Prototype Training Systems (CrossFit Prototype) – CrossFit

Studs (Time)

For Time With a partner – Done in any order, but you have to finish the movement you start on (start on rower they have to finish all cals then move on to whatever they want next)

150/110 cal row

150 WBS 20/14#

100 V-Ups

40 Push Jerk 95/65# (RX+115/75#) (sets of 10 minimum)

300 Single Unders

100/75 cal bike

35 min cap

25 Min Amrap

20/15 cal row

15 air squat or med ball squat

15 ab mat sit

10 Push Jerk empty bar (sets of 10 minimum)

300 Jumping In place and or single unders

15/12 cal bike