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Helping the local youth develop strong, healthy habits with fitness and teamwork!

Our Youth Training Approach:

At Prototype, we have an ever evolving approach in how we train kids. Since 2012, we have coached and trained hundreds of youth athletes and non athletes through our Prototype Kids programs. What we have found is that if fitness isn’t fun, it’s more challenging to develop a strong relationship with it as we get older. Our program focuses on several core concepts, but as a foundation we emphasize improving yourself fiirst, then, help others improve. Read below the various youth training programs that we offer at Prototype!


Our Youth Fundamentals program was created to introduce kids to fitness while helping them build a foundation in movement. These 45 minute classes are designed to train overall fitness: speed, strength, power, endurance, agility, and balance. Workouts are structured with proper rest and recovery to reduce their risk of injury. This program will help kids gain confidence and knowledge of how to train properly! In addition, we implement various fitness games and team building drills to help kids establish strong relationships with one another. Kids that age out of the program will be prepared to hit the ground running in our CrossFit classes or our barbell club!


Our small group personal coaching program starts at a minimum 2 kids and can scale up to 10+! We have found a lot of success with this approach which enables us to coach multiple athletes with varying abilities and age levels. The workouts are customized to each individual and allows the kids to workout in a group and with their friends while receiving individualized coaching. Similar to personal training, these sessions can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour workouts.


Prototype Barbell Club is the place to go in the Worcester County and Metrowest area to learn and develop your Olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk). It is home to nationally competitive athletes and runs multiple programs to help one improve their Olympic lifts.

Our process lays the foundation for a successful weightlifter through the teaching and coaching of proper technique, building long-term strength and continuing development of your mindset. 

Our club can be used to help one improve their technique for CrossFit or enjoyment, build explosive strength and power for athletics or to compete locally and nationally in the sport of weightlifting.

We have a Youth and an Adult Barbell Club Program:


Over the past 10 years, we have created and designed specific training programs to work with the various youth sports teams in the metro west and worcester county area! The beauty behind these programs are that they are fully customizable and include specific strength and conditioning protocols to get the athletes prepared for their sport. In addition to sports specific skill training, something that is important to us is helping facilitate leadership development within the team structure. Our partnership with Next Jump and Steady Buckets has given us the tools to make a lasting impact on these young athletes and how they carry themselves on and off the field. Pricing for this program is customizable, so if you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form below.

Our Pricing Options

Youth Fundamentals

  • Month to Month
  • No Contract

Youth Barbell Club

  • Month to Month
  • No Contract

Sports Performance Team Training

  • Month to Month
  • No Contract

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Our Client Results


This was my first introduction to working out!

“Before I started Prototype’s Fundamentals class I had never been a member at a gym before- this was my first introduction to working out. This class was a great way to learn each exercise properly. They make the workouts fun and like a game- my heart would get pumping and I’d be sweating by the end. I would totally recommend the Fundamentals Class to my younger friends!”


Fundamentals prepared me for CrossFit!

“Fundamentals was a huge factor in preparing me for regular CrossFit classes and sports in general. It covers a lot, from cardio to barbell/dumbbell work, and each time I went back in to class I felt strong improvement in strength and stamina. The regular CrossFit classes build a lot upon what is learned and practiced in fundamentals, and I think that it is a great choice for anyone looking to start weightlifting. After just over one year, I have seen major improvement, and it all started in fundamentals.”

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