The best word to use to describe Annie is “AMAZING”. If you’ve met Annie you would agree. She’s resilient. She’s strong. She’s smart. She’s incredibly friendly… Overall, she is an AMAZING human being.
Annie has been with us at CFP since 2013 and since then she’s had quite the journey.
Recently, Annie had her 5 year anniversary from her lymphoma diagnosis. She wrote us a note to tell us about it.
Hi Mike,
So today is exactly 5 years from my lymphoma diagnosis.  I have such vivid memories of coming back to CFP after treatment and of how supportive the coaches and community were! 
I remember Jon coaching me through my 2nd round of Virtuosity classes with patience and humor…I remember Garret helping me get my first HSPU…I remember Brian’s calming and encouraging words…I remember you slogging through all those PT sessions with me – supporting me to push through mental hurdles and to trust my body…and Joe coaching me to get out of my comfort zone and find joy in a sport I really love. 
Who knows what the future will bring, but I’m grateful for today. Thank you a million times over for the support, wisdom, and encouragement along the way. Please express my immense gratitude to the coaching team ?.
With sincerity,

There are A LOT of incredible people here at CFP. Each week we will share a story and highlight of one of our members to hopefully make a positive impact on your life!
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