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This is our 23rd episode of The Community Conversation and I am SO PUMPED to introduce our guest Nate Oram. Nate has just had his 3 year anniversary at Prototype and he has made that time count! He’s a family man through and through, coaches his kid’s youth sports teams, he’s born and raised in Nova Scotia which means he’s a big-time hockey guy! This is a great episode because Nate is just a great guy and we are pumped for you to get to know his story a bit more today!

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Michael Collette 0:03
All right, we are live with the man. Nate Oram thanks for being on the community conversation saying, man.

Nate Oram 0:10
Thanks for having me, Mike. And I love the music that you’ve added in, man. So chill the strings going and like the keys.

Michael Collette 0:17
I’ll add some bass, it’s more relaxed. I’ll add some bass in there for you soon. So, uh, so Nate, why don’t you gonna give everyone a little bit of information on like your, your journey, here prototype but also your fitness journey in general, or you’ve been here for a little while now. You’re stuck here in the morning. Great personality that everyone loves. So once you kind of give everyone that doesn’t know you a little bit more information on on Who? Who? Who evil Nate really is.

Nate Oram 0:51
That’s no good call. Yeah, no, it’s very light. We keep it light. So hey, well, first of all, thank you for having me on. It’s a It’s a pleasure and an honor. Actually, you know, it’s funny, I just got my three year anniversary email from prototype on like Sunday. So, so I guess yeah, I’ve been I’ve been at the gym since 2018. But to kind of take a step back. I grew up as many people know, in eastern Canada. So I’m from Nova Scotia, which is just like east and south of Maine. Like if you look on the map, it’s like the baby’s arm holding an apple kind of looks out in the water. So it goes like Maine and then New Brunswick. And then Nova Scotia is down there. So that’s where I grew up. And Brian has ties to there as well. So but no growing up, I played a ton of of hockey, you know, from a young age, and played competitively till I was about 21. And so there was a lot to do with hockey, skate in the offseason skate in the summers. When I was like 13, or 14, I started lifting weights in the offseason as well. And there was one there was a cut, there were a couple of summers, where there were a group of like hockey players, you know, ages like, you know, 14 to 20. And we would get together like two or three nights a week at the rink and they had like a weight room upstairs in the rink, and we were just blast like loud music. It was the same album every time. But it was an Our Lady peace album to the Canadian band. But I just remember, you know, the music every time I listened to that album, like Oh, man, I remember doing like, you know, decline benchpress with my buddies, they’d we’d have to lift the bar up onto each other, right? Because it was just exactly, no, but I mean, so I’ve always been into fitness, I played soccer, I went to private school. So you know, similar to live, we had to play three sports a year. So I played rugby, played soccer, played hockey. And I guess I guess being active and, you know, keeping my body moving is important for me. When I was in the 10th grade, I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. And so remaining active is a huge part of helping my blood sugar. Keep a good level helps avoid like spikes and that sort of stuff. And it’s I mean, it’s something that people probably notice, like, I’ll check my phone at the gym and see what my blood sugar is I have a continuous glucose monitor that I wear and I have an insulin pump and thankfully it was like now talk to each other and they kind of help but there are still times when I have like kind of like emergency like sugar lows and I have to like crush like Gatorade and granola bars. And sometimes before the clock starts I’ve got to have like an applesauce and our granola bar and I’m like running out the door with the you know what I mean? Before we get the word going, but so I guess my my mind said kind of shifted teenager to be like, Okay, well fitness now needs to be a part of, of who I am. Because it’s going to help me live a healthier lifestyle. And so that’s just kind of the mentality that I have. So, you know, I get through vendors, I’m playing hockey, I’m like 21 finish up in college, and you know, go to the gym. But really, it’s just when you go by yourself with your it’s just tough, right? Because you’ll do you like little I’ll do some I’ll do some back and buys or I’ll do chest and tries and then I’ll hop on the hop on the the treadmill for 20 minutes at the end. It just gets monotonous and boring. And, and so you know, I kind of actually so I would do that for years and in anyhow, in 2010. My wife and I moved from Nova Scotia to Massachusetts. I worked at EMC and they had made some decent gyms like inside the buildings In the bodies at work, we would go and launch or we would go running at launch or whatever. And then there was a, there was a CrossFit gym on, kind of like near the stop and shop and Franklin, we kind of did like a summer pass, there were a group of like, 10 of us that went and did it. And I liked it. This is maybe like 2011. And it kind of there was some also like, like cross training style gym that I would go to a little bit off and on, but really kind of didn’t really hit his stride with it. And then what the catalyst was to really, really be like, okay, I want to, like, get into something on was in 2018.

I had taken five years to do an MBA, like the slow way, I did one class at a time, which is such a grind, and it just took forever, but I’m like, the one I was like, Oh, you’re gonna have all this extra time when you’re done, like, what are you going to do? And like, I think I’m ready to like to jump back into like, fitness and really commit, right? So I had met Joe, Joe had actually done some work at our house, and they couldn’t have construction crew, and he would, he would be like, at the end of the day and be like lugging like heavy stuff around and be like, Oh, I gotta go to the gym for 530. Like, oh, man, that’s not so you’re gonna go work out, you’re just in the heat all day, blah, blah. And anyway, I just kind of pique my interest, right? And he’s like, Oh, yeah, go to go to prototype over in westborough, whatever, whatever. And so, I reached out to him that, you know, that that May or June and then I did my foundations with Joe. And then quickly got hooked. And yeah, you know, just working with, you know, all the coaches are great. You’ve assembled the, you know, it’s kind of like you’ve assembled like a her Brooke style team, which is awesome. So like you’re not, you know what I mean? Like you you’ve got the right people on your team, which I think is great, right? Because everybody’s a little bit different. Bring something different to the table. So I think that’s huge man slow. Like, I feel like yourself and john and Brian could be like, you know, brothers of mine, and you know, Garrett’s grade, Sam’s awesome. Lee is great. Everybody’s great. I hope I haven’t missed anybody, but I probably did. So yeah, man, I just, I mean, it’s definitely something that, you know, you quickly get hooked on after you get into in there and I scrambling on but and then CrossFit, it was always something I was kind of intimidated by. And also, I would, I guess, some of the CrossFit gym names, you see you drive by them around the country, and you’re like, Whoa, that sounds pretty hokey. Like a CrossFit, like, destruction or Yeah. For sure, yeah, yeah, yes. And they can be intimidating places to go. And I’ve done drop ins when I when I travel for work at some, some intimidating places. But, but anyway, I’m glad that I joined. And I just feel like it’s, it’s a community, obviously, that’s what it really says. And it’s true, right? It’s a very welcoming place. And, you know, there’s, it’s everybody’s friendly, and you know, you can feel free to kind of just do your thing. And, you know, we’re all there to just work hard and it feels good. Working hard together. You know what I mean?

Michael Collette 8:19
What do you remember some of the first workouts that you did what were like some of like your first memories and like, kind of adding on to that? What are some of the most memorable things or things that you kind of stick out in your mind that you like? If you were to think back to you, you talked about, you know, the music of what was that band? The Canadian band that you mentioned, Our Lady peace? Yeah, like you when you hear that reminds you of you incline benching, with your buddies, like, what are some of the memories that you’ve made over the last three years since you’ve been here since 2018? That you’ve that you can kind of remember off the top of your head that kind of stick out.

Nate Oram 9:00
So actually, Sam asked me the other day, she’s like, what was the first workout? So I actually went back and wodify and like, looked it up. And it was like, I think it was like, double unders and like, either for I think, was front front squats combined with double unders like four rounds for time to like, Oh, you should do that workout. Again, be fun to do. So maybe Brian, we can get it all lifted, look it up. Maybe we can get it back on the calendar. But that’s one of the first ones. And then I think it was my first week of doing classes. And Brian, I remember I would go I used to go at 10am. Because it was a good time, right? The kids would be either in school or daycare. They’re like, Oh, I can make it for 10 o’clock. So go do that. Or sometimes noon. And so I remember the, you know, first week Brian’s like, Oh, this is Nate knew whatever. And at first I was like, No, no, he’s like this your first class and of course, he knew it was my first class. But I was tempted to be like, No, no, no, this isn’t my first class. But I said, Yeah, no, this is my first class. And then The next day or so I think there was like a partner workout. I think it was a Wednesday. And it might have been Carrie. I think it was Mike’s the other Mike’s wife who was there, it was just her and it was me and Brian. And Brian said something about Canada. I’m like, Wait, you’re from Canada? And and he’s like, yeah, I’m from Canada is actually He’s like, actually from Nova Scotia. So there’s like a, you know, it was kind of a, you know, we’ve kind of hit it off right away. So those are the sort

Michael Collette 10:30
of predator moment when you guys like, lock hands and just make that the muscle. Arnold Schwarzenegger Remember that?

Nate Oram 10:38
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, no, I love seeing that. I love seeing that mean. Yeah. That’s awesome. No, but But yeah, no, I mean, just that those are some of my first memories. And then, you know, some of the things that I was intimidated by were, you know, doing a handstand hold or doing double under doing pull up, like I couldn’t do any of those things. Right. And it’s taken a while to, to be able to do some of those things. There’s so lots of things. I can’t do that. I probably think I can’t, but also try to work on like, Oh, I just, you know, can’t do it yet. Right. So slowly, but surely, I guess,

Michael Collette 11:17
what are some of those things and other memories? Yeah. Now, sorry to cut you off. But what are some of the things that stick out to you like that you weren’t able to do or when you started three years ago, and now you can do it can be strength can be like skill stuff? And then, you know, maybe then adding on to like, what are some things here, you’d like to be able to do maybe down the road a year from now, or

Nate Oram 11:39
whenever you’re focused? Yeah. So some things are like pretty visible. Like, when you first start or when I first started, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, like I can’t, I was pretty good at like single 100 jump ropes. Because we used to do that a lot. It’s easy to do pregame warm up for hockey, because you can just grab a rope out of your bag and just go anywhere and just jump right. But I couldn’t do the double unders. So I remember, I don’t remember when I got it. But you know, you get the first one, you get a couple. And then he would be like, you know, like, It stings when you hit yourself. And it’s like, and all this kind of stuff. But I it was I think it was the beginning of like, 2020 I was at a class and Leah was like, okay, you know, what do you guys want to kind of set out? What do you want to be able to do this year, like, okay, I want to be able to get a handstand push up. And I was like, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. And then I said, I want to be able to do kipping pull ups. Those were kind of two things that I wanted to work on. And then it wasn’t that much longer. And anyways, we were doing we were working on handstand hold and like, oh, let’s try the kipping push up, right, the handstand push up. So I was able to do one and I was I remember being like, it was a huge, it was like Jane, I don’t know, it was January, February last year. And then we kind of lost access for a while to the pull up bar. So that kind of went on hold for a while. However, I just did Murph for the first time by doing the full volume of the work and I was able to do all the pull ups. So, um, you know, shout out to coaches for for helping Sam was a big help with, you know, and john, in the mornings with, you know, getting the, really the timing down on those pull ups for me, and I’m still working on still and very good at them. But I’m not as I’m not as intimidated as I was. So that’s good. And then I really want to get a bar muscle up. I mean, I see you do them and you’re just it looks awesome, dude. And the other day, last week, got a lot of practice a lot of practice, try one. I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna jump up on the bar and see and I like jumped up on the bar. I was like, No, no, you’re gonna get something I’m

Michael Collette 13:53
just like everything else. It’s part of the journey. And it sounds like you’ve taken that. That approach because, like, from like what we’ve just talked about, like you kind of seen like the your you reflected on kind of that progress you’ve made and you and you acknowledge that and you’d like, you know, shown like that gratitude, like, from where you were to where you are, but then you also are like, Hey, here’s some things that I want to do and want to get better at and improve on and that’s hard for people. Because, like, I think we live in a world now where we always want everything right away. You know, I mean? Yeah. And like, the perspective and mindset that you have is like, is so great. Because it allows you to kind of savor that those moments like when you do those things and like that’s like true gratitude in my opinion. So like with the folks out there that you know might like get really frustrated not say that we don’t get frustrated and we can’t do something frustrating when you can’t do a double under When you whip the shit out of yourself doing I used to do that all the time. It’s like fit, like, abuse, like for the folks out there that might be like, you know, frustrated, you’re kinda like, Man, I’m not gonna be able to do this. I’ll never be able to do this. And there’s like that negative self talk, like, what would be your advice to those those folks?

Nate Oram 15:17
Oh, man, I mean, I still say that to myself, and I have to work on myself. So it’s like I a big thing is like, I I can’t do it yet. Right. And now I joke with Sam like, Nah, I can’t do that. I can’t in there. I’ll never be able to do that. No, no, you can’t do it yet. So I think the key is like small baby steps, right. So I have a friend in Canada, and he is a type one as well. And he’s like, super, he’s a super diabetic. So and we work together we used to work for we both sold in some pumps. Anyway, this guy is like summited Mount Everest. He was like the, like the third type one diabetic in the world to summit Mount Everest. And in three weeks, he’s embarking on a bike ride across Canada, but he’s looking to break the record from coast to coast. So he’s going to bike 400 kilometers a day, for 14 days, he’s going to go from Vancouver to Halifax, anyway, and he’s a motivational speaker. So his big thing is like, work, it’s literally like you don’t have to get anytime you’re going to do something, right. It’s like you’re preparing for triathlons, etc. It’s one step at a time to get to the start line, right. And then like, once you get to the start line, then it’s like a celebration of. So I think the key is, is like one step at a time. And like, as much as we’d like moan and groan about doing on, you know, Superman’s or bear holds, or the stuff that we don’t love the kind of the likes, the secondary movements that we do in the gym. I think those are, I think those are big helpers, right? I had a coach, I had a coach, and he was my high school hockey coach, he was like, you know, it’s, it’s about the little things that you do that make the big difference, right? So it’s like, it’s what you do. On it’s the secondary work that you do that and then you’ll see bigger gains, right, and you won’t see them immediately on, you’re not going to PR on like a bear hold, right. But I think it all it all kind of culminates together. So like, for double unders, um, you know, if you can, if you can take the coaching, and it’s an eye coach a ton of new sports, right? And like, for, for kids that are people that can’t take coaching, I think that’s on them, right. But it makes it difficult for coaches to work with, like, if you’re not willing to take the feedback and apply it. I mean, it’s a little different towards that, because we all want to be there when nobody’s forcing us to be there. We wouldn’t show up. Right. But I think just like having the right attitude, that the coaches are great there to help in any, any time. I mean, I welcome even if I even if I look grumpy sometimes I welcome the feedback, because it’s good, because I’m not watching myself. And I’m not the type of person who likes to like, I’ve never want to record myself. like doing a lift or something. And but great for people that do But personally, I just I don’t want to see myself doing a clean or a squat or something. That’s just me personally. So anyway, I welcome any type of feedback. And then so anytime you can get a baby step closer to your goal is good, right? And they’re going to be steps back to right like, I mean, I can do double unders, but I can’t always do them. You know, is it like sometimes they trip after three and then two more and then three months, like oh my god, and I yell at myself and curse and swear, but that’s part of the journey.

Michael Collette 18:56
See wax on wax off approach? Miyagi?

Nate Oram 19:01
Yeah, you got to relax, you got to shake it out.

Michael Collette 19:04
But also the, you know, working on the fundamentals, and you talked about the accessory things and the secondary things and how that Yeah, back into the primary things. You know, you can’t just do squat every single day or do a handstand pushup every single day. Like there’s other stuff that that complements that to help you get better at it where you know, you’re you get hurt 100% but suddenly you’ve taken like that that mentality and approach with the small steps with like, your youth sport coaching like what do you what are you doing there? Like what sports you coach and you got a couple kids let’s let’s bring the family into the mix. Next man. That’s pretty, pretty cool. You get to be a leader to these to the youth to the kiddos.

Nate Oram 19:45
Yeah, so my son Nolan is eight. He’ll be nine in October and my daughter sassily. It just turned five so she started kindergarten in the fall. We’re very excited. So Nolan is very competitive kid. He’s the She’s like me. So I’ve coached him in hockey the past four years while he did a couple like learn to hockey years of coach soccer. I coach baseball people pretty much anything, anything with a with a scoreboard basically, but no. Teach me I used to tell you also the easiest type of kid who he wants me to coach and I’m there anyway. And I liked coaching and I like sports. Um, you know, I think sport is a great way to develop people. You know, teachers teamwork, he got together on teaches discipline teaches hard work. I mean, these are all concepts that if you were a meta at a young age, they’re definitely applicable throughout life, right? You’re going to be in situations that are that are tough. You’re going to be down and you’re going to be down on the scoreboard and be down in a game you got to but you got to push through. You got to keep trying, you got to fight. Right. So that’s gonna happen in life. Right? There’s ups and downs, and I just love sports. I love sports. Hockey is my number number one, obviously. Go Bruins were facing elimination tonight. But um, what do you think? What did he know? So? I don’t know. I don’t think I don’t think they got it. I don’t think they have it in them. I think toukas heard swayman it could be swimage team now. I don’t know if they don’t know who they’re going to start yet. Because I don’t know if to cook and go. They’re missing a couple of top D guys right. Carlo and, and Miller. So I don’t know if they can if they can win though. I like the chances in the game seven. So fingers crossed. Got you on the record now? Yes, exactly. Yeah, they got to get through this one. Yeah, really deep insight there. Well,

Michael Collette 21:48
it’s love the fact that what you just said with like, how sports just applies to life and learning those like those principles, teaching them at a young age to kids, and you build a foundation of just like not only just like core values and like work ethic, but also like, the relationships and like friendships from being in like, playing multiple, like sports and stuff like that. It sounds like even though like hockey is like number one, like you’ve been involved in like kids are involved in like a bunch of different sports. What is hockey? Nolan’s favorite sport as well? Yeah,

Nate Oram 22:23
yeah. Oh, for sure. Oh, and I forgot lacrosse. We just started lacrosse this year. So I coach that as well. So that’s known as number two. But yeah, hockey loves hockey. He thinks he thinks he’s Canadian, actually. But well, I guess he is on paper. But he, he loves Canada. But, um, but but but when I think about sports and like teamwork, right. And, and, and I reflect back on, you know, when I played not to go into like a glory days type of chat. But when you look when I when I look back as playing youth sports, or playing high school or whatever. It’s, it’s like, you don’t always remember the games or the plays, or the scores are the outcomes. You remember, you look back and you miss time with your teammates, right? Especially in hockey, right? It’s like, it’s the locker room, the bus rides, it’s, you know, all that stuff. It’s the office, you know, working out whatever. And prototype provides a lot of that camaraderie. Right. So, you know, especially shout out to the six is 6am. We got to No, but there’s a group of people that regularly come to the gym and we we banter back and forth, and we interact with the fibers that are, you know, taking forever to get out of there. And then we get the seven sevens that show up nice and early to and they’re pushing us out. No, but no, but it’s just great, right? Because we will we’ll bust each other’s chops and have a good time. And yeah, no, I love the workouts and this is not a question related. I love the workouts, especially when they’re running. Because you get to like, see each other when you’re like going back up to the, to the stop sign. So I enjoy like cheering each other on and, you know, let’s go let’s get this whatever. And it’s, it’s, it’s fun. So, prototype provides that, that team, you know, kind of atmosphere, which is super cool. Awesome, man.

Michael Collette 24:28
That’s good feedback. And I like the I agree with you. They’re running going back and forth and seeing Pete folks and giving them high fives. Yeah, we can give people high fives. Which is I know we’re gonna be we’re not we’re probably not too far off from hugs. I am right there with ya I in speaking of that, how over the last few conversations of what I’d like to talk about this a little bit with folks is like, you know, how they how you guys managed and dealt with you know, COVID And then also, like maintained and continue to, like work out and focus on your fitness during a challenging time where a lot of people kind of went the opposite direction. Let’s talk a little, you know, you might talk a little bit about that, like your personal experience.

Nate Oram 25:15
Sure, yeah, absolutely. So, I mean, going into prototype is, but you know, you can you just show up, you don’t have to think about anything. And you guys did an awesome job of, of just jumping into the virtual world. So hats off there. So I was able to borrow some equipment from the gym, which was awesome. Um, so I had a bunch of stuff in the garage, and I would go down there, you know, six o’clock, most mornings, I think six or seven, six o’clock, I think it was super cold. Like March, and I hated it. I hated it. But I did it. And I do some thrive classes to once you got a little warmer, right and go outside, virtual. And so my wife Marla, she had ordered peloton, December, like 2019 or November. So we had that in the house. And I would kind of supplement with that a little bit. And she does a ton of they have a ton of content that are actually decent for like virtual stuff, which is cool. But no, I mean, I did a lot of virtual classes. It was fun doing the virtual open that we did, right? That was cool. I forget what that was called. But that was that was really fun. Anytime you can do stuff with someone else, right? You’re, you’re accountable. And you’re it’s competitive. And yeah, that’s, that’s good. So, so we did that. And then as soon as we could start doing the outdoor classes, they start doing those, right. And we started with 530 and ours a seven. And we mean, it was uncharted waters, right? So it was like, you know, everything. You guys took awesome measures kept pretty safe. But I remember being so like, it was so hilarious. So it’s like, a literally like a year ago. And 530. I know 16 people or something like that. So it was like, every morning, we’re standing in the parking lot with the light. And you’ve got to sign up for the next week. It’s at the stroke of 530. And dude, the class was filling in like six seconds. So if

Michael Collette 27:23
we didn’t have as many options, we had to take the time inbetween

Nate Oram 27:25
But no, I know. I know. But just a memory. Right? Just a memory. We’re all there like, anyway, Yes, I got it. Yeah. Exactly. I know. Exactly. No, but yeah, so that’s how we got through it. Man. Everybody just battled. And, you know, just trying to stay active with kids in the house and get outside as much as possible. There was one day with Leah we I ran a mile in my backyard just around and Larry and Stephanie was there like talking to Leah the whole time and Leah’s dog. Anyways, it was hilarious. Daddy take a lap though. Oh, and they’re gonna keep going keep going keep going. You only got like 50 more laps so yeah, and now know what the thrive challenge plug for the thrive challenge. That’s that’s just like, that’s just fun at this point. So there’s a there are a few of us from the six that the six I’m like Drake with talking about Toronto. Which I think is super lame, by the way because I’m from like I said, I’m from the east coast. Not Toronto is like, we don’t like Toronto. It’s like New York. It’s like New York football. You know, I mean, it’s okay. Anyways, whatever.

Michael Collette 28:34
So Nova so by the way, not to cut you off there. The two things one, you’re talking about the quarantine games was open thing that we did virtual which is a ton of fun. The second thing is you are from Nova Scotia in Canada. So you have always been a Bruins fan? Yeah, even in Canada. Okay. Got it. Okay, cuz I didn’t even know that. That was a thing.

Nate Oram 28:56
Yeah. So like, so. So Halifax is like, a 55 minute flight from like Logan, like out across the water. And you could drive there in like 11 hours. So technically, it’s like the closest major market to where I’m from even closer than Montreal. And like, I always hated Montreal, and Toronto. So yeah, no, so my grandfather was a Bruins fan. And so I started cheering for the Bruins when I was a kid, and always loved the Bruins. So that’s part of it. My wife always says that’s that’s one of the reasons we moved here. So yeah, believe it or not, I’ve always cheered for the Bruins. Yep. Have you gotten any games recently? Are you going to be going into games next year? No, it’s not. Oh, man. We’re toying with the idea this morning of like getting tickets for in Long Island and driving down here this afternoon. But no one is like he likes to go to bed at like by like 839 o’clock and he’d be like, so I’d love to go. We have a goal. We have a family goal of like going to every rink in the league. Like, you know, so we’re gonna slowly start checking them off. We’ve only been in New Jersey and Boston but slowly but surely we’ll do it.

Michael Collette 30:08
That’s awesome. I love that goal. Let’s, we’re gonna hit fire around here. I’m sure you’ve heard some of these, these questions and I always say I’m meaning to change them, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. So, first one is favorite movie, and TV show of all time. And if you are, what is the show that you’re currently binge watching?

Nate Oram 30:33
Um, Wow, man. I’ve thought about this and I can’t I can’t narrow the list down too far. But binge watching shocker. NHL playoffs. I can’t really count. It’s on every night. You don’t know what you’re going to get. It’s exciting stuff. So binge watching the playoffs. I thought about that one for you. Movies. I love stepbrothers. I love Wedding Crashers. I love Austin Powers. They’re just great. TV shows. I love Seinfeld. I heard any say Friday night like love. I love coach Coach Taylor. Try to emulate that of coach Taylor and coach her Brooks from the 1980 Miracle love miracle. No one would want me to say that. Recently, we watched the Mighty Ducks show on Disney plus. Emilio Estevez and Lauren. Lauren Graham’s attorney from haven’t seen Gilmore Girls anyway. It’s a good show. Good show. It’s like the next generation of like Mighty Ducks players. Anyways, great.

Michael Collette 31:45
That’s awesome. Next one is favorite musician or band of all time and then I’m gonna throw throwing one of Sam’s questions of the day’s favorite, favorite song of all time. I’m gonna add that one in there for you. Give you a little Okay, you haven’t I know you’ve prepared for all of this.

Nate Oram 32:02
I I’m a I’m a fan. I’m a fan of the show. I’m a fan of the show. for first time longtime, longtime. So Marlin makes fun of me all the time. I like I like the band lighthouse and basketball and slow songs. Yeah. I love I love Lifehouse. Every anytime I could see them in Boston, we go see them and but I like a huge variety of music, right? I love I mean, it went in when we’re deep into a workout I want to hear I always request a Vici radio. I love I love dance music. I love Sirius XM you know bpn utopia, just dance music. I like rap like Tupac. And you know what I mean? I don’t know. So a diversity of music. songs that I couldn’t live without though would be on their on our hockey playlist. Because we have a hockey playlist for eight year olds would be thunderstruck. And hells bells, hells bells. This is just a wrap up now. They get you fired up. I thought you’re gonna say yeah, no, no. I mean, they’re good. But no, no, they’re not at the top of the list. Universal not as universal. Yeah.

Michael Collette 33:26
I also get that you’re gonna just drop by Justin Bieber. Drake being Canadian? No. No, no, I totally do that until they do a mash up where they come together, then then that would be that would be that might that might explode the world. Honestly, that last question is favorite hobby other than, you know, working out? You know, what’s your favorite thing to do? You know, family or, like, you know, against favorite hobby in general.

Nate Oram 34:00
I mean, selfishly love playing hockey. Mentally hockey, I haven’t really played since COVID. We had a coaches game this year. But otherwise, I mean, spending time with the fan, right might be a boring answer. But we’ve got a nice big backyard at our house. And so Nolan and I go out there, we hit baseballs to him from the driveway and he’s back in the yard a bit and pop ups to him or, you know, we’ll play soccer as a family or whatever in the backyard. So just just hanging out with the family got to swing sets or whatever it is just like spending time together. So many people that you encounter that have older children are like, hey, it goes by so quickly. It does. Right. So, I mean, as often as like your five year olds like screaming and yelling and crying, it’s like, you know, it kind of sucks. There are moments that suck but we try to enjoy you know, time together. So we you know, a lot of family meal I mean dinner together every night and stuff like that even if we have 530 baseball practice, we still get in a quick dinner, you know what I mean? And, you know, we talked about like, best part of the day or as part of the day, stuff like that, just you know, kind of we do questions of the day All in all use the questions a day from the gym with the kids and something. Conversely, no one has a lot of, Hey, would you rather as an I bring those back to the gym to so it’s the circle of, you know, would you rather? So just spending time with the family because I mean, trying to be mindful of, you know, 1012 years, these, you know, we’re not gonna have these chances anymore. A little league is going to be done, dude. I can have any youth youth sport, I’m going to go nuts. So spending time and spending time with the family. There’s a long answer, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Michael Collette 35:45
I hope you didn’t. Day one. What’s your favorite swear word? Hope we didn’t ask that. The kids.

Nate Oram 35:51
I didn’t I asked Marla that she did chuckle over that. And she agreed with my answer. She agreed with my answer. What was years ago, sorry. I said, Well, I said I you have to go with the F word. Because it’s so versatile. It is versatile in the history of swearing. Have you seen that? Yeah. Yeah. So good.

Michael Collette 36:12
It’s so good. Especially as Nicolas Cage is the one that narrates the whole thing,

Nate Oram 36:17
dude. Which is great. Andy Sandberg and Nicolas Cage when they’re together on SNL when Andy’s dressed up as Nicolas Cage, have you ever It’s so good. They’re on Weekend Update? Oh, that’s that’s some homework for anyone listening. Go look up any Sandburg Nicolas Cage? It’s just so good.

Michael Collette 36:37
it’s hilarious especially in hot rod, which is one of my top top 10 favorite movies if you’ve ever seen a hot rod? I’ve never seen that. Put that on your litter on the watch? Because you will. Yeah. So Andy Samberg. Bill hater. The dude that’s in Pineapple Express. What’s his name? It’s kind of curly hair guy. He’s also broken. No, no, no, you have to do the bag. He’s supposed to be a bad guy becomes like friends. I’m Danny McBride. Oh, yeah. And then there’s a few other folks that are just hysterical on it. So yeah,

Nate Oram 37:20
Hot Rod. I got to look that up. The righteous gemstones on HBO with Danny McBride.

Michael Collette 37:25
So good. That’s awesome, too. Yeah, Danny McBride is still hilarious. Well, Nate, man, I appreciate you jumping on being part of the community conversation. It means a lot to me means a lot to everyone that’s listening right now. And all of you that are listening, tune in. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Every week we have a new community conversation to get your week started. That’s every Monday. And if you are interested in being a community conversation, let me know. And again, thank you all for tuning in. We appreciate it. And again, Nate, thank you so much, man. I love you, Mike.