Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey

Joining CFP in the spring of 2017 was a huge turning point on the direction of my fitness.  It had been a few years since I was able to get to the gym regularly due to my busy schedule and lack of motivation.  Even though there’s a gym at my office, there was always a meeting or some other excuse to keep my out of a rhythm.  I was slowly putting on more weight and getting more out of shape.  Once I started coming to CFP that changed instantly.  It became easy to walk in every day for the 7am class, prepare for battle with some new friends, and let the coaches take care of the rest.

The past few years I’ve been playing soccer once or twice a week, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve needed to conserve more energy throughout the game.  CFP has helped me get to the point where I’m faster than I’ve been in years and I never tire out.  Athletically I haven’t felt this fit since high school, and back then I didn’t have anywhere near the strength I have now.
One of my favorite thing about CFP is the small but noticeable incremental progress.  When I started I couldn’t RX any workouts, do a handstand hold, double unders, toe to bars, or kipping pullups. Now I’m able to things I didn’t imagine I’d be able to do in such a short time. Over the next year I’d love to be able to do overhead squats and be able to do at least one muscle up.
I have no idea who said this the first time, but I hear it all the time, and it’s the best thing about CFP: “All you have to do is show up”.