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Warm-up (No Measure)

Deep squat with lat stretch


walk the dog

pike pass through

wall facing slides

back to wall shoulder flexion

2 Rounds of:

5 pike push ups

10 plank push ups

10 ring rows

Single Arm DB row (3 x 12 each arm (may use KB))

Half Kneeling banded rotations (3 x 8 each side)

Knee that is down that is where resistance comes from. Deep breath in, after rotation, exhale in position

You Pick Dos or Deux! (2 Rounds for reps)

Movement 1:

Max Push up

:30 Handstand hold

10 HSPU (scale volume as another option)

25 ft Handstand walk

Movement 2:

15 Ring Row

:45 farmers carry

5 bar MU
Pick 1 movement from each.

Min 1: Choice from Movement 1

Min 2: Choice from Movement 2