By Joe Black

This video is of Jessica Lucero. She is a 58 kg (128#) US Olympic-team hopeful for the 2020 Olympics and current American record holder of ALL of the lifts in her weight class (snatch, clean & jerk and total [snatch + C&J weight]). She has competed on the world’s stage and she has won the US National Championship, the biggest meet of the year in the US, numerous times.
This 2 hours in the life of an elite athlete shows you her preparation for the day. A focused and mindful warm-up, ensuring that she preps her body for the intensity of her workout. Purposeful bar work and movement at lighter weight (on both power clean and push press), ensuring proper sequencing of movements. A determined, confident approaches to the bar. An ability to stay in the movement, be fearless and execute. And celebrating a job well done.
She does this day in and day out. Most days, she is working out in the morning and again at night. In between, she is eating exactly what she needs to in order to fuel her recovery and upcoming training sessions. She needs to monitor her rest and sleep to optimize recovery. This is her day to day life for the next 1,017 days. This is how she will prepare to qualify for the Olympics!
Great Joe, what’s your point?
My point is this. Jessica Lucero’s is one of the best lifters in the country and dedicates every hour of her day to the sport. Most of us have 9-5 jobs, families and other responsibilities that only allow us a few hours a week in the gym. That is why it can’t be understated how awesome it is that people make time in their busy schedules to show up to the gym and better themselves. Better yet, we get to be apart of a community of like minded people trying to accomplish similar goals.
There is no need to beat yourself up if you have only been here a couple weeks or a couple months or a couple years (or more) and you don’t understand how to execute a movement quite like you would like to. Sometimes, in order to get better at something, it just takes time (like a long time) and continual practice. Don’t sell yourself short!
For perspective, an elite athlete like Jessica has been training for over a decade! That is why she makes it look easy. Think about the hours she has put in. How many hours have you put in towards certain movements and goals in the gym? Probably not as many as her and you know what? That is totally okay! Keep working hard and you will get there.
To help change your mindset, instead of fixating on the end goal (getting double unders, setting a 1 rep max squat, PRing Fran), try to enjoy the process of working out. In fact, USA Weightlifting’s Bio on Jessica asks her the best advice she has ever been given. She wrote: “Enjoy the process.” This means showing up ready to put the work in to get better and leaving knowing you did the best you could that day. And while here, do your best to stay present in the moment and have some fun!
If you show up, put in the work, stay present, have fun, celebrate accomplishments and fall in love with that process, I guarantee you will see big improvements in your fitness. Remember, your coaches are here to help you and guide you on your journey. Reach out to us if you want help with anything!

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