The second week of the 2023 Prototype Open was an intense one, with a challenging two-part workout that included burpees, shuttle runs, and a heavy thruster. Despite the difficulty, our competitors were eager to take on the challenge and push themselves to their limits.

During the second week of the Prototype Open athletes also competed in Challenge 23.2! The challenge was to complete as many burpees to a plate as possible in one minute. The top 3 finishers (male and female) all earned 5 points for their team!

The top finishers (male and female) for Challenge 23.2 were Tommy Flynn, Jon Collette, Riu Xu, Avery Dunster, NSP, Nicole Moore, and Maddie Grignon!

After challenge 23.2 and WOD 23.2 the WOD and Challenge was scored as follows: Top finishers for the RX and scaled categories each earned 3 points for their team. Everyone who completed WOD 23.1 earned 1 point. Everyone who completed challenge 23.1 earned 1 point. Top 3 finishers earned 5 points each. Winners of our head to head challenge also won 5 points for their teams!

WOD 23.2 was split into two parts, with the first part consisting of a burpee ladder with 10 shuttle runs following each increase for a 15 minute amrap. The second part was a heavy thruster for a one rep max in 5 minutes, immediately following the amrap.

On Thursday evening, our second head to head competition of this year’s open. Bethany Farrar, Tim Furbush, Damon Walsh, and Marc Dobay took on 23.2 to earn points for their team! Inspired by their efforts, Tommy Flynn willingly chose to complete 23.2 after the head to head! All of the athletes gave it their all and earned points for competing!

Many participants chose to do the workout on Friday at the Friday Night Lights event, which had a lively and social atmosphere with pizza and drinks. So many athletes and competitors came together, to cheer each other on, and celebrate their achievements once the workout was complete.

At the end of the night, there were many inspiring performances to celebrate. Some athletes achieved personal bests, while others surprised themselves with how much they were able to accomplish. No matter the individual results, everyone left feeling proud of what they had achieved and grateful for the supportive community that had helped them get there.

This week we also selected our award winners for passion, spirit, and performance. Mark Hardin won this week’s Top Performer award. Mark crushed 23.2 and gave every element of the WOD his all. Simony Cardoso had the most spirit this week, cheering on her teammates and staying after her heat to cheer on her fellow athletes. The most passionate member this week was Mark Dirienzo. He elevated the energy in the gym through his herculean efforts. Each of these award-winners earned 5 points for their team, great job everyone!

Overall, the second week of the 2023 Prototype Open was a testament to the power of community and the importance of pushing yourself to your limits. With challenging workouts like this one, it’s easy to see why the Open has become such a beloved event for athletes around the world. We can’t wait to see what the next week of the Open will bring!