I think we can all agree that we can’t predict the future, but the biggest predictor of future success or failure is that of previous success or failure.

In 2020 and into 2021, COVID put a lot of pressure on the health of people and also the health of many businesses, small businesses in particular. 20 to 30% of gyms have closed down and we’re seeing more and more comorbidities and additional health issues as a result of lack of exercise, proper nutrition, and self-isolation.

Mental health has been at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, even celebrities, and professional athletes are talking about it more and more.

I would argue that COVID has expedited this conversation on mental health and that in and of itself is a good thing in my perspective.

But as we move into this next phase and with the resurgence of the Covid-19 Delta variant, we can’t predict the future or how long any of this will last. But as I mentioned previous success or previous failures are a pretty good indicator of future success or future failures.

At Prototype, I will say in my humble opinion that we handled this Covid situation with a tremendous amount of success.

From May 2020 to August 2021, we have had over 30,000 total class sign-ins with over 395 different clients who have come into the facility.

I can say with a lot of confidence that there was a 0% transmission rate in our facility of COVID-19.

We took a conservative approach, we communicated every step and we took additional precautions that candidly was not cheap. Our expenses in 2020 were higher than any previous year of business. With that said, the precautions, time, and effort that we put in were well worth it.

So as we approach this next phase, and I’m calling it the “Delta phase”, I really hope that we can continue to move forward and not backward. However, based on the current statistics it looks like things are trending in a direction that looks similar to 2020.

Due to the rise in the COVID Delta variant cases, the CDC had updated its guidelines for vaccinated people in areas of “High” or “Substantial” COVID transmission.

As a result, as of Monday, August 9th, all Prototype team members will be required to wear masks indoors while working. We take the health and our team and members very seriously and always have.

In addition, we are highly recommending (whether vaccinated or unvaccinated) to wear a mask while training indoors at Prototype as of 8/9. If unvaccinated, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask INDOORS at Prototype. Including children under 12 years old based on the guidance from the CDC.

We have consistently followed the CDC guidelines and more specifically, the MA state guidelines. As of now, there are no official mandates from the state of MA (which means there is no official law or mandate that is requiring us to make you wear a mask in our gym).

I will tell you with 100% certainty that working out with a mask is not as fun as working out without a mask!

However, I will also stay with 100% certainty that not exercising or putting your health first again it’s going to be a bigger problem than working out with a mask.

A lot of people have started to make positive changes in their habits to get back on the right track as a result of not continuing to exercise or put focus on their health. A lot of that also has to do with your environment, and if you’re not in the gym or within a community of people that will help facilitate a better lifestyle, it makes it really challenging.

Now I don’t know what the next month two months three months or so and looks like but I will tell you that we will make the best decisions that we can make to keep our team and clients safe at Prototype.

There is no political agenda or conspiracy theory behind this Message, my biggest goal is to continue to help those that are part of this community.

We have to do that we will and we will always and forever appreciate your continued support as it means the world to us.

To read out full guidelines and what we have done to date, you can check that out here.