The CFP Virtuosity Program

Designed by CrossFit Prototype (Fitness Milestones credit given to CrossFit Seattle)


Have you ever asked yourself the question: “how fit am I really?” or “how much weight should I be able to lift?” For one, we get these questions a lot and it’s always a relative answer. There are body weight ratio benchmarks for people for the Olympic and Powerlift’s. There are also standards for Gymnastics and the Monostructural work as well. For example, what classifies an Elite 5k time or an Elite Deadlift? We have this data, it is out there. We want to be innovative in the world of Fitness and to do that we need standards of fitness to create goals for the everyday athlete, you know, something to shoot for and work towards. This pushes us to be better in and out of the gym.
The CFP Virtuosity Program goes beyond the classic fitness measurements and standards.  Similar to what they do in the Martial Arts with the belt system, we aim to create this culture with CFP and hopefully outside CFP. Do we take those elements into account? Of course we do. Do we also measure our levels of accomplishment on our Core Values as well (Family, Integrity, Helping Others, Excellence, Fun and Growth)? You be we do. We also take into consideration your time invested at CFP, what type of person you are and how your represent what it means to be a Prototype.

Level 1 – The White Band (Receive this band once you graduate from Elements)
Requirements: Graduate from Elements with proficiency and an understanding of what CFP is all about!
How to move to the next band:
-Set 3 months of goals,  become even more efficient in the movement standards, focus on mobility and stability
Why 3 months:
-Creates a culture of safety for athletes and coaches, creates an environment where people are working at their movement and technique level and gives Coaches bulletproof scaling and specific movement options for athletes and members
More detailed Scaling and specific exercises for personal movement needs (based on a needs analysis and movement screen)

Level 2- The Green Band (Receive this band once you have 3 month’s of experience at CFP)

Requirements: 3 months of Experience at CFP
What is different?

-Can begin participating in the testing comp every 3 months
-Newer standards for the Strength and Met-Con portion of the WOD
-Movement assessment option to help set new goals
How to move to the next band:
-Set 3 months of goals, perform all TEST WODs, test at the next CFP Throwdown, perform better than you did in your test
-Character: (participation in group warm up, on time for class..etc.)
Why Test your Fitness:
-We love data. We love seeing performance and fitness gains not just the aesthetics that come along with CrossFit. We want our members to push themselves to THEIR capacity and challenge themselves beyond their comfort level. Competition drives results, but this is competition with yourself beyond everything.

Level 3 – The Orange Band (Receive this band once your Test and Re-Test the Test WOD’s)
Requirements: You have Tested and Re-Tested the Test WOD’s at our quarterly Internal Throwdown
What is different?
-You have reached Orange Band status. This is where we would like to see our members get to within their first 6 months at CFP. Congratulations, you are AWESOME.
-Assessment process for higher level movements begin here
-More specific strength testing is now allowed**
-Start teaching higher level movements for the Orange Band**
How to move to the next band:
-In order to move from The Orange Band to The Black Band we have a detailed list of Athletic Milestones. To move from The Orange Band to The Black Band, you must have a certain % of compliance within each area. As indicated by the colors, if you are at The Orange Band Level (Intermediate) you must have compliance within this domain before attempting to create compliance for the Advanced Athlete or The Black Band Level. (see below for the chart).

Level 4-The Black Band 

(Receive this band once you have the following: At minimum 1 year of experience, has full % compliance in the Advanced Athlete level standard,  has met several goals and continues to set new PR’s, is a huge preacher of CFP, even refers new members, continues to inspire others, is a true representation of a CFP.**this level can also be achieved based on Fitness level gained relative to where this person was when they started at CFP) 
-1 year minimum experience at CFP
-Has full % compliance within the Advanced Athlete section of the Milestone chart
-Multiple levels of short and Long term goals accomplished
-True representation of what a CFP Member truly is
-Aligns with the Core Values of CrossFit Prototype
-Based on Movement Capacity** (look below for movement capacity)
Athletic Milestones Body weight
Athletic Milestones Weights
Athletic Milestones Met Con and Wods

(To receive this band you must have multiple years of experience at CFP, has made CFP and CrossFit a major part of their life, they eat, breath and sleep the CFP mantra. Helps the community grow, goes above and beyond outside the CFP community to help others in addition to being at a completely other level of Fitness based on the Milestones . **This level can be achieved based on Fitness level gained relative to where this person was when they started at CFP)
-Multiple years of Experience at CFP
-Has made CFP a major part of their life
-Goes above and beyond the CFP community to help others
-Is a major contributor to CFP, its members and the outside community beyond CFP
-% compliance for the final Elite level of Milestone standards

Goal of this program:
-decrease risk of injury
-create standards of excellence
-fitness measurements
-goal setting
-increase retention

-Teaching the different steps of excellence

-Balance between strength and weaknesses

-build culture of bad ass CFP/ lifetime members

-Provide value

What we are still working on:
-General benchmark
-Consistently setting dates to “test” 
-How do we work nutrition into this?

What is the added value:
-Redefine the way people look at their fitness and goal setting
-significantly increase retention (another reason not to quit)
-increase focus on nutrition
-increase drive and motivation/ focus
-a new sense of pride in their fitness

Member Objective:
Reaching Goals
Our Objective:
Create a safer and more clear cut system for fitness
Movement Limitation Stripes
-Based on movement screening, anyone with a movement limitation that might have to “scale” an exercise or isn’t allowed to do a particular movement will get a RED STRIPE on their band. Take stripes away gives access to more movements that can be accomplished towards benchmark goals.
Definition: the CFP Virtuosity Program:
Gives an athlete/member clarity and guidance as it pertains to their personal fitness goals and establishing benchmarks as it relates to fitness standards. The result is improved performance and significant mitigation to injury.