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This is our 28th episode of The Community Conversation and today’s guest brings me a ton of joy to have on because we have an awesome story of how we met. Today we have Tim Furbush on the CC. Tim is a recent recipient of our Prototype Member of the Month award, he is an avid CrossFit participant, he works with our trainers in our Personal Training program and he has seen some AMAZING results working with our Nutritionists in our Prototype Nutrition program. In addition, Tim is just an all-around great guy and another reason why this community is so special.

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Michael Collette 0:03
All right. We are live. Tim furbish. Thank you so much for being on the community conversation today, my man. You bet. So, so Tim, I know I briefly a little bit before we got on here. But why don’t you just kind of tell everyone, all the folks that are listening, how you got started prototype, like, tell us a little about your fitness journey, you know what you were doing before? and all that sort of stuff. And I’m looking forward to this guy, or I remember how you got started. But I don’t know if everyone else knows how you found out about the gym.

Tim Furbush 0:39
So sorry, do I have to talk about how bad a shape I was in by the time I made it into prototype? You can talk about whatever you want in your time. Well, I don’t, I wasn’t really ever been big in a group fitness. I kind of worked out on my own. And over the years, it’s like you simplify things if you don’t push yourself so like, I was kind of boiled down to like the elliptical machine for 20 minutes, and then maybe some like dumbbell presses and curls. And then I probably spent as much time in the sauna is I did like working out. And I thought that was I thought prime fitness. And you know, so um, I told the story earlier, like I ran into you with lakes. Calm and Tracy lakes. St. Patrick’s Day party. Yes. And I was like, shoot my mouth off that I used to be in good shape, blah, blah, blah. And you’re like, oh, why don’t you prototype? And, you know, somehow he managed to get my phone number out of man. And you texted me a few times. And before I knew what I was coming in, I was doing one of those four classes called the virtuosity session. Yeah. virtuosity with with Ben Gabriel. And, you know, immediately have me doing like air squats and like burpees or something like that outs, like, completely gassed. But like kind of watching what was going on and kind of curious and made it through that and started doing the classes. And pretty quickly, pretty quickly started to like, what was going on? You know?

Michael Collette 2:23
So you went from elliptical and dumbbell curls and sauna to full on CrossFit group class.

Tim Furbush 2:30
Yeah, I remember like the, like, you know, that, like, for the first few months just watching the people like I was trying to finish workouts, and there would be, you know, people of all ages, all fitness levels, and most of them were crushing the workouts in front of me. And I was like clicking these people and like all of everyone to a person going after it, you know, and that was like that was compelling, right? Like that whole sense of camaraderie and the fact that you’re kind of all in it together work and doing this kind of same workout and everyone’s going to get crushed by it and and feel better when they’re finished. And rooting each other on and all that stuff like you know, that that quickly caught the bug pretty quick. And I totally didn’t expect it I never expected that because like I said I was like headphones and you know had down pulled over my eyes like kind of very anti social when I went to the gym and prototype is the complete opposite of that.

Michael Collette 3:38
You’re in you’re recently a recipient of the pro tip of the month two men are like now an official like wealthy member.

Tim Furbush 3:47
Yeah, that was a big honor. I said something in front of john. Right. And I always congratulate and oh my god, geez, you know, I’ve never been prototype a month before I knew John’s recommended me but ya know, he was like speaking to him. He was he’s been a huge help both you guys right? I always I should say it right now. Like get it over with the interview. Like both you guys the Collette brothers did a whole lot to kind of change my whole fitness track. You know, between the you get me in for prototype and get me the workout and then john on the nutrition side. I owe you guys one somewhere down the line. You know what I mean?

Michael Collette 4:34
Yeah, you know anything, man. We’re just glad that you’re glad that you’re here and getting after it. So you mentioned that like it was a transition because well how do I manage transition because you went from the headphones in and not really talking to now. You know, you come into the gym and we know you’re here man. You know you’re you’re pretty funny guy. And what was that? You know, we kind of walk I guess folks through it like Cuz everyone starts from different places and, and, you know, folks come from, you know, different backgrounds and stuff that have never done like CrossFit before. So like, take us through what like the acclimation period or acclamation phase was like for you, Tim, like, you know, so you gotta, like, got the bug real quick, like, what does that mean? Like, what? Why did that happen so quickly for you.

Tim Furbush 5:25
So I think the combination of the things you do so like the cardio plus the Olympic lifting, and then I guess, the gymnastics portion of it, you know, the Olympic lifting side of things, I actually had exposure to that growing up a little bit. So, you know, back in high school, and college played football, and I ran track, and, you know, did some of that stuff and so that we used to do like, the bigger, faster, stronger. So it had, you know, benchpress squats, and deadlifts was like a big, you know, like, those are the three big lifts for for bigger, faster, stronger, and then there was like, plyometrics attached to that. So I did, I did some of that stuff, like jumping workouts and whatever else. And, and, you know, the other thing too, is my brother was big into, like, my brother was one of those guys that like, before anybody else was doing Olympic lifts, and everything else. And so I learned a bit from him, too. So I had exposure to it, but it was when I was younger, and like I said, that big gap, like I left college, and then the older I got, the less that the more I’ve moved away from that kind of stuff. And then you come into CrossFit. And pretty quickly, it’s you jump right back into it, and it you know, it’s fun, once you get the hang of it. Um, you know, some of that stuff is, some of that stuff is pretty cool. You know,

Michael Collette 6:51
and you’ve been here for a while. So, over that time, you forgot to have some good memories, or some stories or, or whatnot, what are some of the things that stick out to you like, in terms of like, memories or things that, you know, maybe you’ve done, you know, did something for the first time or an event or something like, what are some things that kind of like, poke out in your mind that like you remember?

Tim Furbush 7:17
Yeah, absolutely. So So I always say, to like, new people that want to do CrossFit or whatever and want to go to prototype. It’s like, you know, the coaches, the coaches make the make the whole program, right. So each coach kind of gives you the thing I mentioned, like you and john, right. But like Bz, Caitlin back when she coached like she was she was the first one to teach me how to do a total bar. Like, in she was, you know, she just, she’s like, basically she said, get aggressive, right? So like, how to get your feet up there. And like, it’s just you learn something different from each and every coach, each and every coach has, has some different way of saying things. And I feel like, as you get exposure to that, you know, you start to learn different things. So like Caitlyn taught me how to do towbar, you taught me how to do double unders, actually, it’s the little tips and the tricks you get from different coaches that you know that you can kind of challenge yourself and make that progression to learn how to do things, and I just you know it, that’s what makes CrossFit fun. Like, you don’t have to do anything at first, and you watch everybody else you like how the heck can I do that? I can’t do that. How am I gonna do that? And then sure enough, you keep working at it and and you learn how to do new skills and techniques and all that stuff. So I kind of love that.

Michael Collette 8:39
It’s like a double edged sword though, right? You learn that learn new stuff, then everything gets a little bit harder. Yeah. It takes longer to put away the weight. Right? That’s exactly right.

Tim Furbush 8:51
It’s like a blessing and a curse. You learn how to do something new. But then it’s like, it’s a whole nother level of of challenge. Right. So yeah, exactly. I say that all the time. Total blessing and a curse.

Michael Collette 9:07
What’s the what are your, you just mentioned? Like, you got your first total bar. You know, doing double unders are like some really awesome milestones to be able to do those things because they are like you said they’re really challenging. So what’s the next thing for you like, what are you working on now? Or what do you focus on at this stage in your journey here?

Tim Furbush 9:30
So over COVID I was doing a lot more running and then kind of doing my own workouts at home. And then you know, when you started doing virtual stuff was coming in and doing some of the virtual stuff but I ended up overdoing it. pulling my hamstrings screwing up my knee. You know, I went to end up getting a couple cortisone shots and MRI and and went to PT and wasn’t really making much progress and made the decision that I was going to start doing personal And so just to try and like, rehabilitate it, you know, and I started working with with john Bz and then just went down to Bz once a week, but we’re doing kind of single leg stability and strength and like, I tell people now I’m working on foot strength, which is so funny, but it’s true like I, you know, I go in and Bz has been like stand on a block on one leg, you know, and it’s all the strength in my, the bottom of my foot and my ankle and, and up through into my knee and all that, you know, eventually my hamstring and it’s like, just learning all that stuff. You know, it’s, you know, so much just getting exposure that and like, it like makes perfect sense once he explains it to you, but I had no idea what was going on. And I couldn’t fix it on my own, my kneecap swung back up, and I had no idea what to do. And, you know, once a week with a personal trainer, and all of a sudden, everything starts coming back to normal swelling goes away in my knee, I started to build back strength and now I can pretty much do everything. pain free, which is like, yeah, that’s a testament again to the coaches and what you guys know. So props all you guys.

Michael Collette 11:14
Yeah, one foot curls. Right? What’s that? one rep max foot curls?

Tim Furbush 11:21
Yeah, totally, totally. Like how much can you crush like can crushes with your foot?

Michael Collette 11:28
Exactly. That sounds like some awesome, awesome training right there, man. And I’m glad that your, that your knee is feeling better. But like you were like, I remember the night that we that we met. And like we mentioned earlier, how you kind of got started into like CrossFit, but you’ve got your family, like pretty active. I know. Michelle is like big into like fitness and CrossFit. You mentioned like your brother, like what’s that like to be able to, like, work out with your family and share that sort of element of like, you know, your day at times with with each other. Because not everyone, you know, and the reason why I bring that up is like, like, I work out with Aaron, right. And it’s like a nice like our that we have like together and then we’re off to work, we’re doing stuff and, and the whole thing, couples their workout together, stay together. I’m not like in that camp necessarily. But it’s like a nice thing to be able to have or share together. I don’t know if you want to speak on that a little bit.

Tim Furbush 12:23
Yeah, no. So like, there’s that plus the two of us, you know, going off to the gym or whatever else that that kind of passes through, and kids see it too. So, you know, my son’s in seventh grade. And he’s always asking, like, he wants to get started doing that stuff. And, you know, we started to look into it, but even doing like, you know, children, like your kids programs, or whatever else, like, he’s definitely interested in him and all his buddies are like the next wave of people that are going to come in any gym, like, working out. And my daughter’s the same way she does gymnastics, and like, you know, we have a pull up bar on the kitchen. So it’s so it’s like, you know, all of us are, are kind of, yeah, exactly, we’re all kind of integrated into fitness in some way form or another and kind of, it just kind of pushes pushes all of us, right. The other thing too, I brought up a little bit is like the nutrition side of things. So, you know, Dell actually brought up shelves actually just got certified to teach nutrition. So she’s teaching people how to eat, I obviously learned how to do that, like count macros, whatever else and like, my kids see it. And, you know, they know, like, that you got to eat more protein. And, like, you know, you got to watch how much like, you know, good carbs and bad carbs and all that stuff, like, you know, they just get exposure to it, we definitely don’t push them, like we let them eat whatever they want. But they see us doing it every day, that’s got to be something that you know, kind of settles in and sticks in. So it’s, I don’t know, they’re gonna come lessons right between the fitness and the nutrition like they get exposure, both of it because me and Charlotte talking about it all the time. You know,

Michael Collette 14:04
huge man. It’s such a huge thing. I mean, kids are like, man, I don’t have any kids but I can just just from experience of like seeing all these families and everyone come through and the folks that are implementing this are doing this like part of their lifestyle, you can see it reflected.

Tim Furbush 14:19
Right. Like that’s the big thing is like, you want to get your your head on straight. You’re like there’s so many studies about fitness and nutrition, and what the impact it has on on your brain. Right? So I’m like, you’re in the mental health. Like, that’s huge. That’s such a huge lesson to learn. I like you know, like, like, I’m a big, big advocate like I’m on on the kids all the time, like get a good night’s sleep, eat right workout, because it’s going to put your head on straight right

Michael Collette 14:49
100% and like I said, You’ve been here for a little while now. You have to have some favorites in terms of like workouts or movements and that sort of thing. Give me any like, favorite workouts or bench Aren’t workouts or anything like that, maybe like things that we did here at the gym could have been something, you know, open workout and just throwing stuff out there. But anything that sticks out to you that you that’s like your favorite or your favorite workout that you’ve done before.

Tim Furbush 15:14
Yeah, I mean, like definitely when you see like, if it’s like Rose pushpress and like, totally by like, Alright, sweet. I’m going in there today. Like, I can crush that one like you always pick him. But like it never like how often do you get one that you like I like for you probably do every day, but I got my shoe. Back, you know, but yeah, I mean, like I like like anything was like exactly growing pushpress total or like to me like that’s or like wall balls. I like wall balls. I’m like, I must be weird. But like, I must be weird. You know? Like you’re taking a shot, right? You’re shooting at a target. So yeah, there’s like a little, there’s like a little bit of competition into it right? You got to like hit the target. You got to not throw through the ceiling. Break a ceiling Tyler to so

Michael Collette 16:12
many times, we’ve seen that plenty of times, ceiling tiles coming coming down and people throwing it too high. Don’t get to work that hard, you know, just just slightly below the ceiling. roof. Roof balls. You call them you call him roof balls. Dude, so and then another thing too, there’s just like thought of it like you got a bunch of buddies that come here. Bunch of a bunch of dudes like Marty and Colleen and all that stuff. Like, you’ve also made a lot of friends. Like coming in here and working out. And then on top of that, I feel like you’ve come to every single class that we offer. Like I feel like you’ve been ever like early morning to the evening to the afternoon. You got it. You got a favorite?

Tim Furbush 16:59
Yeah, well, I rotate. And so like, that’s one of the things so I’ve Yeah, I’ve taken a five to 678 you know, the Times have changed a little bit, but I just think the noon 330. So I’ve taken every class, which means I got to know pretty much everybody in the gym. I’ve settled in lately to the seven o’clock which was the only class I never did because I always had to go on a Boston or whatever. So now I know all the guys from seven o’clock to well, men and women I should say from the seven o’clock but it’s it’s kind of mostly dudes. Oh, it is like, again, like the whole thing is the camaraderie right? Like there’s there’s so many people and you kind of meet along the way and like, you’re all working out together and pushing each other and so you have friends of the five o’clock your friends have six o’clock. So it doesn’t matter what class I walk into is there’s people there that I know and and you know, again, like I love it like I love that we’re gonna have together never never would have thought it never in a million years. You went back that’s too much the bros class.

Michael Collette 18:10
Bro. 30 Yeah, there’s only a couple of classes or it’s predominantly men most most classes have either a good blend or they’re more than ladies. I think your memberships like, almost 5050 to be honest with you and I’m I think it’s like 51% female 49% male or something like that.

Tim Furbush 18:28
5am you know, mostly women,

Michael Collette 18:33
picking, picking the crusties out of your eyes at 5am What’s up? I think still picking out the crusties out of your eyes at the at the Oh 500 man early.

Tim Furbush 18:45
Yeah, that’s the tough one. But once you get a routine, like that’s great, you bang it out. And it’s done. You know,

Michael Collette 18:50
like that. That’s like the best bargain and then nice and nice and early. I want to get into the Spitfire around. I don’t know if you’ve heard any of these questions. Before I know you’ve probably you’ve listened to this, but added in a new one. And I’m going to start with a new one. What’s something that people here don’t know about you Tim?

Tim Furbush 19:19
I’m a pretty good cook. I guess like I like to cook time. French bistro cooking in particular. So like. So I do like the fancy meals Michelle does the day to day. I do like fancy stuff. So when it comes to you know, like Easter dinner or like Christmas dinner or whatever else, like I’m going after it and I

Michael Collette 19:43
know you’re a fancy cook when you said French beach like what’s your what’s the fancy and I went to this thing but what’s your Yeah,

Tim Furbush 19:52
simple but you know, like any kind of like braised short ribs or like veal, also Google anything with Brace I’m a pretty big brace guy like that. That’d be probably my favorite. But I’ll try this stuff too. You know, I’ve made my own sauce and, you know, tried to make my own pasta before like, you know, I like to try these new things in the kitchen. That’s awesome. I did not. I did not know how to eat. I understood how to make food. So I know the measure that makes it so much easier.

Michael Collette 20:31
Awesome, dude. Okay, that’s awesome. Because I didn’t know that about you. And I like, I like that. You know, my dad’s a chef Baker road. I come from like, yeah, I come from the culinary background. Not myself personally, but I grew up in and all that so my dad used to own a bakery and stuff and I’m very familiar with food. That again, you take any skills away from it? Can you do anything? You asked Aaron? I can I can. I can make our day to day food. But I’m not a I’m not a measure this you know, I’m kind of like, let’s throw crap together and make it taste good. I can kind of just take you there. Yeah, I’m not like the baking Aaron Aaron would be more in Gruffalo. Like being the ingredients like, you know, like, same thing you give me directions to do something and I’m gonna like, throw it out and and try to figure out how to screw something out. You know what I mean? I don’t have the patience for the stuff. So but yeah, that’s more on on Aaron for for the baking side of things. Second question, though. Favorite TV show. And movie of all time, Flash. What are you currently binge watching right now? It’s the mayor of East town. You seen that one? No. Mayor of East town good.

Tim Furbush 21:48
It’s mer ma r e. It’s a case Blitz a detective and like a in like a Pennsylvania like, you know, like a poor Pennsylvania town. Good. real good. It’s got everything. It’s got everything you need. And then kingdom is the other one that we’re Benjen right now. Ah. Which is like a MMA based I don’t know if you ever saw that. That’s

Michael Collette 22:12
Oh, I think I watched like one episode it’s with that guy. What’s his name? He’s an all those like martial arts or like fighting movies. He’s been in a couple you know? I know exactly. Talking about it. Does the Jonas Brothers. Yeah. Nick

Tim Furbush 22:25
Jonas is in it to be good. If you haven’t washed out. I highly recommend it. That’s another one that’s got pretty much everything you kind of want in a mature setting. The my guilty pleasure would be below deck. I watched below deck that yawning show on Bravo. Yeah, like that’s a you know, that’s simple. That’s so mindless. saver minute all the time. Yeah. That’s so tough. Maybe the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe right is the last time or maybe the greatest skate? You know, like, I’d like how can you pick? That’s like, you know, I there’s a guy that got insulted movies that I love that I could watch like, every single time that they’re on, you know, I mean? That’s why the hard question man talks too tough. You can’t pick one favorite movie. You know, too tough.

Michael Collette 23:28
Well, I’m gonna make him I’m asking another hard question. Favorite musician or band of all time and then favorite, favorite song doesn’t have to be by that musician. I tell you that. I really hear a journey don’t stop believing that the guy

Tim Furbush 23:45
journey more like open arms like I’m a romantic. Honestly, my favorite band probably like either Motley Crue or kiss. Like I was like me, when I grew up, was growing up. Like more recently, like I’m actually into my Morning Jacket. They’re like one of my favorite bands to like, if I could see them. Like they’re unbelievable live. Favorite song is like, favorite movie. How can you do how do you pick one favorite song like one song that I had to listen to over and over again, the rest of my life.

Michael Collette 24:20
I think of it like this. If it’s one song you listen over and over and over again, on like a three hour car ride not want to blow your brains out by the end of it. That could be considered that.

She’s might be a little bit too of an explanation there. But you know, he got the point.

Tim Furbush 24:40
Yeah. So I think like if I had to pick a song, it probably makes me happier than and it’s like Huey Lewis in the news. Do you believe in love? I think like, That’s such a nice song. Like how many like I’ll put that up there. How about that? Put that in my number one Huey Lewis

Michael Collette 24:58
number one man Do you believe in love Huey Lewis put it on the board. All right. Last last question to me. Yeah. Favorite, or I should say favorite but what is, I guess his favorite, favorite thing to do? slash? What’s your? What’s your hobby of choice? Besides working out? Like, what’s your favorite thing to do and like your leisure time could be with your family could be by yourself. Your favorite hobby?

Tim Furbush 25:23
So I’m like a total nerd, too. And still play video games. And so I play video games. I like I have to admit it. You know, I come it comes and goes, but like, there are times when I’ll I’ll like, head into the basement and put a headset on and play video games. Like, you know, complete nerd style.

Michael Collette 25:43
do another round video games there’s that’s like a like a sport now. The ea 46 you have two kids. You know? What are what your game man game my choice? Like, you’re like, you like a like Call of Duty Madden or what do you

Tim Furbush 26:01
call duty, but mostly I come back with game called destiny, which is like, you know, it’s like a player versus player shoot him up. Kind of like call it a little bit different though.

Michael Collette 26:13
That’s another thing. I know. I know. You were a big time gamer. Go down to the basement show lights off. Put the headset on where little kids?

Tim Furbush 26:20
Yeah, so we actually have. So my son’s sitting there playing, too, which is kind of awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I tell him there’s a whole world out there though. Like, you can’t just play video games got to get out there. This more stuff. Just, uh, you know, just online, on the screen. Got to get out and either get out and see things,

Michael Collette 26:42
you know, to get out and see things man, that’s good. That’s good advice. That’s always fun to be able to, you know, play game for an hour or two to shut the time, especially on a on a rainy day. Or after a long day.

Tim Furbush 26:54
It’s like, it’s like mindless. You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s almost like meditation. You know? Just shut it off. Yeah,

Michael Collette 27:02
I get it, man. I totally get it. Well, Tim, I appreciate you being on the committee conversation. My man this is awesome. I learned a lot. I know a lot more value. Now. everyone listening I think would agree and you folks that are out there listening. appreciate y’all tuning in to this week’s meaning conversation. Remember, every week we release new episodes of community conversation to get your Monday started. So if you are a member I personally like to be on the community conversation just let us know. But with that being said, Tim, appreciate you being on I man.

Tim Furbush 27:33
appreciate you having me. You guys did such a great job. My thanks. Appreciate it. Got it, buddy.