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We’ve all listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries. We believe we have some AMAZING people at Prototype and we want you to get to know them! (Check out our last episode here!)

Today’s guest on The Community Conversation is Brendan Sheehan! Brendan is the owner and founder of Waymark Wealth Management, located in Westborough, MA. Brendan has been a member at Prototype even before its inception, he’s a former collegiate rower at Harvard University (he’s wicked smaaahhttt), a family man (father of 2), and just an overall amazing person!

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Mike Collette 0:02
Hey everyone, thank you for tuning in to the community conversation brought to you by pro tip Training Systems home of CrossFit Prototype. The community conversation highlights a different member of the prototype community each week and allows them to tell their story, share their life experiences, and communicate their perspective on all things fitness. We all listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries. And we believe we have some of those amazing people right here at prototype. So to that end, I want to introduce our ninth guest of the community conversation, Brendan shin. Brendon has been part of the protec community since its inception. He’s the owner of waymark wealth management, which is one of our community business sponsors here at prototype. He’s a father of two former collegiate rower at Harvard, and just another amazing human being we have at the prototype community. So Brendan, thank you for being part of their community conversation today.

Brendan Sheehan 0:53
Yeah, Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate it. I gotta say, I feel a little intimidated by this because you had some pretty awesome people that you’ve interviewed, he had you know, call and he starts some awesome charity to help out military vets. You got Dan jumping out of planes and fighting fires, you get a be traveling the world and then of course, you know, how do you follow Fagin time. They’re like the the godfathers of CrossFit prototype and prototype Training Systems.

Mike Collette 1:21
Well, there’s a lot of awesome people here and that just shows your humility because I’m sure there’s a lot of great things that people are looking forward to hearing about you. So let’s let’s kind of jump into it. Sheehan and I’m just gonna call you Sheehan because I don’t think I ever call you Brendan

Brendan Sheehan 1:33
It’s funny because I was thinking if you if you call me Brendan, I’m gonna be like, this is a little bit too canned. You know? You gotta you gotta call me when you call me.

Mike Collette 1:41
I’m gonna call you Sheehan and that’s what I call you. So Sheehan and tell us a little bit a little I know your background. But why don’t we share your background to everyone listening? You know? Where’d you grow up? Where’d you come from? How’d you hear about prototype? How’d you get involved? You know, what was your fitness before? Kind of? Let’s let’s start there and see where this takes us.

Brendan Sheehan 2:00
Cool. Yeah, it’s kind of a long and winding road. You know, I’m a Boston kid grew up in Braintree Massachusetts, pretty much the Irish for the era of Boston like all the kids from southie and Dorchester came down to Weymouth Quinsey Braintree those places so definitely grew up in kind of that blue collar Irish Catholic upbringing down in Braintree got my Eagle Scout from Boy Scouts wrote some pretty good college essays and ended up getting into Harvard which was kind of cool we got for you wicked smart dude is working out today and and one of the guys is like a graduate from Harvard I had no idea I thought all garbage kids were like these stuck up kids but anyway, yeah, wicked smart, graduated with psychology degree graduated my classmates were all like doing like, you know, $100,000 a year jobs you know, and consulting and investment banking. I went and worked at Pizzaria Uno during that during the evenings and, and was an unpaid intern during the day ultimately got a job in advertising work and advertising for five years tried to use my psychology degree to manipulate people to buy stuff.

Mike Collette 3:23
That doesn’t work.

Brendan Sheehan 3:24
Yeah, then I got then I got hired by a financial planning firm to do their marketing.I was in charge of the CRM and customer relationship management software and pretty much had to reach out to people tocheck in with them make sure that they’re cool with what was going on in the markets in the world and all that and then quickly realize that people are asking me questions about finances that I had no idea how to answer so went back to school got masters you know, did did the night courses that Bentley got a master’s in financial planning, got a certified financial planner designation. And then got recruited to work at Ameriprise in 2008 we broke away from a narrow prize in 2013 that’s when we became way mark and then I pretty much took over ownership of it 2019 so January 1 2019. So pretty much it’s been my business since January 1 2019. So that’s pretty much quick two minute history on on me coming from Braintree and doing good.

Mike Collette 4:35
So I had to get started at the gym like how did you I know that while I know but like I tell everyone else here like because you I remember like before starting and working out at Prototype doing CrossFit. You were doing some training. I know you had like just a long history of like plantar fasciitis and but you also had that background doing crew So you knew what hard work was like, like talk through that journey and how you got into CrossFit at Prototype.

Brendan Sheehan 5:07
Yeah. Now two minutes story so get ready buckle in. So high school I was a, I was a runner. So I graduated 12th grade when 125 pounds. It’s actually pretty good. It’s pretty good runner, some five minute mile, etc, etc. But, you know, senior year I was like, I’m too skinny. So got to Harvard. And one of my roommates decided to go off with the current team and they wanted me to be the Coxon, the little guy that sits in the back and stares. And I said, I don’t want to be that I want to be one of the big beefy guys that that row. So like the Winkle boss. Exactly, yeah, except them a lot shorter than So, so yeah, so, so join crew. And so for pretty much eight years, I was doing some pretty hardcore between running and crew cruiser crew was six days a week, you know, you know, the no joke right? Now, before the before the river thought it was indoor, sweaty, nasty. And on earth, you know, we’re on the rowing machine. And we did some pretty gnarly workouts on the rowing machine. So really, really good shape, you know, when I graduated 1996. But then from that point, the fitness was kind of spotty. Didn’t have any, you know, external motivation to kind of keep me keep me going. So yeah, I did the big box gyms and all that kind of crap. didn’t really do anything for me. 2006 I had my first kid. So 10 years later, I wouldn’t say I was in terrible shape, but I certainly wasn’t in good shape. And then 2006 happens. And you know, anyone that had their first kid,

I’m speaking to you, Jon Collette because he’s like t minus one day right now.

Mike Collette 7:07
He might be listening, when this comes out, you might be listening to it in the delivery room, you know,

Brendan Sheehan 7:10
Yeah, seriously. You know, So bottom line is, it’s very hard, you know, going asleep at all hours a night and trying to work out. So from 2006 to, you know, probably 2011 just really wasn’t doing much at all. And 2012 baby number two comes. And I remember this moment, you know, pretty vividly, I was kind of doing the, you know, bouncing around and rocking her and doing whatever and standing up and I was like, I can’t stand up. Like my plantar fasciitis was really bothering me that much that I said, I can’t pick up my kid and rock this baby. Because like, if you sit down and Rock The Baby, they don’t care, they start screaming. But you have to kind of bounce around and walk and just be always on your feet. And so yeah, that’s one of those moments where I remember saying, Wow, I wonder if this is what old feels like, you know, just thinking that everything is starting to break down. And so I did I did. I did do some personal sessions over at Boston sports club. And I started saying, Hey, I kind of like this thing. This is pretty good. And then you guys started the gym. But it was right around the time that I was scheduled to actually have surgery for the plantar fasciitis. So I didn’t join until probably January 2013. So a few months after you guys officially opened. And, you know, we really, you know, and and please don’t take this anyone listening as a slight against anyone. But we had just an all star crew, you know, 6am back in 2013. We had Eric Rogers we had a Karen and john Burton, and like the classic, you know, back and forth between Karen and and, and Eric were just fantastic.

Mike Collette 9:07
Eric referring to me as a as Karen son in law and her daughter, my now wife and I were just started dating. I couldn’t be any more uncomfortable.

Brendan Sheehan 9:20
But it was awesome. So we had Eric, we had Karen we had john we had Jess Clancy we got Lisa Z. We got Dr. Annie, we had a guy named Jas

Mike Collette 9:28
The Jasmanian-Devil

Brendan Sheehan 9:31
Like, just a really good group. And like I quickly realized that and the other thing that was really cool about it was that it was pre robot robot robot fart music so you guys actually played like more of the garretts playlist, which is you know more of the heavy metal type stuff and so like we’ve we’ve pretty much listened to Fort minor on on shuffle, you know, sport minor fort, Fort minor all the time. And I was like, this place is awesome! Like, I got a good group of people, the music’s awesome. And I’m actually getting a workout in in one hour. You know, that’s the other thing that was really cool about it is that you show up, you spend 60 minutes and you walk away, you know, feeling off and ripped. And so it was awesome. It was just a really good environment. And that was it. And then of course, you have the competitiveness. And I was like, wow, this reminds me of being on the track team green on the crew team, you know, having a group of people that I’m working out with, and high five, and at the end of the workout, etc. So it’s just just a really, really good fit.

Mike Collette 10:39
So there’s so many directions we can take this night, remember exactly what you’re talking about, because I coached a lot of those morning classes. And it was a lot of fun, a lot of “organized chaos” and anarchy at times, we will bring it in, I think John Burton would bring his his coffee mug, show up few minutes late, sit down, start foam rolling, and then knock it over and get it all over the floor. I think that happened quite a few times. But um, take us through some of the moments where, you know, Prototype helped solve some of your some of your problems, Brendan?

Brendan Sheehan 11:13
Yeah, I’m probably gonna. And I said this to you before the before we get on the air here, I’m probably going to echo some of the things that Todd and peg said. I would say 2014 2018 was a pretty stressful time in my life professionally. And in crop, and so like, I’d have the old sleepless nights between you know, I this test that I had to study for that was this this awful test anyone in the financial services industry, it’s called the series 24. It’s just a terrible, terrible test. And I would, you know, spend a lot of time at Starbucks study, and away from my family, it was just not a new time that I’m studying for this test. At the same time, my day to day at work was was kind of stressful. And so it really was that one hour of the day, one, two hours of the day, where it was like a little oasis, it was you know, we only instead of thinking about 17 different things at all times and being stressed out the whole time. They’re in that one to two hour block, when I’m at the gym, I get to hang out with my friends, you know, have some laughs etc. And then, you know, focus on one thing, one thing, just getting through the workout. And it really was. It sounds it sounds it sounds counterintuitive, but bottom line is it almost was like meditation, where like you only focus on one thing, and your brain gets a little bit of a break. Your body, on the other hand might not be getting the break, but your brain is focused on one thing, and that is that was huge. And I would, I would say that that got me through, I don’t know how I would handle the stress, if I didn’t have that.

Mike Collette 13:04
It’s a lot of information out there in terms of the flow state, and there’s what you’re kind of describing is shutting off your brain taking away all those distractions or things that you know, because, you know, our brains work a lot faster than how fast that we can talk. And we certainly can’t write as fast as we can talk. So it allows that kind of siphon that down and, and from my understanding and from, you know, CrossFit sort of workouts allows you to, to kind of filter that out, because like you just said, you have to focus on one thing at a time, your technique, all that sort of thing, all that sort of stuff, shut off the rest of the stress, and then all those endorphins, all the good things that that are a byproduct of high intensity training kind of comes into play and makes your brain feel a lot better helps you put yourself into that flow state and set you up to have a more successful day. So I mean, that’s an amazing story, just in general, just giving a really good example about how that stuff can impact. And this, you know, I’m sure you’ve talked to a lot of people about it in terms of how these sort of workouts can impact like your mind over your body. Like how much are you working out now for your body over your mind? Or like how do you how do you? How are you approaching fitness now that you’ve kind of, you know, there’s I wouldn’t assume I’m not assuming there’s less stress in your life. But now that you’re you know, sole owner of waymark you’re done with the series 24 like, how are you approaching your fitness now?

Brendan Sheehan 14:33
It’s interesting, it’s, uh, it is definitely a little bit different. And I definitely think that pandemic definitely kind of recalibrated things when it came to fitness. You know, I’m a routine guy and not being able to come to the gym and you know, again, do all the fist pumping laughs and do all that stuff. It definitely was an adjustment for me. We have a peloton at home, so I kind of You know, when we were really shut down, and everything was virtual, I would probably do about 5050 peloton versus, you know, the virtual classes. But then when you guys opened up in the parking lots, you know, I’m going to echo again, some of Dan’s stuff, you know, that was awesome, you know, working outside was pretty awesome. You know, it’s hot as hot as hell out there. But, but it was good to like, go here, you know, work a hard day and then head over there and, you know, sweat and do the do the stuff. So bottom line is definitely had to change up my routine that I had gotten into. I think a lot of people thought that the 6am was synonymous with Brendan Sheehan. Like I had been a 6am guy forever. So when they saw me at like, the afternoon, they’re like, wait a minute, is it 6am? It does seem like it’s 6am right now, who are you? Yeah, exactly. Who’s that guy. So I’d introduce myself to like people like cave on and all those other people. But yeah, it was, I definitely had to change things up. But, you know, right now, I’m kind of in this mode, where I’m like, every single person that I think I started with, and we all kind of started in our 40s a lot of those people that are a couple youngsters who were in their 30s. But But a lot of the guys that we started with, you know, had some kind of injury at some point. And I’ve always just taken the taking the, the the mentality that workout hard, but don’t work out 100% all the time. And really, really take advantage of the rest and stretching and focusing on the technique and stuff like that. Because at the end of the day, that’s, that’s how you’re going to get through all this. So. So it’s really, it’s really kind of a focus on and, you know, kind of sounding like a Buddhist monk, but it’s all about balance.

Mike Collette 16:57
Where we can be our best or worst regulator, when it comes to those things, especially if you’re have that competitive nature, or that not competitive necessarily with other people, but competitive with yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to throttle back. Right? Especially as the Prototype open. gets close. You excited about that? Now?

Brendan Sheehan 17:21
Here comes my Boston, I’m wicked competitive. So, you know, one of the cool things is, you know, in my age group, I actually do, okay, so it’s nice, you know, it’s one of these love hate relationships, when you look at you know, your ranking and, you know, you have kind of certain metrics that you want to hit. And when you hit them, it’s awesome when you don’t hit them, you know, you’d beat yourself up over it. So at least I do. So there is a little bit of a love hate with the competitive base.

Mike Collette 17:50
Hmm. I’m gonna switch gears a little bit. And I know this wasn’t one of the questions that I asked you ahead of time so you didn’t have the chance to prepare if you guys are listening, Brennan, I’m gonna just gonna call you out Brennan Brennan has like notes and notes of of talking points for today’s community conversation. So like that throw him off a little bit. But you’ve been able to help a lot of people at prototype just by the nature of just being a good person and doing a really good job of what you do in your financial services business. For everyone that’s listening out there what would be your biggest piece of advice the current state of how things are right now in the market and how things are no you can’t predict the market but what’s some insight you can provide for the people that are listening that you might not be as you know, savvy with all this financial stuff? I know I’m not but you know, coming from the expert will be your your

Brendan Sheehan 18:44
it’s interesting. I’ve definitely met with a lot of people from the gym. You know, it’s kind of funny like people will like either private message of me and be like hey, you know, I have this thing that I want to talk to you about and you know, they money is very personal. So you know people are very kind of coy about it and I try my best not to say you know this person is one of my clients you know, I try to I try to kind of keep that under wraps so I’m not gonna mention anyone’s name during during this but

Mike Collette 19:18
You can mention my name I’m a client, justp puttig it out there

Brendan Sheehan 19:22
Yeah, Mike’s been a client for a long time and and

Mike Collette 19:26
since I was a kid

Brendan Sheehan 19:26
He and Erin are aantastic clients. I love working with them. There’s never any conflict. They’re always right on the same page with one another.

Mike Collette 19:35
That was a lie. By the way,

Brendan Sheehan 19:37
right Erin? Right Erin? Is that right?

Mike Collette 19:39
She’s downstairs. She can’t hear you show us I’ll have to listen to this later.

Brendan Sheehan 19:44
But anyway, one of the things that I’ve noticed and I don’t think this is going to come to a surprise to anyone, but you know Westboro people, and Westboro in the in the general vicinity, there is a little bit of keeping up with the Joneses and And, you know, just because they’re driving the really nice car, just because they present very well doesn’t mean that they’re and they’re not in tons of debt. And so just one of the things I would just kind of tell people is that the most basic thing, and I can almost always just in that first meeting that a meeting with someone get an idea of how successful they’ll be with one very, very basic thing. And that is, can you spend less than you’re making, it’s really as simple as that. It’s one of the most simple concepts, but one of the most difficult to actually achieve. And I’ve seen that professionally, to where, you know, if you can’t keep your expenses in control, you’re really putting yourself behind the eight ball. And so that that income coming in versus expenses going out that if there’s no Delta there is a pretty high, pretty, pretty high correlation between whether or not you’re actually going to be successful moving forward. And I just noticed that one fact alone when they start talking to me about budget, and I asked them about their budget, that tells me a lot about who that person actually is. So that would be the number one thing and I know that’s kind of very basic, so I’ll give you something that’s maybe a little bit more meaty.

You know, there’s a lot of meat on the meat and potatoes. A lot of stocks out there. I’m not a stock guy, you know, I think that dogs would say, you know, and somewhat when someone calls me a stockbroker, I always take it as a four letter word. You know, I consider myself a financial advisor, something I’ve been called financial counselor, and I’m also called financial Panther by someone that goes to CFP as well, again, I won’t betray names, but But yeah, I’ve been called a lot of different things. stockbroker is not one of them. So please don’t take this as a hot stock tip or anything like that. blogs. Every so often, someone at the gym will say, Hey, what do you think about Bitcoin? What do you think about AMC? What do you think about insert stock of the day that is being talked about? And I always tell them the same thing, you don’t know anything about what’s going on with that stock. So it’s really just a shot in the dark.

You know, the two examples I always use are fantasy football, and Martha Stewart. So fantasy football, every single person, we have a we have a fantasy football draft that we do, after the draft, nine times out of 10, the 12 people that are in the draft walk away saying I had the best team ever. And it’s all based on what happened last year, we have no idea what’s gonna happen moving forward in any little stinky thing may trip things up, like look at Antonio Brown, like who would have thought that he’s a dirtbag, you know, and he only played one game for the for the Patriots. And it’s the same thing with picking stocks and picking sectors and things like that. Martha Stewart perfect example. You know, she got in trouble for tax evasion. And were the famous ankle bracelet and stay at home, but she was still running the company. But because she was associated with her company, the stock price went like this, even though she was still running the company. So the stupidest things may impact a stock price that have nothing to do with the value of the company. Sometimes that’s a positive thing like Bitcoin, like there’s no, there’s no intrinsic value to Bitcoin, but it’s, you know, $50,000 a share today or something like that. That’s crazy. And people are doing really well by it. But you know, another little, here’s another wisdom bomb for you, Mike. It’s not how much you make. It’s how much you keep. Like that one?

Mike Collette 24:04
It’s kind of like the same thing you were talking about before with the original tip. And I think just to get back on that just to bring it full circle. That’s, that’s behavior driven, just like we see in the fitness industry with making. Everyone knows you can’t, it’s the same thing is like in the inverse, you can’t eat more than what you’re right, you’re expanding. If your goal is to lose weight, right, but everyone knows, like, for the most part, everyone knows that. I mean, there’s there’s many roads to get to a particular destination. There’s other options that are out there to get to that goal, but for the most part, to make the changes necessary. It’s behavioral driven, right? Because you can say, spend less than what you’re making. It’s such a simple concept, but like you mentioned, it’s not as easy as that, right? I mean, it’s behavior driven.

Brendan Sheehan 24:58
Yeah, no at the end of the day, It’s probably the simplest concept but one of the most difficult to actually achieve. So no question it all comes down to behaviors. You know, everyone’s got, you know, there’s a there’s a lot of Freud to it going back to my psychology degree, a lot of Freud, Freud to it, you know, a lot of people grew up with a certain experience with money, and that will dictate how they act with money in their adulthood.

Mike Collette 25:27
Yes, now, yup I’m right on the same page with the I mean, I’ve heard heard the story before, but that might be some new news for folks listening, listening in. By the way, I got to give you a shout out. Congratulations, you. You recently got into the Forbes top 100. Right? For advisors.

Brendan Sheehan 25:44
Yeah it’s Pretty cool.

Mike Collette 25:45
That’s a pretty awesome achievement.

Brendan Sheehan 25:46
Yeah, you know, it’s it’s funny, you know, 2018 became 2019 2019 became sole owner of waymark. And, and, you know, there are people that, I think may have, frankly, question whether or not didn’t succeed, you know, without, you know, some of my business partners and stuff like that. So, yeah, just last week, we were were voted in as a top 100, Forbes, financial planners and Massachusetts. So really, really cool endorsement. That was one of those ones where, you know, sometimes when you hear people say, they don’t believe that you can run a business and it starts seeping into your brain. Maybe I can’t run this business. But then, you know, a couple years later, is doing great, and you get that kind of endorsement. That’s pretty awesome. So awesome. I’m proud of that. And pretty proud of that.

Mike Collette 26:42
When you told me that I’m sorry. I was like, so happy. I was like jumping up and down. So happy for you. Yeah.

Brendan Sheehan 26:46
Mike, your your financial advisor to 100 in Massachusetts, look at that.

Mike Collette 26:50
It’s true smart, wicked smar

Brendan Sheehan 26:52
Only the best, only the best.

Mike Collette 26:55
Brendan before I get into the the Spitfire, I know we’ve been kind of going all over the place talking fitness, talking finances. Anything else you’d like to share with the, the the community before we get into some of this, these are Spitfire questions that I have for you.

Brendan Sheehan 27:11
Let me go to my notes, Mike. Let’s see

Mike Collette 27:16
oh, by the way, you talked about fighting fantasy football. Who was the fantasy football champion this year?

Brendan Sheehan 27:20
I have no idea. Yeah, no, that’s pretty good. You know, the only thing that I would say is, you know, you won’t you like to ask the question, you know, what’s your favorite? What’s your favorite CrossFit memory? So, you know, I, I can talk about myself, but you know, at the end of the day, you know, one of the coolest things about CrossFit the community, etc, etc, is the post workout breakfast, post workout coffee, you know, those moments where you actually, you know, can talk to some of these people and realize that, you know, the guys that you’re working out with and the girls that you’re working out with a pretty amazing people. And the gym is really, we brought together a really good group of people who are all really accomplished and really, really special people.

Mike Collette 28:15
It’s why we do these things, man. Yeah, well, and people get to know people you know, they know the end of the day. You might not be at the 530 classes all the time you obviously you have you introduce yourself but not everyone gets to meet everyone. We so we have Saturdays for Saturdays are great. Things are still not back. 100% people aren’t going out and getting dinner and drinks after the workouts in the evening. And not everyone’s necessarily getting coffee after their workouts in the morning. anymore. Right? Some are which is awesome. But we want to make sure people are are being heard and people can get to know each other. You know, in this in this fashion so Spitfire round, Right?

Which is not really Spitfire because you don’t go crazy fast these questions but

Brendan Sheehan 29:05
lightning round

Mike Collette 29:06
lightning round. What’s your favorite movie? And or? I’ll just say an TV show of all time. And then to add to that I’ve been adding to this is what are you bingeing right now on

Brendan Sheehan 29:21
Good question. So it’s tough. I’m gonna I’m gonna answer my own question just like a good politician. So Best TV show, I’d have to say 24 that first season 24 was just unbelievable. You know, my, my wife and I didn’t catch it when it was actually on but you know, it was pre kids. And it was during when Netflix was actually sending discs to you. I remember that. It would be a Friday night we get two or three discs of 24 and just binge watch it from like 10pm to like 3am It was awesome. And that was awesome, awesome TV. Best Movie. I’ll always go to Braveheart just love Braveheart. You know? Irish guy, Scottish people, you know, you got, you know, so I’m an Irish kid. And so that was like the first time I ever heard like an Irish, Scottish accent in a movie. And oh, yeah, by the way, I’m a nerd. And I like Dungeons and Dragons. So like the swords and all that was pretty awesome. And then, of course, you got the love story. So like, you can bring your wife, your girlfriend and you know, everyone’s happy. You get the blood and the gore, the dungeons and dragons and the love story. So that’s it. So TV show 24 movie, I go Braveheart.

Mike Collette 30:35
What are you bingeing right now? Or what are you in the family? Are you and your wife binging right now?

Brendan Sheehan 30:41
Yeah. So you know, you gotta be kind of careful when you got a 14 year old, you got an eight year old so Disney plus is definitely a big one for us. You know, love Karate Kid or Cobra Kai. But there’s some language in there that the eight year olds really shouldn’t be listening to. So between that when she’s asleep, and when everyone’s together, we like that new one that one division with? Did you know that? You know the actress and that is Mary Kate and ash or whatever. Olsen. The two twins are on full house. It’s our sister.

Mike Collette 31:17
I had no idea. I don’t even know the show.

Brendan Sheehan 31:18
So its called Wanda Vision is pretty good. It’s a marvel marvel

Mike Collette 31:22
Wanda vision. Yeah, I’m writing that down. I was I was thinking that your favorite movie was going to be one of these Boston based movies like The Departed or, you know, or the town or something like that. But

Brendan Sheehan 31:32
Well obviously, I love goodwill hunting, because, you know, it’s a hard thing. And you get to like, you know, what the How about them apples to Harvard kids, because classic, I had a little bit of that. There, there is some truth to the, to the stereotype. And and there were definitely some people that I would love to have been able to rattle off and, you know, tell them that they’re, you know, just pretty much quote in a book that they have no thoughts, because there were plenty of kids that did that.

Mike Collette 32:03
Man, we we watched the departed a little bit of the departed yesterday, it started to, I started to make a mental note of all of the Boston based or Massachusetts based movies then went on a Google spree. There’s a lot of good stuff out there, man. Yeah, a lot of great stuff. Um, favorite musician or music artist of all time, Metallica. That was easy. That was easy. And which, hence why you like that music at the six and class. Last one, what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? or working out at the gym?

Brendan Sheehan 32:40
I’m going to give the canned answer like my kids. You know, so it’s kind of cool. Just like hanging out with kids and doing fun stuff. You know, one of the things as I was thinking about that specific question, you know, what are my hobbies and things? You know, the cool thing about having kids and again, this one’s for Jon Collette again. You know, if you’re, if you don’t have kids, and you go on a sledding Hill, or you go to the playground, and you’re hanging out with no kids, you’re the creepy guy. But if you have kids, your dad of the year, so you get to do like all the fun stuff that you thought you couldn’t do because you were an adult. And you can do it again. And actually people think of you as like data in a year instead of the creepy guy. So it’s good.

Mike Collette 33:27
I’m glad you’re not the creepy guy anymore.

Brendan Sheehan 33:29
Yeah, anymore. Exactly.

Mike Collette 33:33
Well, Brendan, any closing thoughts or final thoughts before we sign off here? ‘

Brendan Sheehan 33:38
Yeah, no, I’m just really happy to be part of the community. You know, one of the things I Another question I thought you’re gonna ask me that I prepared for is, you know, what kind of attracts you to this and everyone always talks community. You know, and the community is definitely big, you know, as a New England kid. I think we’re just by nature kind of closed up. And you know, my wife always jokes with me, she’s like, I like everyone but Brendan, you you know, you hate everyone at first until they convince you that they’re a good person to be friends with and so I don’t just make friends with people just because and and so I have my you know, Braintree friends I got my Harvard friends and and now like I have this whole new subset of friends that I never would have had before and I’m and I’m always telling people, you know, this this guy, the gym that XYZ. So it’s really cool. It opened up like a whole new branch of friendships that I wouldn’t have had without it. So definitely love the gym, love the community. You guys have done an awesome job.

Mike Collette 34:48
That’s awesome, man. That’s a great way to end it. Appreciate it. And you know, Brendan, again, thank you for being part of the community conversation. Again, it means a lot to me. It means a lot to everyone tuning in, and then you guys that are tuning in and watching thank you guys so much for, for listening. And also just you know, every week we’re releasing a new community conversation with a new guests to get your week started. So to be the first to know in the community conversations released, we post that every Monday. So subscribe to our YouTube page or join our daily brief newsletter. These videos are also posted in our community members only club on Facebook. So if you’re listening to this, and you’re a member, and you’re not part of that group, let us know we’ll make sure we add in. And then lastly, if you’re interested in being on the community conversation, just shoot us a message and we would love to have you so until next time. Thanks again, Brendan.

Brendan Sheehan 35:38
Thank you, Mike.