For the past 4 years, we have hosted our annual 24-Hour event called “24 Heroes in 24 Hours” right around Veteran’s Day.

If you are unfamiliar with this, every hour on the hour for 24 hours we honor a different serviceman or woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. We even continued this tradition during the COVID-19 pandemic which you can read about here . 

But what makes this event so special is not that we are working out all day and night, it’s the intent behind it. It brings together our community to honor those fallen heroes. In addition, each year we use this event to bring awareness and raise money for a different Veteran based non-profit organization. This year we raised money for The Navy Seal Foundation. If you would like to donate or contribute, you can use this link here.

The event started at 7am on Saturday and the last workout took place at 6am on Sunday. Each workout had a zoom option as well (which ran for 24 hours) and we had some folks zoom in to get their workout in and support even though they couldn’t be here in person.

There were a few other special things that happened this year… we had 3 individuals (including myself) who complete all 24 Hero workouts as a partner or team, including Lauren Palmateer (who completed all 24 for the past 3 years) and our newest 24 in 24 members, Lisa Zancewicz.

Here are some statistics from this year’s event…

  • This was our most attended 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event… totaling OVER 295 TOTAL PEOPLE who completed the workouts
  • We had over 70 individuals complete more than 2 workouts throughout the 24 hours
  • We had more than 100 unique individuals complete at least 1 workout in the 24 hours
  • There were 3 individuals who completed all 24 Hero Workouts
  • This was the first year that we honored not only fallen Navy Seals, but policemen, firemen, teachers and various individuals within different branches of the military
  • Special shout out to Brendan Sheehan who zoomed in from the WOODS to complete the 1pm “Artie” workout… really cool dedication and support showed!

This is always a great event. It challenges you both mentally and physically, but we do this to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. Below are some more photos from each hour and those that completed the workouts.We appreciate all those that came out to workout with us and honor these heroes, all those that donated to support NSF, and all those that came in to support and cheer on your fellow #PrototypeCommunity.

Below are the 24 workouts that we completed each hour on the hour for 24 Hours: Thank you and shout out to for providing the graphics for these #HeroWODs

Lumberjack 20: 7am

Mr. Joshua: 8am

Bull: 9am

Eva Strong: 10am

Ryan: 11am



Jerry: 2pm


GLEN: 4pm


Whitten: 6pm

JASON: 7pm


Holbrook: 9pm


BADGER: 11pm

Adam Brown: 12AM


Abbate: 2AM



Danny Dietz: 5AM

Holleyman: 6AM