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Scavenger Hunt!! (AMRAP – Reps)

Here are the rules:

In teams of 4 you and your team will have exactly 2 hours to collect as many hidden items as you can. Use your Map to know where the boundaries are for hidden items. There are over 250 items to find!

The items you will be searching for are:

Smurph Toys

Rubber Ducks

Rubber Animals

Rubber Vegtables

Foam Stars

The Point value for each item will be:

Smurph toys 1 point

Rubber Ducks are all worth 5 points

Rubber Animals are worth worth 10 points

Rubber Vegetable 20 points

Foam Star 30 points

In order to redeem the “rare” toys you’ll have to do something..

If you find the Star (Only 2 on the Map) your whole team will do 20 burpees before taking it

If you find a Veggie you’ll need to do 50 Jumping Jacks together (Only 12 on the Map)

If you find an Animal Take a team Picture at the location you found your first one and post it (Only 24 on the Map & only need to take 1 team picture but feel free to take as many you’d like!)

No Redeeming Smurphs and Ducks there is combined over 200!

Your team can split into pairs but will need to meet to do the mini workout to pick up rare items. YOu can use cell phones to communicate if you decide to separate far enough. Also, you can’t hide items!!!

ALL ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE GYM AT 9AM SHARP be counted and verified for your team to earn points.

1st PlaceWinning team will each win $25 gift-cards to Vulturnos located in Worcester & $10 each as well to Dunkin Donuts.

2nd Place will each win $10 each to Dunkin Donuts

3rd Place will each win $5 to Dunkin Donuts


Buy out Team metcon!

After collecting your items you will do a team workout

30 min AMRAP

100 cal row

100 Burpee

100 WBS

100 Sit up

*team of 4, 1 person working at a time

every minute it takes will be a point removed off your team score!