Prototype Kid of the Month (May): Mary Beth Ashton

I started sports at a young age, about four years old.  I have a background in three sports, soccer, basketball and lacrosse.  Currently I play for two lacrosse teams and a basketball team and plan to make the switch from soccer to field hockey this fall.  My favorite sport, by far, is lacrosse.  My favorite subject in school is Spanish porque es facil y divertida.
I have been at CrossFit Prototype since the beginning of November and I have highly enjoyed it.
My CrossFit Prototype experience has been great!  At the beginning the WODs were pretty simple and easy.  As the weeks went by the WODs continued to get harder and challenge me more and more to elevate myself to new fitness levels.
CrossFit Prototype has helped me a ton in my sports.  There is a noticeable difference in my speed and my strength. I can get by my defenders easier and keep on my mark without as much difficulty.  Also I have noticed that my shots are harder and I have a greater ability to sprint down the field.  My core muscles are also a huge component to my improved shot.  Overall, I have seen a humungous improvement in my fitness level.
My favorite part of CrossFit Prototype is the constantly varying WODs.  Each day I go to class wondering what the WOD will be.  Also the different WODs helped me to work different muscles every day, improving my overall fitness.  I like how CrossFit Prototype is made for all fitness levels as well.  At the beginning I was worried I wouldn’t be as fit as the others, but it turned out that CrossFit didn’t discriminate between people of different fitness levels.
            “If you end your training now — if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did — you will become an agent of evil.” –Yoda, Jedi Master