By: Mike Collette
In our recent addition of “Prototype of the Month” and “Prototype Kid of Month” it got me to thinking what truly makes a great CrossFitter and or athlete.
When you step into an athletic setting or environment  the best athletes always seem to stand out. This is based purely on performance and athleticism (the 10 general physical skills) but its the underlying characteristics that separates the super athletes from the dedicated, passionate athletes. These characteristics include Integrity, grit, drive, enthusiasm, positive attitude, just to name a few. Now the super athletes that posses these behavioral character traits not only make a team better but make the community.
You DON’T have to be able to do a sub 2 minute Fran or complete a muscle up or a heavy snatch with perfect technique to be a great CrossFitter. The athletes that can do these things have the athleticism but not necessarily behavioral traits. A great CrossFitter in our mind here at CrossFit Prototype is an individual who represents our name with pride. Who might be the last one done or the first one done but how much they cheer on their fellow CrossFitters never changes. A person who shows up early and leaves late. Works on those movements that require that extra practice just because they WANT to get better, not that its a necessity to get better. A great CrossFitter facilitates the motivation of the box every time they are in here.
Not only do you observe and track your progress but you encourage and acknowledge the progress and gains of others. If someone hits a new PR, a great CrossFitter cheers them on as if they did it! Attitude and demeanor makes a true CrossFitter, not just the physical nature and ability of that individual.

Our community at CFP thrives with AMAZING CrossFitters. People who create the perfect encouraging atmosphere where all feel welcome. Cultivating this environment in each box will only bring more success to the already amazing CrossFit community!
SO be that amazing CrossFitter today and maybe you will be our “Prototype of the Month”!