Prototype of the Month (May): Sue Martel

Every month, we aim to choose a member who not only exemplifies our core values but goes above and beyond with their commitment to CFP. Sue Martel has not only done that but even more! Sue and her husband Tim have been coming to CFP for several months now and never seem to miss a WOD. Not only do they come, but their middle son Brendan kicks butt in our Prototype Kids Program as well!  Sue has been dedicated and has also shared her passion for fitness with the whole family!
From crushing our Paleo challenge to breaking through PR’s at CFP, Sue continues to grow her physical and mental strength at CFP. This is Sue’s story:

I’ve always loved running.  I still remember the advice my cross country coach gave to me in high school :  “Run, run like you are running on eggshells if you have to , but keep running.  Never stop. Never quit!”  I think of this often in many aspects of my life .  He pushed me and gave me the desire and will to push myself on many days.   I have been running ever since …. mostly because I love it but also because I was afraid to try anything new.  This was really the only form of exercise that I challenged myself with.   Last spring, with the help of my husband and P90x ,  I came out of my comfort zone and completed my first Tough Mudder challenge.  It was not only a physical challenge but a mental one as well.  10+ miles of obstacles up and down the mountain including mud, ice cold water, fire and  electricity  to name a few.  This was so beyond my comfort zone!  I decided to accept the challenge as a milestone before turning 40.  I made it through with the help of my teammates and in a strange way it was a lot of fun.   After the event I was so sore for days. So sore that I had to walk down my stairs backwards very slowly and it was painful!

Soon after this event I watched the building on East Main st transform into Crossfit Prototype.  I was intrigued.  I saw the sign go up and I followed it on facebook.  I had heard of Crossfit but didn’t really know what it entailed.   It sounded intense! It took me until January 2nd ( time for new years resolutions) to have the courage to go through the doors.   I could have gone in when It opened a few months prior but I felt I should run more and get in better shape first. I have come to realize that this is a common misconception of Crossfit.  Everyone has their own abilities and their own goals.   I knew going in that I could not compare to the the abilities of others. I had to remind myself that I was doing this for myself and nobody else. Just because my weights were MUCH lighter than everyone else’s didn’t make me any less of a member.   I wasn’t quite sure that the 6 element classes were going to prepare me for the classic Crossfit WODS but I took the leap and jumped right in.  I got through it and I eagerly went back the next day.  I was nervous but excited for the challenge.  I owe my success so far partially for making the commitment and pushing myself but also because of the coaches and members (including my husband).     Even on days when I knew I didn’t do well or felt I could have done better, there was always a high five and “great job “ waiting for me at the end of my workout. I had never lifted a weight before CFP.  I had trouble just with the stance involved with lifting the weight. A lot of patience and time from the coaches has much improved my form.  And I actually can lift some heavier weights now! I certainly had no coordination to do a Turkish get up but had fun learning all of it! I still cant get a double under or unassisted pull up but I know I will eventually  “crush it” as they say.  I loved being part of the paleo challenge and feel great following this new way of eating.   I realize I have will power that I never knew existed and it feels empowering. 

CFP is not just a box. It’s a community of hard working athletes of all levels achieving personal goals and supporting others at the same time.  I was warned on my first day that I would get addicted and sure enough I am. My initial goal of becoming a CFP  member was to train  to do another Tough Mudder.  I did my second Tough Mudder this spring and couldn’t wait to get back to the box after taking a few days off !   I have to mention that this year I had absolutely no trouble walking down my stairs after the Tough Mudder. I could even run down them.     New goals? I am going to get stronger and accomplish things that I never thought possible, even in my 40’s.  I will get that unassisted pullup!

I am not only stronger now but more confident on many levels.  If I believe in myself and work hard toward my goals I know I can achieve.  This has been an amazing journey so far not only for me but my entire family.  We are teaching our children a valuable lesson related to health and fitness.   In their words and actions I know they get it!     



“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”   Thomas Jefferson