FMS Mobility
Maximize Your Potential 
CrossFit Protoype now offers one on one Movement Assessment and Injury Assessment. During the Movement Assessment, we will test your movement using a Functional Movement System (FMS) protocol. The results will help determine a comprehensive plan to address potential motor patterning issues or mobility restrictions. The injury consultation will help determine what is causing your pain and treatment recommendations.
What is Functional Movement Screening (FMS)?
Put simply, FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns which are crucial to normal function. Screening movement patterns using the FMS protocol leads to identifying/the identification of functional limitations and asymmetries. Such issues can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.
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Is FMS right for you?

  • Have you reached a plateau with strength gains?
  • Do you have a nagging pain? Not sure how to treat it?
  • Not sure when to start post-op recovery?
  • Has someone told you you’ll never be able to do squat/overhead press/run again?
  • Are there movements that come up in the workout that you despise because you can’t perform them properly?

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-FMS Movement Assessment and Correctives (includes one retest) $150.00
-Initial Injury Consultation FREE
-Full Injury Assessment and Treatment $75.00