In the event that you’re not in our Member’s Only Facebook group, you probably didn’t see the announcement I made last Friday 12/17/21.


If you didn’t know, by the end of the year I am looking give away $50,000 to various charities/people/causes that are making an impact on the world. Below is the “why” and “how” this was made possible.


To give you an update on what I’ve been doing, I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my leadership with an amazing company called Next Jump. The easy story is that they have kind of taken me under their wing and have been investing time in helping me grow.


As a side note, I wanted to give a special shout out to Brent French… Brent has been a mentor of mine since I can remember and he introduced me to Next Jump back in 2016 and re-introduced me to them at the end of 2020. The journey I’ve been on is a long story and I will certainly share it soon!


Next Jump is a $2B e-commerce company (maybe your business or work uses their platform called Perks at Work, which is their revenue business) but their social mission is to change workplace culture.


I’ve been learning from them for close to a year now and have gotten more involved within the last 6-9 months. Last week, I was in NYC for my 4th Leadership Academy with them… they had the who’s who of leadership from the military, ranging from 2 star Admirals in the royal UK navy, to West Point cadets, to high ranking officers in the Navy, Air Force/Space Force and army… along with people like the former CEO of Coach… a lot of elite leaders.


I’ve transitioned from being purely on the learning side to now helping to coach these leaders on leveling up their leadership through implementing targeted fitness initiatives. With all the work we’ve been doing, last Thursday (to my surprise… very surprised) they announced me as their 2nd external partner and Social Capitalist. This is incredibly exciting and truly an honor.


The co-CEO’s teach a free class every Thursday at 11am called Leadership in Practice, it’s where I met them and I continue to learn from them on their Community Online Academy. So during this class is where they announced it in front of the 40+ leaders LIVE in attendance along with 100+ on virtual. They brought me on stage… crazy nerve racking/exciting… I had to give a speech on the spot kind of… not my thing but had to get the rep in!


But what does it mean?


Getting back to where this email started, now I’m 1 of 2 Social Capitalists. As a Social Capitalist they grant me $100k a year to donate to various charities, people or causes that I deem fit that I believe will play a bigger impact on making the world a better place. If I do well, they will grant me $1M to give… if I do well with $1M that will move to $10M a year. It’s a major task and responsibility for sure.


By the end of this year, Charlie and Meghan (the co-CEOs) told me to donate $50k of it. I can talk to you all more about it in depth when I see any of you at the gym or if you respond to this letter, but where my mind is at right now is to rapidly find those that are “good from within” and that are doing the little things that allow others to do the great things they were meant to do.


I’m writing this letter to ask you for your help. You’re a trusted part were previously a trusted part of the community we’ve built at Prototype. Your recommendations are meaningful to me. If there are any organizations that you have a deep affinity too that you want me to look into or reach out to, please let me know and if you can, please help make an introduction.


Lastly, Next Jump has become another family to me… I’ve introduced CrossFit to them, we’ve been experimenting with fitness and the impact on workplace culture… on how to help people become better decision-makers… better leaders. It’s all incredibly innovative and exciting… kind of like when we started Prototype… but now working together, I believe even better things are to come. I already feel it. I’m genuinely excited about the impact that can be made.

I’m looking forward to this next phase and I appreciate you reading this.




P.S If you want to watch the video of them announcing me as the 2nd Social Capitalist, that link is below. Check it out (38:30-51:00)