What’s your reason for being here?
By: Mike Collette
What’s Your Reason for Being Here?  One tremendously important concept I have learned through the minimal experience I have had in owning a small business is this: take in as much useful information that you can, manipulate the parts that are most appealing to you, then formulate your new idea.
As I stood listening to one of our members after one of the evening WODs, I really was taken back on how informative every single thing he was saying truly was. Not only did we talk about business but we talked about life, people’s struggles, the reason behind action and why people do what they do. It was all fascinating to me. The one thing that stuck out came  at the tale end of the conversation. I had asked him a sales question. The question was this: “If you are trying to appeal to the masses and you are in a business where the relationships you  form are so intimate and personal, what is your sales strategy and should you even have one?”
His answer literally blew my mind.
He said something along these lines: ” You cannot appeal to one person the same way as you would appeal to the next. Each person is uniquely different in such a way that if you were to ask each one why they were here they would all give you a totally different answer. I could go to the Y and buy a family membership for $100. $100 for my whole F****** family. But I didn’t. I came here. I bet you each person’s story is different. Why didn’t they get the family membership?”
I stood there and thought, I need to write. I need to ask this question. To all of you out there at CFP, let me know, ‘What’s your reason for being here’? Why do you come in day after day when you could be working out at home or at another gym or another CrossFit box? I want to know and more importantly, I want to know YOUR reason.
I’m looking forward to it.
– Mike