Prototype of the Month: Mark Razza
Prior to joining CFP, I was working with a personal trainer who encouraged me to give CrossFit a try. I played competitive sports all the way through college and have always been a competitive person. He said “ CrossFit  will  feed your competiveness and push you for greater intensity, better technique, faster times, better form, heavier loads, and more reps.”    My trainer was moving his business, so the timing was perfect for me to give CrossFit a try.
That’s when I started looking for a CrossFit box, found CFP.  I joined CFP in October and quickly realized that while I was in decent shape and could do some of the different exercises, I had a long way to go. The coaches have been great working with me to improve my form on the exercises I could do, and continue to help me learn new movements. I still have a lot of opportunity to get stronger, faster and more proficient with many of the movements, and I am confident that with the support of the coaches I will succeed.
What my old trainer told me was absolutely true.  I have found that the combination of the CrossFit approach to exercise as well as the ability for me to compete with myself and see how I am doing compared to others has been really great.  It has encouraged me to take my fitness goals to the next level.
One thing I underestimated when joining CFP was the power of the community. The power of being with a great group of people who have similar goals is incredible. The CFP community is friendly, supportive and adds so much to each workout. Coming here isn’t like going to your typical gym where there is little interaction with others.
There is noticeable improvement in my flexibility, mobility & endurance.  Crossfit has me better prepared for my next mountain hunt, back country fly fishing trip, mud run or whatever else I decide to take on. The one thing I know it won’t do is improve my golf game.
Hobbies and activities: Hunting, fishing, backpacking, snow shoeing, camping, boating, trail running, 5K, etc.   I am willing to try anything that keeps me outside in the fresh air, (Except maybe skydiving!)
Goals: I would like to get stronger and to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle. I really liked doing the Paleo challenge and will incorporate some learning’s from it into my healthy lifestyle. Longer term, I’d like to get to a point where I would be able to competitively compete in a local CrossFit event.
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” Walt Disney.