The criteria and standards that we look for when our team puts in their nominations for Prototype of the month are Coachability, Caring, and Community and in our opinion, Neil encompasses all three of those qualities handily. Congratulations Neil!

1.) Share your experience at Prototype:
My introduction to prototype came through Leah, Annie Powell and my wife Carolyn Keiper.  It is not an exaggeration to say that our family has been transformed by participation in the gym. carolyn and I were very busy with work and family and we’re not investing in our own health. We gave some lip service to exercising, but in practice, we probably averaged working out once every week or two. After Carolyn herniated a disc in her back while running she got serious about investing in her health by working with Leah as a personal trainer.  Shortly there after she officially joined the gym and the dividends have been extraordinary! I’ve witnessed the impact of the gym on her physical and mental well-being over these last few years and have loved it!  
Almost 2 years ago, I joined a Brazilian jujitsu gym and because of my lack of fitness I ended up injured after about three months. Having seen the impact of the gym on Carolyn I decided that I needed to start getting serious about my own physical training as well. I started by working with Brian and within a month I had signed up to join. I really have loved it ever since. In the time I have joined prototype I have become stronger and more fit than any time in my adult life. Because of the time I have spent at Prototype, I have been able to re-join Brazilian jujitsu, and have been uninjured ever since. 
2.) What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?  
There is something extremely powerful about sharing the experience of lifting heavy things, and stressing the body with others. The shared struggle is transformative and is protective against stressors. We know that exercising improves learning and memory but it is also protective/therapeutic for depression, ADHD and dementia. (If you have not read the book Spark by John Ratey, I highly recommend it.  He reviews the scientific evidence for exercise as first line treatment/prevention of the above mentioned illnesses.)
When I regularly go to the gym, I feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. I think more clearly, I learn more efficiently, I am more patient and am more emotionally stable.
Lastly – the prototype team is really amazing! Encouraging, welcoming, uplifting and clearly committed to everyone’s wellness! Thank you all so much! We are so grateful for you!

3.) What are your hobbies and activities? 
I enjoy skinny skiing and going to bull fight on acid.
4.) How has Prototype helped you or solved a problem for you? 
Prototype has helped me become much more capable in Brazilian jujitsu. Not only have I avoided injury, but I have also been way more effective in sparring.  
Prototype has also helped my marriage and has helped me as a father. First of all exercise is a tremendous stress reliever and as a result, I am able to be much more patient and present at home when I am regularly going to the gym. Secondly, I have developed relationships at the gym that I have added a ton of richness to my life. Lastly, I love the example Carolyn and I are setting for our children when they see us building in time for our own physical, mental and social well-being.

5.) What are you continuing fitness goals to this point? 
This year I want to become stronger and more flexible.
6.) Favorite Quote:
If you want peace work for justice.