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What you need:



2x Kettlebell

-Row 250m

-10 Good mornings

-10 tempo air squats

-10 shoulder taps

Active hamstring

Walk the dog + pike pass through

Hip opener

Spiderman complex w/ hip lift

Inchworm w/ push up

Lateral lunge w/ shoulder flexion

4 point squat

Specific Prep

*Coaches Choice


Algae (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30 Min Amrap w/a Partner

2k row

200m farmer carry (53,35/70,44rx+)

50 Box jumps (24,20)

1,600m row

200m farmer carry

40 box jump

1,200m row

200m farmers carry

30 box jumps
-Alternate Box jumps

-Split all other work however you would like

-Every 10m is a rep

ex. 200m carry = 20 reps

Alternate Options:


-Run 1,600m or 1 mile

-Run 1,200m or ¾ mile

-Run 800m or ½ mile

Farmers carry?

-Odd object carry

Box Jump?


-Squat jump

Cool Down

*Coaches Choice