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8 min EMOM Pull up/Farmers Carry (AMRAP – Reps)

8 min EMOM

1A Pull up (Kip is allowed; 10-15 reps unbroken; C2B Rx+; if can’t kip; Strict pull ups 4-6 reps)

1B Farmers Carry x100 ft (can be done outside or inside (50 ft down/ 50 ft back)-4th parking space outside

*Score total reps for pull ups and put weight for farmers carry in notes. Rx are pull ups kip or strict; Rx+ is C2B

ReneGators (Time)


10 pistol squats (total; alternating legs; side step ups on box scaled option)

20 renegade rows (25/15lbs) (10/10 each side alternating)

400m run

*do not get super wide base on renegade row unless you need to, try to stay just outside the shoulders with feet; prevent rotation here)

20 min cap