By: Mike Collette (Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit Prototype)
There are several things you will notice when you start your fitness journey at Prototype. Whether you are joining our CrossFit program, getting individual coaching from our personal trainers, or meeting with one of our nutrition counseling coaches, our goal is to make sure you have the greatest experience possible. It has always been our mission to deliver a quality experience for every member, every day. When you start at Prototype, you’ll notice:
13246359_1028348200586575_4995423440289460791_oSmiling faces. When you start at Prototype, the first thing you’ll notice is you will be greeted by a member or coach with a smile. Our mantra is simple: we want to be the best part of your day and help you reach your fitness goals. We have been doing this since our fitness gym opened in 2012 and it continues to be an important part of who we are today.
Values based. Despite CFP’s evolution since 2012, we have continued to stick to our vision, make decisions based around our core values, and lead by example each and every day. As you walk into our fitness gym, you will see our core values on the wall: Family, Integrity, Excellence, Helping others, Fun,* and Growth. Every decision we make at Prototype revolves around these core values and we aim to instill these values each and every day inside and outside the walls of Prototype.
Post WODTOBER 2016Community oriented. One of unique things about Prototype is the community we have collectively forged over the years. Community is the glue that binds CrossFit athletes together, and every facility has a unique feel and identity. We’ve found that community provides the right amount of support and challenge to help people grow. When you become part of Prototype you are immediately included and immersed with a group of people who care about your development. No matter your background, age, or time of day you come in, people treat you like family and they are honestly happy to see you when you come in that door. Everyone knows your name, your personal trainers greet you on the way in and on the way out and more importantly, we have a “care first” mindset at CFP. We genuinely care about you as a person inside and outside of the walls at the gym. We are truly a family!
Petey and CurranResults driven. We understand each person comes into our CrossFit gym with different goals. This is important for us so we can identify how to help each individual. In our CrossFit classes we have a tenacious focus on tracking workout results to show each member’s progress. We use this data for goal setting, but more importantly it feels really good to set a new personal best and we love that!
SheehanCustom for you. When it comes to fitness and training, our facility has options for each and every individual. We understand that CrossFit isn’t necessarily for everyone so we provide custom personal training for those who are looking for something different. With that said, each person who walks through the doors to start at Prototype goes through our “Impact Plan.” Our Impact Plan is our individual goal-setting process where we get to understand you and what you want to achieve. We want to get an understanding for who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how we can help make the greatest impact on your life! From here, our role is simple: do everything we can and provide you with the best environment to help you reach those goals. Our trainging coaches and staff are focused on you and will do everything we can to get you there!