Hi everyone!
This was quite a week of sweat, mental anguish and most importantly FUN! For all of the competitors that competed, you did awesome! You all crushed “Murph” on the final WOD challenge, killed it on the 2k row in the beginning of the week and showed off your power and strength (2 of the 10 general physical skills : ) ) Here are the official winners of the ‘King and Queen of the Box” competition!
Men’s and Women’s Rx 18-30
Matt Naimoli and Jeannette Naimoli
Erik Ward and Nicole Moore (Runner Up)
Men’s and Women’s Scaled 18-30
Jon Collette and Caitlin Pond
Omayre Zahid and Jess Foley (Runner up)
Men’s and Women’s Rx 31-40
Sean O’dowd and Danielle Ward
Garrett St. Onge and Heather Clancy
Men’s and Women’s Scaled 31-40
Jesse Dimick and Nicki Rohloff
Jay Chung (in the housssse) and Lisa Zancewicz (Runner Up)
Men’s and Womens Rx 41-49
Chris Correnti and Liz Nasser
 Women’s Scaled 41-49
Dorin Thibault
Heather Burke (Runner Up)
Men’s and Women’s Scaled 50+
Tom Knapp and Jean Hanks
Kathy Bridge (Runner Up)
Thank you all again! You now have to defend your Crown the next time around! Have a great rest of the weekend and GO PATS!!!!!