Prototype of the Month: Jay Clancy
1.) Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey.
JC: I started CF about 5 years ago at Reebok CF1, finding it to be simultaneously the most painful and rewarding experience, but was pretty much hooked from day 1.  I had just turned 40 and decided it was time for a change from playing basketball and jumped in on the next on ramp.  After injuring myself during the first week after on ramp (and learning a valuable lesson of checking your ego at the door) my basketball games were quickly replaced with a daily WOD.  As Heather began coaching at CFP, I would sometimes drop in for a class and really felt the community environment at CFP to be something special.  As my job changed and started in full time here, it really has become my favorite part of the day.
2.) What is your favorite part about being at CFP?
JC:  The community and the programming.  Having come over from a different box I have a point of reference on both and definitely upgraded.  As these are both driven by the coaching staff, I feel very lucky to have landed here.  The community aspect here is special from the events the coaches organize to the support and encouragement from everyone.  I also think that the programming is done in such way where it challenging and constantly building towards improvement.  I definitely feel I have seen an accelerated level of progress over the past year after joining CFP full time than I have in the past.
3.) What are you hobbies and activities ?
JC:  Right now most of my time is consumed with the kids, but they are getting to an age now where slowly some of my old hobbies like golf and fishing are peaking their interest, although they are still a few years away before I drag them to a Dead or Phish show.  And of course beating Heather in cribbage.
4.) How has (if it has) CFP helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?
JC: Starting the day in a puddle of sweat and tears, somehow makes the rest of the day better.
5.) What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?
JC: My goal is really just continuing to improve.  There are always days where I feel like I am regressing but that drives me harder the next time and when your reach the next step, it makes it even more rewarding.  We also have a full calendar of Spartan races this year, so hoping to finish those before it gets dark this year.
6.) Favorite Quote
“Be the Now”