Prototype of the Month (June)- Dorin Thibault

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since joining CFP.  What a great place Mike and all the coaches have created here.     I joined because I was frustrated with my fitness level and looking to try something different. I have been active but not particularly athletic so it has been a little surprising to me that I have enjoyed all the typical CF activities like weightlifting and pull ups but I have enjoyed the challenge and like seeing improvement.   I wanted to lose some weight and managed to do so which I am really happy about.
My favorite part of CFP is the fun we have, especially working out with the 8 am class.   We have a blast and the coaches are great.   They always challenge and encourage us in a positive way.  I would never work as hard as I do at CFP in a traditional gym.  It’s the instruction and encouragement that works for me.
I’m a mom of three teenage girls so I am pretty busy with my family and being involved with the schools and locally.     I love to travel with my family and plan our next adventure together.    Outside of CFP I also enjoy skiing and golfing with my husband, Bob.    I am good at neither but we have fun together nonetheless!
CFP has also helped me outside the gym, particularly with the emphasis on goal setting and tracking.   The paleo challenge and goal setting seminar helped me achieve my weight loss goal.   Now I have a great routine established and my goals are to keep it up and see if I can ever do an unassisted pull up!    I’m almost there!
Meanwhile I look forward to enjoying time with all my CFP friends and especially to celebrating a year of fun and hard work together!