As the months go on, it becomes harder and harder to choose a ‘Prototype Kid’ of the month. Our kids keep getting more and more disiplined and higher skill set. Yet, this month’s Prototype Kid sets the bar for excellence and what we try to create here at CFP.
Prototype of the Month (March)
Megan Rohloff
She is everything we look for as our Prototype Kid of the month. She has an amazing attitude, always is courteous, willing to learn and awesome at what she does! Hardly ever complains and sets a great example for all the other kids! Megan has been a member here since we started our kids program and continues to thrive and get better. She works so hard and it shows! The best part about Megan, is that even after a hard WOD, she is always smiling : )

My mom started doing CrossFit a while ago, and she would tell me what she did after every workout.  I thought it sounded really exciting, and I wanted to try it out.  CrossFit is so fun, but it also challenges you.  It has helped me get better at things I wasn’t good at and helped strengthen the things that I could already do.
love  the challenge. Its fun but you have to work hard.  I have gotten stronger, and I have more endurance.  CrossFit has even helped me to be a better gymnast and runner.
I really just want to keep doing it!  I want to get faster and stronger.  I am a member of the Westborough Road Warriors run club with my family.  I hope CrossFit will help me run longer distances and improve my endurance as a runner.  When I am older, I hope to join the track team.