Full potential
Full potential
By: Mike Collette B.S CES C-PT
Have you ever felt as though you are not at your true full potential? That if you did things differently that you would be better than you are right now?
More often than not, we feel that we haven’t reached our limit of, let’s call it, “relative greatness”. For me for instance, its difficult for to be satisfied with what I have done. There is always something else I can be doing to better my self development, help more people and making a bigger difference.
You can relate this to your life like I just did, but I often look at it in relation to my profession ; training and coaching. What if what you’re doing now isn’t getting you to the level that you want to be at? You can take a great athlete and have them train in almost any environment and they will get better. It shouldn’t be a shock that there are incredible athletes out there who don’t take their training serious or aren’t on a program to get them to that next level and their max capacity.
It’s hard to imagine athletes like LeBron James or Rich Froning, who are at the top of their sport, to be better than they already are, but it’s possible. So how do we quantify our Full potential when the greatest of the great might not be at their full potential? How do you measure risk/reward to get there? How do you know what you are doing today is going to help facilitate you to that next level?
These are the kinds of questions that go through my head in my pursuit of excellence and my pursuit to build the best fitness community and experience out there. It’s getting to that next level is where the barriers are. Our goal is to break the barriers down to create a higher level of excellence for our members at CrossFit Prototype.
As my business partner said at the beginning of the year: “Make 2014 the best year of your life. After all, it is a decision”. And that’s what we are going to do. #whatstocome