Mindfulness at CFP

Hey Guys,
Here are a few ways we can bring more presence, “mindfulness” to our daily CFP experiences.  Ultimately through being more connected with ourselves, we invite more success into all areas of our lives. The focus here is on both the physical and the mental aspects, both equally important. Below are a few tips to keep in mind as we move from our warm-ups throughout our WODs.
Physical – Connection
Breathe – Feel and Listen to your breath. On inhale expand belly, with exhale contract belly
Eyes – Closing our eyes allows us to go within to get re-connected
Feel – Go into your body – where, what, and how does it feel?
Mental – Connection
Allow – Let yourself to be where you are on that day
Goals – Are your goals aligned with your physicality of that particular day…Again feel into you
Focus – Bring your focus back to you, what you are doing and experiencing during the WOD
See you at CFP 🙂

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