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4 best friends that anyone could have (Time)

Teams of 4

Chipper workout For time:

800m run (as a team)

160 American KB swings (53/35) (70/44 RX+)

120 total Cal row (2 rowers per team)

100ft Bear Crawl (Handstand walk RX+)

300 DU

90 T2B & 90 WBS (both movements can be done at the same time)

400m run (as a team)

32 min cap

*KB swings must be completed in 10 reps at a time

*Bear crawl is everyone on the team must do 100ft

*DU partition as you’d like

*T2B & WBS is 90 reps of each movement & can be partitioned as you’d like

*can start KB swings if you get in from run first but everyone must go in order of 10 reps every time