Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey
I don’t think I really have a start to my fitness journey- moving in some way or another has always been a part of my life. Working out always ebbed and flowed though. I played field hockey, ran track, and lifted weights all through high school, but then worked 3 jobs putting myself through college so exercise took a back burner. Once that calmed down, I ran, swam and and lifted weights consistently and started focusing on triathlons. After a few years, I started to get bored. I dabbled in home exercise videos, group classes and even talked Jay into getting a BowFlex for our apartment lol. Shortly after, Reebok CrossFit One opened at Reebok and Jay started going. He knew that I got bored pretty quickly and told me he really thought I would like CrossFit because it was always different. This was the summer of 2012 and the closest box around was in Worcester, so I signed-up for on-ramp at CrossFit Center Mass and was hooked. However, I wasn’t psyched about the half hour drive (I’m no AB!) especially since the kids were little and I was more restricted in my time away from home and I didn’t love the coaching. Jessica Clancy to the rescue though!! My sister-in-law was like “My 2 awesome trainers are opening their own CF place and YOU HAVE TO GO!” So I did. September 2012 started my CrossFit journey at CFP and, while that has ebbed and flowed too, it was the best fitness decision I ever made! The community and coaching are top-notch <3
What is your favorite part about being at CFP?
I know it’s “THE” answer when talking about CrossFit, but the community, by far. It really is a 2nd family. To see these people almost every day- who see you at your highs (Gold-starring) and lows (peeing during squats ;), and everything in between; who talk you down from whatever ledge you’re on (btw no one can tell you to get your shit together quite like Lisa Z <3), challenge you, encourage you, laugh with you (sometimes at you), and sometimes, not often, cry with you- and it’s these relationships that can’t compare to anything else, that make waking up at 4am truly worth it.
What are your hobbies and activities?
Anything outdoors (stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, Spartan races, chasing our chickens lol), reading, and now that I have 3 teenagers, uber drivering 😉
How has (if it has) CFP helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?
I’d like to think I have always been fit or at least always strived to be so, but physically I would not have been able to Climb Mt. Washington or run a Killington Spartan withough CFP. But where I really see how CFP has helped me outside the gym has been my mental focus. To constantly have a goal to work towards is a big part of it, but the everyday workouts that get analyzed and strategized and then the mental conversation of whether it can be done, or done well and once its over, to feel a sense of accomplishment… all of that carries over into other parts of my life and I realize that I’m stronger and more capable than I give myself credit for.
What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?
I feel like my goals are never-ending and always shifting. While my focus right now is on strength, I’m hoping that will cross-over and help with some of my gymnastics goals- specifically, a strict pull-up.
Favorite Quote
“The secret to life is enjoying the ride”