10600437_10204449718593473_2232071064077283982_n-300x225Here at CrossFit prototype, we understand how important it is for kids to have a good exercise routine. Not only does it make them healthy today, but the skills they learn can be used for a lifetime.
While CrossFit for kids might sounds extreme, don’t worry; our Prototype Kids programs are specifically tailored to each age group. While they’ll get a great workout, we’re not going to push them nearly as hard as an adult who comes in for CrossFit classes. Here’s why it’s such a great kids exercise program.

A Perfect Fit

We know that different ages of children are looking for different kinds of workouts in our kids gym. We have four age groups: Proto-Tykes (ages 4-6), Junior Varsity Prototypes (ages 7-11), Varsity Prototypes (ages 12-15), and Teen Strength and Conditioning (ages 13-15). Each is perfectly shaped to appeal to the age group at hand.


As we mentioned above, the kids aren’t going to be nearly as pushed as hard as adults are. They won’t be flipping tires alone, and they’re not going to get a hernia because they tried to deadlift twice their weight.
They are going to come home exhausted, but it’s the good kind of exhausted. After all…

It’s Real Exercise

Kids are going to have fun at Prototype Kids, but they’re going to exercise! Depending on the age, activities can range from Crossfit 5running games to weightlifting. Just like a real CrossFit workout, we want them to exercise the whole body.
If your kid isn’t getting the right amount of exercise and you think they could benefit from our kids gym, find out more information right here.