run. So I started running and I liked it. I was like, decent, not like a super fast runner, but decent.

Mike Collette 1:51
I would say you’re a fast runner.

Rebecca Welch 1:53
Well, in CrossFit, I’m an okay runner, but actual runners not so much. Um, but it was fun. Like it was a good way to hang out. You could talk while you were running and get exercise and it was good. And then I did like aerobics in the 80s and all that stuff. And I always worked out in the evening when I was younger because I couldn’t get up in the morning. And then as I got older, I kind of stopped when I had kids, I kind of wasn’t doing much. I had a I had a running injury I had tendinitis and I stopped running. And when I had kids, I went back to work, I started subbing and I had to stand on my feet all day. And I was like, it’s just really uncomfortable. And I felt really out of shape. And I went and got fitted for a good pair of shoes and started running again and liked it. And then I actually met Maria Maynard, and another friend through Tim and Maria’s son, and another friend’s son, and we started running together. And we started doing some tries together. But I didn’t really feel like we were actually getting in great shape. Even though we were running a lot. I just felt like it just made me eat more. The more I ran, the more I wanted to eat. And we joined Boston Sports Club, and they had like, you know, everyone was like, Oh, you need to do weights, you need to do weights, which I was like, fine, I’ll do weights, and I still don’t love weights. But we were going to like, I don’t even know they were like body pump classes and stuff. And one of the girls that we were going with her friend was doing CrossFit in Boston, and she talked about it and it sounded fun. And I mentioned it to one of the trainers at Boston sports club. I can’t remember her name. We called her Meow Mix. I don’t know why. Because sometimes randomly like meow during class. Cannot remember what her name was.

Mike Collette 3:52
If you gave me a few minutes I could probably find that person and then if I can’t think of it, Brian could.

Rebecca Welch 4:00
Yeah, I bet, yeah.

Mike Collette 4:01
When was that? By the way.

Rebecca Welch 4:02
That was in right before you guys open? So it was like 2010-11 she’s probably in her 40s like the similar age to me.

Mike Collette 4:13

Rebecca Welch 4:13
And I said we were thinking of joining and she was like, Oh, that’s not for women your age. That’s like, you’re going to get hurt. It’s dangerous. Like you can’t do that. So then I was pissed. I was like well, then I definitely want to do it if you’re telling me that I should not be doing it. So

Mike Collette 4:33
Hopefully you don’t take that advice with everything. Here are some drugs right?

Rebecca Welch 4:40
Now I want to do it. That has kind of been a theme in my life but tell me I can’t do something I want to do it. So we you had like a special and I was like the price freaked me out at first because I was spending I don’t know. They kept going up. The price kept going up at Boston sports but he would join for 30 And then all of a sudden it would be 90. And I didn’t go that often. Like I didn’t like it. I would go a couple times a week. And even though like Maria would go sometimes, and it was just like, it wasn’t that fun, it was kind of like drudgery. So, when I first started with you guys, I was like, Oh my God, is it? Is it worth this money, like I’ll do two days a week. And then, so I did two days a week, and I loved it. Like I looked forward to going. It was fun talking to people. And then you opened up like the kids classes. And I told Tim about it. And he wanted to do it. So he started doing it. And then I could beat him for like, maybe six months at things. And that was back when like Meg, she did the kids classes with him. And she would like beat all the boys, which was so much fun to see her like, crush them all. So it was fun, like, and then I just was like, Okay, well, I’m just gonna bite the bullet and do Unlimited, because I think I did two days a week for a while. And then I just felt like FOMO. So that was that.

Mike Collette 6:06
I like how your story starts with someone telling you you can’t do something and then you want to do it. And I would wager that that person probably never did that-has never done CrossFit themselves.

Rebecca Welch 6:20
No, I don’t think she had ever done it. I don’t think she knew much about it. Other than she probably heard someone got hurt doing it. And like, you know, because I think even like in the early 2000s there was a lot of that because I you know, when I told people Oh, I’m doing CrossFit, they will go you know, like, I don’t hear it so much anymore, but I definitely used to hear it a lot back then that, you know, that’s dangerous, you’re gonna get hurt, and stuff like that.

Mike Collette 6:44
Yeah, there’s a lot, a lot of things that are dangerous, not not exercising is a lot more dangerous. But yeah, you know, we’re talking about leading and lagging sort of things. But the reason why I bring that that up is that, you know, you mentioned that she said, like, you shouldn’t do this, like, because, like, I forget exactly what you said, because like your age or something.

Rebecca Welch 7:09
yeah like “Oh, women our age should not be doing that”

Mike Collette 7:13
and I think that that’s I you mentioned, you don’t hear that as much anymore, I still feel like there is still this like stigma around, you know, weight training, and like, you know, women and I think it’s it is certainly improving. And I think it’s getting a lot a lot more. You know, exposure, which I think is amazing, because how important it is. But like I think like it’s like you have a great perspective, because and you also have a good, really good mindset because you were like, this person told me not to do it. Screw that I’m going to do it. And I’m actually going to excel at it. And you’ve also been really successful and like talking about this with other people, like you mentioned, like, like Tim, you got him doing it. And then you your mom, Callie, which we haven’t even talked about yet. And like other friends, like how do you like from your perspective, like talk about like what you do and in CrossFit and classes? And how do you communicate that with other people that may not know what it is? Or maybe unfamiliar with it, or maybe scared to do it? Right?

Rebecca Welch 8:18
Right. So I think the big thing is like, it’s so I mean your gym is definitely like I’ve been to a few gyms and when I’ve traveled and stuff, I always get nervous. And then like, should I do a drop-in and then I’ve done it. And there’s, there’s a couple that are like, they’re not great, you can tell like they just want to be competitive, and they only want competitive people. And you can even tell when you reach out to them. Which I think like is the number one thing like you reach out to a gym and say, Hey, I’m going to be in town, I want to do a drop in and they either are super responsive and super, like friendly and inviting or they either don’t get back to you or takes them a few days. And they’re like oh, well you know, we only have room for our members and so you can just kind of get the vibe right off the bat. So when I’ve told people about your gymI’m like they’re so inviting there’s different types of coaches and I you know, like Sydney’s actually my daughter’s I’ve had she did a few classes and doesn’t like group exercise, but now she’s doing the nutrition with Sam. And she kind of came back around to it but and she still doesn’t like group things, which is fine, but she tried it and she like completely vibed with Brian. Like there’s someone for everyone you know, whether you want someone that’s gonna like be push you or whatever. Then there’s just someone there for everyone. And you’ve kind of created that team, which is huge. So it’s like, for me it’s easy to sell like I don’t like going out and selling anything but if people ask me about something like, if I like it, I have no problem like getting excited about it and being enthusiastic about it. So that’s definitely my mom too. She was like she’s similar like she hated missing out, like, what do you guys doing? What are you know, like, what’s this? And she was probably. So that was, what, 11 years ago, nine years ago, you guys open right? So I think it was a couple years in she kept, you know, Tim and I would talk about it. And she’d be like, you know, what’s this gym? Could I do it? And I was like, yeah, you could totally do. And she’s like, really? And I said, Yeah, you have like a good decent level of fitness. And they’ll scale whatever you want. She loves people and communities, so I knew she would love it immediately. And of course, she did so. And she still goes to one on one, she’s 84. And she has some problems with dementia early, not early dementia, but she’s in the early stages of dementia, but it’s still like, it’s so good for her to engage physically. It’s something she looks forward to she has someone that she is with during the week that now comes with Jon too, they do classes together. And like it’s a fun thing she gets to do with that person. And it’s great because she’s brought her in. So it’s really, really cool. And Rich was the same way like Rich, my husband is a different example of like, I kind of didn’t want him to do it, because he’s always gets hurt. Like he played football in college. Like, he’s got a whole backstory of his physical ailments. But he would play I have a half brother who’s like 20 years younger, and they would play sports stuff together, and he can never dial it back. So I was afraid that he would get in that competitive environment and want to like, do stuff that he shouldn’t be doing. But when you started doing more personal training stuff, and Joe, I don’t even know how we got hooked up with Joe originally, but I was like you because he couldn’t even raise his shoulder up over his head, his arm up over his head, it was getting so bad because he had such bad arthritis and stuff. And I was like, Listen, you should go work with him because you can’t live the rest of your life like this like, and Joe got him to a point where like, he could barely lift his one arm to like wash his hair, it was getting so painful. And it still hurts a lot because he still has arthritis. But Joe’s worked with them, like all of the smaller supportive muscles. And he now he can like, do stuff in the yard that he was really struggling with before. So it’s been pretty life changing for him too.

Mike Collette 12:23
That’s amazing. I love hearing that. Yeah, I remember I talked to a Rich, I was the one that I talked with him. And I remember, I’m pretty confident that he wanted to do one on one stuff and then eventually get into classes. And we it’s kinda like, Hey, listen, this is like, let’s, let’s keep let’s keep, let’s focus on this route. And I’m glad he did. Because that sounds like it’s amazing. And he’s able to do things he hasn’t been able to do before. And then on top of that, I love how Callie’s still working out in there busting Jon’s, you know, chops and in there with Gail working out in a small group. Community’s so important, right. And I think that’s like a, you know, the, probably the one thing that is hard to, like talk to people about that aren’t involved in, like, CrossFit or in a community, like, you know, I mean, like, it’s really easy for like the trainer at BSC to judge and say, don’t do that, but they don’t really understand the full scope of things.

Rebecca Welch 13:26

Mike Collette 13:26
And I would say that that’s most people’s, like, favorite component of like, being at, like, you know, at prototype, as an example is like, the community side of things. Is that is that like, your favorite thing? Or what’s like?

Rebecca Welch 13:38
Oh absolutely because like, you know, before, to even to go running like, you know, Maria and this friend, Kristen, I would have like accountability to go meet each other in the morning because it’s hard to get up to go do something by yourself. But now it’s like-you know there’s always going to be someone there that you know. And if you don’t, then you’re going to meet somebody new and you’re going to talk to them. Because it’s the funniest thing happened when Tim was I think he was a junior in high school. One of his buddies invited him to go workout at another gym with him. And Tim had only really been to CrossFit. And I don’t know if it was a Gold’s or one of those, but he went in and he came home and he was like, Mom, it was so weird. Nobody talks to each other. And I was like, Oh, yeah, that’s how real gyms like regular gyms are. That’s like, and he’s like, but that’s it’s just weird. Like, no one says hi to you. They all have their like headphones in and I was like, yeah, that’s pretty much how gyms are. And so it was just weird that he’d never had that experience of being in a regular gym where because I never talked to anyone at Boston Sports Club. Really, I would just go in and like, you know, say hi, do my class and leave.

Mike Collette 14:48
It’s so funny that that’s his experience. What a great thing that you did for him to get him into like doing, like his first experience with a gym was not like go in put your headphones on, don’t talk to people. It’s like Hey, be social get to know people meet people, which has developed some really good relationships at prototype like Brent, for example.

Rebecca Welch 15:11
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, he had the, you know, you guys worked with him on getting into college and like, then he ended up going where Brent was working. Brent wrote him an amazing recommendation, you wrote him a nice rec. So like, was huge for him. And he was, he’s the kind of kid like he’s kind of shy at first. But it was a really great way for him to get used to talking to older people. And it’s definitely helped him in all parts of his life. And he actually living in Boston now. And he’s just trying to wrap his head around the expense. But he, he’s like, I think I need to join a CrossFit gym because like, I just am not good at making myself go on my own either. So

Mike Collette 15:49
yeah, he needs someone to beat. I’m curious about Brent’s recommendation, I have a feeling there’s something in there that says Like, this kid needs to you need to accept this kid, he has like a three minute Fran time, or can run a four minute mile or something like that. He can do Murph in 30 minutes. Like that is all you need to know. That’s so funny. Yeah, no, I was it was funny what you were just to bring it back again. You’re just saying about like Tim’s experience, and like, his first gym experience and like your reaction to that, like, yeah, that’s like what like a regular gym is like, it made me think of when I was in. I was in high school. And I remember, you know, you know, I’m in high school and like, I start listening to like, older, like rock music, like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and stuff like that. And I remember coming home to like, my stepdad, and I was like, Hey- his name is Bob-Hey, Bob, have you ever heard of Led Zeppelin? He just like looked at me like an idiot. Like, anyway, that’s I don’t know why they just made me think of that. It’s just like, yeah, like

Rebecca Welch 16:51
Like you think you’ve discovered something new.

Mike Collette 16:53
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Okay, so, so funny. So yeah, the community component is like, such a big a big part of like, of CrossFit in general. And you’ve been able to make a lot of like, great relationships. And you’re like an early morning person. You mentioned that, like, when you were working out back when you were in like college, and then after, like, in work you were working out in the evening, like, when did that change? When did you become like a morning person?

Rebecca Welch 17:21
Oh, it changed probably when I had kids. And even maybe even a little before that, just because like, once you start when you get older, and you’re working, there’s always something to do. Like, even when I was up, you know, when I didn’t have kids after work would be like, oh, we’re going out to get drinks Do you want to come or whatever it was. And if it was, you know, that’s always more interesting than going to workout. So if I started to find like, if I didn’t get it done in the morning, then it just never happened.

Mike Collette 17:51
And now you’re a dedicated 6amer.

Rebecca Welch 17:55
Yeah I just feel better going in the morning to like, if I don’t go, I don’t like, feel as good the rest of the day, usually, like, I kind of feel like when I can’t go for a couple days, I start to get kind of weird and unhappy. And so it just definitely, like, it’s a great way to start the day. It’s like, it kind of reminds me of working at a company with people that you really like, but you never have to deal with any of like, the political stuff or any of the like, gross work things, but you get like all different ages, you know, women that are having kids, and you’re not just stuck with the same age group all the time. There’s older people, younger people, like it’s just fun. I love like some of the high school kids, it’s fun to see them progress. That kind of thing. I like watching Olivia and Abby get better weight liftings just super fun to see them. So I love that part of it.

Mike Collette 18:45
It is great to see like the journey everyone kind of goes through and now people grow up and the different people that come in and I mentioned earlier in the on this conversation that you’ve been at prototype since we basically like started right which is around day one.

Rebecca Welch 19:04
Yeah, that’s the first month because you had a special.

Mike Collette 19:06
Yeah and so you’ve seen like the gym go through like a bunch of changes from like different people to different like groups and like just literally moving things like around what are some of like, your, like, things that stick out in your head or memories are could be could be you know, always talking about the turf. What are some of the things that I kind of come to your mind kind of like the reflecting and thinking back kind of over the last nine years?

Rebecca Welch 19:36
One thing that always like, not so much now, but like, I remember the first couple times like we had coaching changes, like I think like maybe Jesse was there and then Jesse was and I was like, Oh my god, like this is gonna suck like, we’re not gonna have Jesse anymore. He’s such a fun coach. And like, I liked Nate, I remember when Nate was leaving. I was like, oh man, like that’s going to be a big hole. But like, every time we’ve, someone has moved on or had to move on for whatever reason, I feel like someone new has come and stepped in and you like to have done such a great job of choosing people that are good fits for the most part. And, you know, and if they aren’t, then they don’t end up staying. But like, Sam has just been really fun to have her like when she first started and was doing your questions of the day, it was like, Question of the day like, we and now it’s like, Sam, where’s our question of the day like? And she’s like, I don’t know, I don’t have one today. We’re like, come on, you gotta come up with one because they’re like, super fun. So

Mike Collette 20:38
Question of the day is are, are fun, they do get good. And like we’ve done like a lot of events and stuff like that at the gym as well any like events or anything that kind of like sticks out in your head and maybe like, you know, also like, you know, you you’ve probably done almost every workout at like our gym, you’re in the 1000 Club.

Rebecca Welch 20:56

Mike Collette 20:57
Which is like one of 32 people ever out of the thing now it’s like probably rare on 2000 people that have come through our gym, which is pretty amazing.

Rebecca Welch 21:11

Mike Collette 21:12
Longevity, consistency. Anything kind of stick out favorite workout favorite event fit maybe maybe your least favorite workout somebody’s like, oh my god is the worst thing ever.

Rebecca Welch 21:23
Um, I love the long workouts I love just like getting in a groove. I love partner workouts cuz I love getting a little bit of rest is always nice. And I think that’s what I missed most during COVID was the partner workouts, even though we did do them virtually, like you pivoted so awesomely during that and that’s a whole other conversation of how you guys handled that and how it kind of totally helped get me through like keep a routine get up every morning because I wasn’t really working for a while and still got me up and out of bed and like started the day off and then you got to see people to like even though it was on a screen you got to see people that you don’t get to see normally and we wasn’t just the same you know me being stuck with my family every day. So that was huge. But yeah, I love like the events are fun like the Christmas parties are fun. This Row For Crows is super exciting that that’s coming back.

Mike Collette 22:24
Tomorrow. Let’s go. Gonna be awesome.

Rebecca Welch 22:26
Yeah, super awesome. It’s gonna be great. So yeah, I just I like the long ones like I love Murph Thanksgiving. Where if I know everybody says that, but it’s definitely one of my favorites.

Mike Collette 22:38
To Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day. Like Murph is a staple. Did you? Did you participate in the 24 heroes?

Rebecca Welch 22:46
Yes, I love that, too. In fact, him that’s like one of Tim’s goals to do all 24.

Mike Collette 22:52
He’s got to do it this year. He’s got to start working out again. Let’s go.

Rebecca Welch 22:56
Exactly, yeah, it’s like I love I love that I can for some reason. It’s like, just coming and doing it at the gym. And I don’t know what it is like you just go get a bunch done. And it’s fun doing that as a partner that was just a really cool experience and watching. You guys do like all 24 coming back the next morning and seeing you like you and Lauren this year just going at it and

Mike Collette 23:21
barely walking. Yeah, I would love to see more people try to do all 24 and get some men it’s it’s it’s fun. It’s definitely a mental more of a mental thing. And it’s funny because you mentioned like the longer workouts. The hardest part about doing all 24 of those workouts is the shorter workouts not the longer one. Shorter the workout, the more time you have between and that’s when you like cool down and like start to get tired. Or just going and going and eating and going and drinking water and adding some caffeine at some point. Like you can just like kind of keep it up but like when you have like-I remember there’s a couple of the workouts are like six, seven minutes long and you’re kind of like an hour. No 45 minutes goes by and you’re like laying there like right.

Rebecca Welch 24:17

Mike Collette 24:17

Rebecca Welch 24:18
Tthat’s actually like that’s like my worst is what was the one that was one of the open workouts with thrusters and rowing. Yes. Oh my god.

Mike Collette 24:31
27-21-59 thruster row.

Rebecca Welch 24:37
Yes. Like that and Fran like those are just those just kill me.

Mike Collette 24:42
Yeah, those are those are nasty. The intensity

Rebecca Welch 24:46
and I don’t I’m not a sprinter. I’m much prefer a nice long distance slog.

Mike Collette 24:52
Well, I can see where Tim gets it from because I think he’s in the same the same boat but I also see he he likes getting up to like, just thinking about in my head like the times where I’ve seen him like go a million miles an hour and then just finish and just collapse like he does all here and then just complete zero just empties the tank. It’s just so funny. It’ll be good to see Tim again come back in for one of those workouts maybe he can do all 24 heroe workouts.

Rebecca Welch 25:16
Yeah, I’ll have to I’ll have to encourage him that’d be a good goal for him to achieve get back in shape because he’s been climbing and running and he was going to do a marathon and then he kind of injured himself a little bit running in crappy shoes. So

Mike Collette 25:29
yeah, you got to have the right shoes on I tell you especially going up into you you mentioned the same thing going on are you having

Rebecca Welch 25:37
like tendinitis at one point but I that has never come back and I think a lot of it is just like strengthening all different parts of your body like whether it’s your feet like I feel like the stuff we do the jumping and all that just gets every and I have managed to stay injury free pretty much I mean, I’ve had a few minor things with my shoulder and stuff that have come up but I try not to I try to be careful with the weights because I don’t really like them. And also I just don’t want to get hurt like and I part of it’s like a fear thing. I should probably push myself a little more like I’m always a little bit afraid of putting stuff overhead because I’m gonna get hurt but I haven’t so far and that’s kind of my goal now like just being able to keep coming and stay injury free.

Mike Collette 26:25
Injury-free is a good is a good goal, man. Push the intensity when you when you when you can. Here’s a good thing too at times because it reminds you.

Rebecca Welch 26:37
Yeah, my stepdaughters been in too I forgot about Sam.

Mike Collette 26:40
Sam. Yeah, there’s Sam. You, Rich, Tim? Sydney Callie. The whole family. Freakin awesome.

Rebecca Welch 26:54
I roped Anne in and because she was working with me for a while.

Mike Collette 26:58
That’s right.

Rebecca Welch 27:01
She was kind of put off by the cost too. And I was like, you just got to try it like now she’s totally hooked.

Mike Collette 27:07
I know she’s all in. Yeah, she’s another one of those fast runners.

Rebecca Welch 27:12
Oh, yeah, she’s she’s definitely she’s quick. She’s like, She’s like a hummingbird. You just put her on like the rower and goes all in.

Mike Collette 27:20

Rebecca Welch 27:21

Mike Collette 27:21
So funny. Reb I want to get into our Spitfire round. All right. Drum roll. Like I said to you earlier and I always say this, I got to change these questions sooner than later. But you know what? They’re good questions. So first one is favorite movie and TV show of all time. And the bonus is what are you currently binge watching everyone’s binge watching something? So with that being said, What do we got?

Rebecca Welch 27:51
So my favorite movie I love sports movies, especially baseball movies, so those are like often my favorite like if ever they come on again like 42 or feel the dreams or any of those I love them but my favorite is probably Moneyball.

Mike Collette 28:08
That’s a good one. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.

Rebecca Welch 28:12
Jonah Hill it’s funny it’s like got the whole statistics thing which I love and I just just a great movie.

Mike Collette 28:20
That is a great movie. I’m a if you like baseball movies Natural.

Rebecca Welch 28:24
Oh yeah, that’s a really good one.

Mike Collette 28:27
Robert Redford. Such a good movie that and feel the dreams. Sandlot too.

Rebecca Welch 28:31
Sandlot’s awesome. League of Their Own. Like there’s so many good baseball movies.

Mike Collette 28:35
Yeah so many good ones. I kind of want to watch one of those now. That I know you mentioned. Okay, favorite TV show.

Rebecca Welch 28:42
Um, favorite of all time would probably have to be Seinfeld’s. Just classic. It’s still funny when you turn it on, watch it.

Mike Collette 28:53
Do you like Curb Your Enthusiasm too?

Rebecca Welch 28:55
Yeah I do. I love Larry king.

Mike Collette 28:58
He’s I’m convinced that he that’s 100% him.

Rebecca Welch 29:02
Yeah, I know. I know. It totally seems like it for sure.

Mike Collette 29:05
100% there’s nothing. I don’t think he changes anything. And then what do you currently binge watching?

Rebecca Welch 29:11
Ah, right now we’re totally into Ted lasso.

Mike Collette 29:15
I heard that’s really good. Is that on Apple?

Rebecca Welch 29:18
Yeah, it’s on I think you have to get like Apple plus, which I’m totally I’m like so irritated by constantly adding new little things that I have to pay for but not even that much money. It’s just like, and then you’re like, Wait, where was I watching that on? Like, it’s just a painbut. But like, yeah, and it sounded kind of schmaltzy. I was like, I don’t know. That sounds kind of dumb. But it’s actually it’s funny. It’s got, you know, sports. It’s got the whole football soccer connection. And it’s really fun.

Mike Collette 29:45
Yeah, all the streaming services I’m convinced that cable will die, streaming services will rise and then there’s going to be something that pulls them all together. And then it’s back to this cable sort of thing all in one and it’s like, twice as much.

Rebecca Welch 29:59
Right, exactly.

Mike Collette 30:00
That is the long play that is literally what they’re that is literally what they’re doing. They’re sucking us into all these things. And then you know, that’s

Rebecca Welch 30:07
That’s true because when I was like I- If you’d asked me 25 years ago would I be paying for TV? I would have been like, no, why would I pay for TV and now I’m like, constantly shelling out money for TV.

Mike Collette 30:20
It’s insane. It’s insane. That I I’ve heard that several times that show Ted Lasso.

Rebecca Welch 30:26
Yeah, it’s fun. I think Nate was the one that originally Nate or was the one that originally was like, we got to watch this show. And so

Mike Collette 30:33
yeah, I gotta check it. I gotta check it. I’ve heard it’s really good. Okay, next question. Favorite musician or band or artist of all time?

Rebecca Welch 30:43
That one is nearly impossible for me to do because I have like a new favorite every decade or so like it changes who I like. So

Mike Collette 30:52
how about your top three? In no particular order.

Rebecca Welch 30:55
Top 3, no particular order would have to be so you two from the 80s Nirvana from the 90s 2000s would be like oh my god, I love new metal so much which it gets a lot of hate. But I love new metal like linkin park and blink 182. And then, covenant, which is like this weird band back that Tim actually found that’s kind of from the early 2000s I think they’re Swedish or German. And then now like I’m really loving like Marina who’s also an obscure like, alternative pop, I guess she would be considered, but I’m looking for some more good rock. Like I feel there’s hasn’t been any really good. Like, I love the Foo Fighters.

Mike Collette 31:44
I was gonna say food for the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl.

Rebecca Welch 31:48
We just went to see Green Day at Fenway, which was like, so that’s definitely one of my all time favorites, too. I love Green Day was a great concert.

Mike Collette 31:57
If you’re if you like blink-182, you got to like Green Day. I mean, Green Day. If you like green, it doesn’t mean you like blink-182. Yeah, like you have to like Green day. I feel like they used to play in like the warp tour. Like all the time.

Rebecca Welch 32:09
Yeah. Yeah. That was such a great show. They like to come out of COVID and see them with so much fun. That’s awesome.

Mike Collette 32:17
Okay, so staying on the music topic. You had one song you listened to the rest of your life? What would it be one song?

Rebecca Welch 32:25
Um, man, that is so hard.

Mike Collette 32:28
I don’t really ask hard questions around here.

Rebecca Welch 32:30
I know, I know. And I was gonna try to prepare an answer ahead of time. And I still don’t think I can do it. Like, I don’t think there’s anything that I could listen to over and over again, like I get, I do get sick of stuff. So I binge music, like, I’ll listen to the same song for like, a month. And then I’m like, Okay, I’m done with that. I can’t listen to it anymore. So I don’t know if there’s one song I could pick that I could listen to like, like, I can’t I love Led Zeppelin. But I can’t like listen to that music really anymore because I kind of did that. So.

Mike Collette 33:02
Alright, well, we’ll go back to the top three doesn’t have to be able to pick three songs. Three, pick three three of your favorite songs of all time. That is basically if it you there you turn the radio station and the song is on you’re going to listen to it. That’s how you think of that question.

Rebecca Welch 33:15
Alright, so there has to be like a Green Day song which I would have to go with. Let’s see. So many good ones. I’m totally blanking. Give me a Green Day song.

Mike Collette 33:33
Welcome to paradise. Lawn view. The basket case.

Rebecca Welch 33:36
Oh, basket case. Gotta go with that.

Mike Collette 33:37
Basket case is good.

Rebecca Welch 33:40
I also love that one hit wonder. by Harvey Danger.

Mike Collette 33:48
Yeah, I know you’re talking about.

Rebecca Welch 33:52
Flagpole sit up.

Mike Collette 33:53
Yeah, that’s it.

Rebecca Welch 33:54
That’s one. I love that song. I can totally listen to that over and over again. And then I probably have to go with like a Foo Fighters song. Because they’re amazing. Also

Mike Collette 34:05

Rebecca Welch 34:06
Yeah, that’s classic.

Mike Collette 34:08
everlong you can listen to everlong the regular version or the acoustic and they’re both different, but equally as awesome. All right. Those are great choices. That might be the best music choices that we’ve had on the Community Conversation so far, because I could actually participate in the conversation. Most of it’s like, I’m like, I have no idea who you’re talking about. Like Dan, I think Dan McCarthy’s was like some like, like European like, like, techno music and I’m just like, Yeah, I was like, I don’t know what that is. Alright, the final question is favorite hobby favorite thing to do that does not include or not, not not going to the gym?

Rebecca Welch 34:47
I’m probably it’s hard. I love eating, cooking. But I guess traveling is probably like my number one favorite thing to do.

Mike Collette 34:58
Favorite place to travel? Now I gotta get into that.

Rebecca Welch 35:01
My favorite place that I’ve traveled is probably I would say, Australia.

Mike Collette 35:08
I haven’t been there. Heard it’s awesome.

Rebecca Welch 35:12
Went there on my honeymoon got to get back. We were supposed to go to New Zealand for our 30th which is this year not going to happen, but we’ll get there. But I’d like I there’s always someplace new I literally will go anywhere. I love Asia, I love Europe. Like I just love traveling.

Mike Collette 35:29
Awesome. Well, you’ll get back to Australia and you’ll get to New Zealand. But that’s and I gotta I gotta make that journey there eventually, because I’ve heard it’s amazing.

Rebecca Welch 35:38
Totally worth it.

Mike Collette 35:39
Oh, well, Reb, I really appreciate you being on the committee conversation today. This is awesome. A lot of great knowledge dropped a lot of awesome stuff that we talked about. And for everyone that’s listening right now. Thank you so much for tuning in to the Community Conversation. Remember, every Monday we have a new community conversation to get your week started. So make sure you check us out on Spotify and on our YouTube channel. But again, Reb, thank you so much for being on really appreciate it.

Rebecca Welch 36:03
Thanks for having me, Mike. Have a good day.

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