Thank you for tuning in to The Community Conversation, brought to you by Prototype Training Systems, home of CrossFit Prototype. The Community Conversation highlights a different member of the Prototype Community each week and allows them to tell their story, share their life experience, and communicate their perspective on all things fitness.

We’ve all listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries and these people also walk amongst us. We believe we have some AMAZING people at Prototype and we want you to get to know them!

To that end, I want to introduce our 3rd guest, Dan McCarthy. Dan has been part of the Prototype community for almost 2 years, he’s an all-around amazing guy, high energy, and a great addition to the community! Dan participates in our CrossFit classes at Prototype and crushes it!

He also dabbles in from time to time our THRIVE classes and our Prototype X classes. He crushed it with our Prototype Nutritionist team and saw some amazing results! So basically, Dan has does pretty much everything at Prototype!

So tune in and enjoy!

Mike Collette 0:01
Hey, everyone, thank you so much for tuning into the community conversation brought to you by prototype Training Systems home of CrossFit prototype. The community conversation highlights different member of the prototype community each week, and allows them to tell their story, share the live experience, and communicate their perspective on all things fitness. We’ve all listen the podcast and watch YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries. And these people also walk amongst us. We believe there’s some amazing people here at prototype, and we want you to get to know them. So today, I want to introduce you to our third guest, Dan McCarthy. Dan has been a part of the project committee for almost two years. If you’ve ever been in the gym, when Dan’s in the gym, you know, he’s there. He’s always rocking to Celine Dion dancing. He’s got a ton of energy, and his overall body has transformed since he’s been at the gym. And it’s been pretty spectacular to see. So Dan, thank you for being part of the the community conversation and yeah, man. Yeah, dude,

Dan McCarthy 0:59
Thanks for the invite.

Mike Collette 1:01
So, so like I, you know, you know, these are conversations. So you know, first thing is just, you know, give us your background, tell us your story, like, you know, who’s Dan McCarthy?

Dan McCarthy 1:10
That’s like, Where do I begin? So I was born? No, no, no. So for me, and I guess, in terms of all things working out. Growing up, I wasn’t part of any sort of like sports, I did wrestling, I was on a wrestling team in high school briefly. And I really dug the whole team mentality, working out as a team loved it, but that was short lived. I only did that for a very year and change. And then yeah, then I didn’t do like any work. And out. I never went to the gym when I was a kid. And then when I was younger, it felt it feels like another lifetime ago. But in California, I for eight years, working out there I was we were paid to work out, we paid to be in shape, pay to be you know, stay healthy and stuff. And so as a group, we would all work out together. And so that just sort of was like a byproduct of the job. It wasn’t like, I gotta go to the gym and punch, you know, punch the clock doing that it just happened. And then I went to school for tree work, agriculture. I’m a tree guy. And, and so working in the field, literally, like that, just staying in shape was kind of like a byproduct of it. And so I never really, like I never really me working out a priority. It just sort of happened. But now that with the job I’m doing, I’m kind of like manager, I’ve got like clean soft hands. Like I don’t

Mike Collette 2:59
know, buddy,

Dan McCarthy 3:01
boss. And so working out like I was getting like, I was watching my body slowly. “burp, burp, burp”. And I realized, like, I needed to find a crew, I needed to find somebody to motivate me. I needed a training partner. And eventually I stopped into prototype. And there was like a perfect marriage of like working out. With the community. It just sort of happening. It just sort of happens. And that’s what I love about the gym. It just, yeah, it’s a it’s like the whole camaraderie and everybody doing it together in it together. Love.

Mike Collette 3:47
I wanna I want to talk more about because I remember the day when you walked into the gym. I want to get back to that in a second. But you mentioned being in California and you getting you know, getting paid to work out for eight years. You got to let the people know what were you doing out in California? Because either your cousin from what from what if I didn’t know you? I’m thinking you’re professional athlete.So tell me about what what were what was going on.

Dan McCarthy 4:11
We were extremely extreme poets, and we would like we would we would get together and we would write really beautiful No, no, actually so I was a when I was a kid hanging out. I was in Foxborough. And me and my buddies were just like, screwing off one day, went outside and there were all these fire trucks going by. And there was a big fire in the woods behind my house. I said guys, let’s go check it out what’s going on? So we went over there. And we watched the local fire department put this fire out like fire right there in the woods and it was it was the coolest thing and then we went by night and like the woods was still smoking and embers were coming off the trunks of the trees and I turned to them I said that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever, ever seen. I want to be a forest firefighter. And, and through the greatest stroke of I can’t explain the luck that I got, like I was in the right spot at the right time talking to the right person opening, telling it. Yeah, that’s just, I mean, it was, at the time I used to think that I guess I still do is the power of positive thinking. Like, I want to do it like, it’s gonna happen, like, I want this. And it just happened. And I got a job on a 20 person, firefighting crew that the term is a hotshot crew. They, they use chainsaws, and there are 20 people on the line, there’s chainsaws and then there’s guys with like, these axes and hose and then after that come like these scrapers and shovels. And it’s a very simplistic method, where, when you The woods are on fire, you cut a little path around the entire fire. And the chainsaw, like you cut the stuff that’s not on fire, that green stuff is on fire goes in the green stuff that’s on fire goes in the black. And, and together, you just kind of you don’t use water, you don’t use hoses or anything like that. And it’s pretty hardcore. And it was awesome. And then I find like a kinda like rose to the top of my crew and that thing. The final rung in the ladder of fighting fire is smokejumpers, small jumpers, it’s the once you’re on the ground, you kind of do the same thing, same method. But the method in which to get there is you would parachute into the fires, or next to fires. And you go over there and put it out. And then when you’re done, you pack it up, put in Battle Pack, and either you walk out and call helicopter or whatever. And and I did that for four years. So I worked for the Forest Service for eight years. And it was the greatest, the most fun. It was rock star it was. And they said, My goodness.

Mike Collette 7:24
So you’re in California for eight years. You’re you start you talked about like this, like this luck, right? Which, you know, luck isn’t necessarily luck. It’s when preparedness meets opportunity. Right? So you’re a guy who gets lucky and gets an opportunity to just like, what was that? What like what tell us that little story cuz I remember you telling me something about basketball.

Dan McCarthy 7:50
Right? Yeah. So like, I was I was a kid, like, I was so good. Yeah. And so the night before, the night before the interview, I’m living with my brother. And I’m like, What if firefighters were were forced firefighters were like, taught like this brand new, like, sweet red flannel shirt. And like, like creased blue jeans. Like that’s what Ford like, you know,

Mike Collette 8:18
that’s interesting. What do you wear to an interview for? To be a forest fire? That’s Yeah,

Dan McCarthy 8:23
yeah. Yeah. And. yeah, like, I didn’t have a resume. And yeah. And so this was it was now march of 1990. So long ago, and my brother says, then you just, you don’t look that big. You’re not that big. Because I guess we’re taking of like Paul Bunyan’s and like, so, like, I show up late to the interview. And this woman, she opens the door, and she’s like, we’re gonna have to die here. Your first paycheck, just joking around. But like, I’m a firm believer in the power of a smile. And I was working at heart with this chick, like, your shirt. Sure. Well, and so, so right off the bat, we kind of got some sort of chemistry sort of like, but not like chemistry, chemistry, like kind of like mother son chemistry, chemistry. Yeah. And so we sit down, and there are these. So it’s Carol, this guy, Mike, and Dave. No, no, I saw Dave and Dave. That’s it. Dave Conklin and Dave Kirk, and Carol, and we’re sitting there we’re talking. They’re talking about forest firefighting. You know, like the long hours and dirty whatever like completely unfazed, like sure, whatever, I don’t care. And I don’t know why that I said that. But um, so Dave, one of the Dave said to me, so what do you do to Ain’t cheap. At the time, zero, like jack, I wasn’t doing anything. And like I hadn’t. I didn’t prepare. Like, this was long before the internet were like, what do you say on an interview? I don’t know. And. And at the time, I was like, I think at night, me and my brother and one of his lab mates, he was going to USC. And anyway, we would play basketball. I can’t dribble and think at the same time, like, I wouldn’t be the guy to spin and they would pass the ball. And then I would pass it like I didn’t do any I never shot anyways. Well, yeah. play basketball. unbeknownst to me, Dave and Dave, Dave was on the hotshot crew, Dave curve was the firefighting captain. And they were out of the same office, the same station. And they would have, like, serious competition between the engine crew and the hotshot crew. And like, they immediately saw me as like a recruit. And yeah, yeah. So that was, again, like I said, Just had I said, You know, I work out and run and which was totally talking out my ass, but I kind of was talking about my eyes. But anyway, that was just one of the examples of saying the right thing. Completely, just being honest. Kinda. And, yeah, it just worked out. Yeah. So

Mike Collette 11:31
I’d like for everyone that’s gonna watch this, right, that knows you, but doesn’t necessarily know that you did. Like this was like your background and what you did, yeah, jumping out of a helicopter plane into a flat plane, sorry, jumping out of a plane, into it with a parachute, obviously, into a fire. Doesn’t sound like the safest thing. very heroic. Not the safest. As you said, it’s a lot of fun. You got to talk about that. What that’s like, you know, imagine you’re in a plane. You’re looking down. smokes coming up, you’re about to jump into it.

Dan McCarthy 12:10
All right. So yeah. When I got the call, when I got the call, umm, like, I put my hat in the ring, and I applied to all the bases, there’s like nine basis. And, and this time how to resume. Like, I was a legit firefighter. And that’s what the jumpers want. They want guys that can fight fire. They don’t care if you can. If you parachute, they will, they’ll train you. Okay. They would prefer that you not have any training just because they want a blank slate. They want they want guys that when when it’s showtime, you can handle that. And and with the way that the smokejumpers the base works, it’s totally cool. So there’s a list let’s say there’s 50 guys, there’s 50 guys on the jump board. only so many guys can get in a plane. So like if the plane at the good at the time can only fit like 12 dudes, those 12 guys are first up so a call comes in those first 12 guys run to the locker room getting their outfit waddle out to the plane and and again on so then they get to the they go off and they got to go wherever and the reason for jumpers is they get to fliers that might toggle with my hands much they get they get to remote areas quickly you like if you had to drive to a wilderness fire in the middle of nowhere where there’s no roads and you had to hike in the fire would be a gobbler would be huge. So very often you would get to a job a fire and it’s not big it’s like sometimes two dudes will get there and so the the the intent is to get there before gets sometimes if the entire plane goes sometimes it’s to play sometimes the entire base goes there. Yeah. And why am I telling you this? What were we talking about?

Mike Collette 14:15
We’re talking about you’re jumping into a fire, it’s dangerous!

Dan McCarthy 14:19
right! Right so I get the call the call to to come Alright, you the only two bases we’re hiring that year, because it’s always kind of like offset by ear sometimes if it’s not a bad year a lot of fires that like we don’t need a lot of dudes it’s always kind of in reverse. And then when there is a lot of fires, they hire a lot of dudes and then sometimes the the fire season isn’t that bad. But with the way climate change is happening every year the worst it’s just it’s awful. It’s like anyway, so I got the call. All right, I’m come to reading you got to be in shape. And so for for for a month and a half before showing up. I was like, and this is before CrossFit, this is 30 some years ago, and are now. So now that was the 1994 summer of 94. So 25 years ago and working out doing push ups all the time push ups, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, pull ups, pull ups, running, running, running all like all they like, I like watching TV, just doing push ups, because the the washout rate the you know, you guys got picked 10% of the guys that got picked would would make it everybody would get washed out. And so you had to be ready to I saw granules sold like I had to be physically ready, physically ready. And it wasn’t till I was driving up to report to the base. And I realized, wait a minute, maybe jump out of a plane. They’ve done that, like that was so like secondary. It was like the performance being ready. Anyway. So what’s it like? So you get in the plane? And they take the teacher you know, they teach you on like, there’s this tower and there’s you know, classrooms

Mike Collette 16:07
how many training sessions did you have to do jumping out of a plane before you jump into this fire?

Dan McCarthy 16:12
Well, that’s the thing it not many they give you seven, try seven practice jobs. But that was in the day. Now. I think they give a ton. There’s a lot of training. But uh, so Rick higgenson this guy was like a mountain dew mountain man, he could tell the tracks of the animals in the mud. He knew every tree good looking. He had like this, like, handlebar mustache. Like, why is like, awesome. And he was a trader. And so they would, they would film every exit that’s jumping out of the plane. But like faggins like, that’s what like the video camera with a bang on his shoulder. It’s not like this, the cameras we got now. And in this plane, I’ll never forget. We’re in the plane. So there’s a spider. He’s got in the back. He’s got a radio to the pilot. And they can tell through various things. They can tell which way the winds blowing how far it’s blowing, and he’ll stick his head out the window. And I’ll tell you that the pilot like left, right. Then we go over to the jump spot. The jump spot is predetermined when you’re up in the plane, you see the fire, and you look for an opening in the woods. I will go for that Meadow right there that in between those trees. We’re gonna go for that. And so he he will then say, you know, alright, on approach, he’ll tell the smoke jumper he’ll say, I need one guy, or any two guys to hook up. So you mentioned emotion, one guy. And I hook up into the plane. And then he’s talking and he’s looking out the window and when strike the wind is swirling in the in the plane and it’s loud exhaust, the engine and all the other smoke jumper candidates. Why’d I just I was like, This is crazy. This is like crazy crazy. And this is gonna do it. Am I gonna do it like, and so then, the spotter said, as he’s on approach, he said, Get ready. So you put your hands in the door, and you step back. And then when he hits you on the shoulder, you got to explode out, get in a position. And I started late like they taught you all themoves.

Mike Collette 18:28
How high are you up, by the way,

Dan McCarthy 18:30
this is 1500 feet. So it’s not recreational, it’s when you’re hooking up in the plane. So with a static line so that the hook is attached to the top of the parachute. And so literally, if you’re dead, and you fall out, you fall out the rope, pull the parachute out, and you will be open open under canopy you will be able to it’s like it’s not like you got to pull the ripcord got it. Okay. And and he says, Get ready. Get ready. I’m ready. I’m waiting. I’m waiting. I’m waiting. And I’ll never forget he says McCarthy be somebody say, Oh my god, I’m gonna rip this door off. This is gonna be the most epic exit ever. And it hits me on the shoulder. And after it was all said and done, looked at the video. It was me it was like I was a drunk cowboy falling off a horse out of my saddle. And the most pathetic, like a bounce off the side of a plane. And at the time, I was like, Yes, I’m awesome. And it was Yeah, and so he never forget, Rick was like, we got a lot of work to do. But uh, yeah, so I made the cut. And that was just one one story but what’s it like? It’s weird, you know, like, when you climb a ladder or you climb a tree, or whatever, you can see the distance you know that distance you feel the distance between where you’re at and the ground. When you’re in a plane, you don’t feel it. It’s just like the trees are wide and like it’s just more mental. And it just felt right. It’s just like that was like, yeah, just felt right.

Mike Collette 20:19
So how many times did you jump out? Like, like, do you have an idea?

Unknown Speaker 20:21
69 Dude!?

Mike Collette 20:24
That real though the real is real? That’s awesome. And then tell tell me you have some of these videos. You said you’d like videos. Tell me.

Dan McCarthy 20:33
I so? We didn’t have you don’t have the, the, like your personal like, we’ve got videoing. You know, people trim their nose, their toes. Like, we didn’t have that like videos. Yeah. I think I have a home video, you know, the video camera. Somewhere, like, I know, like an old pile. But like, I don’t have that thing to watch it on. Because it’s so small. Anyway. But um, yeah.

Mike Collette 21:09
Well, those would be some amazing home videos. I can only imagine that. watching those. You know, I feel like we could talk about this stuff all day. I love hearing this stuff. And I and I know you like talking about it. Because it sounds like you’re so passionate about it. Tell me like so, you know, it sounds like you had to get into like the best physical shape of your life. Right? Like this. I know. There was a lot of hard work. So you’re, you know, talk about like after so like your you know, your in this for 8 years started a hot shot. You know, spent four years in smoke jumper in California. What do you move back to Massachusetts and you go back to go into school for???

Dan McCarthy 21:52
urban forestry. And what do you miss? Right. So So yeah, I in the wintertime, it rains. No fires, so they lay everybody off. And so it’s a real great young person job. A lot of people are like ski guys. Some students. Very often I Nothing. I just was like, whatever. Like, yeah, I just freeloaded in California. I traveled. I drove cross country a whole bunch. And yeah, it was good time. But every year, I get in trouble. Like every year I get drunk. Like I was like, you know, one time man, this dude was in McCall, Idaho lit up downtown and almost got fired. Had to every year I had to dig myself out of the hole of me being a buffoon, a kid. Like I had to prove myself. Anyway, so I finally was just like, this firefighting thing. They’re never gonna like hire me permanently, forever. And so I with smoker with reading Redding, California, Northern California, so every base has its own identity. Alaska has like they’re known for being physically fit that like runners, big big runners, Montana, they’re like older, it’s like descend the the horse out of the back. 40 let them do their their sunset years. In Oregon, they were like this at the time grunge rock and roll. They were all like grunge Rockers, whatever. So in the identity of California was big tree climbers, because the trees in Northern California are massive. And you had to know you had to know how to climb in case you landed one and sometimes landed one. So you had to climb out anyway. So the the guys I worked with would have side jobs doing tree work. And I helped them with that. I took the tree climbing. I liked it. And then finally was like, You know what? California is awesome. Time for me to go back home. I applied to UMass, like I applied to like one college I like, but the power of positive thinking like that’s where I’m going to go. And I went and I did it digitally. They have like an associate’s thing, where it’s a two year deal to for Arbor culture. And then if you stay with the school for two more years, you get your bachelor’s. And so I got a degree in urban forestry with an emphasis in agriculture and drew work and you Yeah, what was the question?

Mike Collette 24:35
every question I ask I know You’re gonna gonna ask that afterwards. So you went from which is fine. So from California, back to mass.

Dan McCarthy 24:44
Yeah, love the mass. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Mike Collette 24:48
Back to mass. Get your degree. Settle down. start a family do your thing. You’re it you know, and I know you’re an expert at tree stuff. Because you’ve come over to my house, and I’ve watched you literally run up and down the trees, and tell me everything about these things and rip out a bunch of dead ones. And I know you’re an expert there, but there’s a period where like, you weren’t like, at your physical peak fitness, right? Like, so like, talk about that. And then like how that how like, you transitioned into, like, now coming to prototype working out and you know, getting back into that sort of like that, that peak fitness or that level of fitness that you were, you know, that you were accustomed to when you were at hotshot or smokejumper

Dan McCarthy 25:32
Yeah, so like the so the offseason, like I would do zero working out zero work. And I like during the year you would you pay to be in shape. So we sit the byproduct which has happened. And then with working in the field, like doing the work doing climate every day, like I used to say people’s gyms are dope people’s backyards is by Jim. I mean, like you’re lifting, you know, you’re you’re lifting, and carrying and sweating and doing all this stuff. I was like, ripped. And it just again, like I the way I opened it up, it was just sort of had to sort of happened. To me, it’s just sort of happened. It wasn’t like a conscious there was like a schedule. So I got to do 30 squats with five foot long locks. No, it just it just happened. And and so that’s where I recently, the last few years, I just was watching my body. Like, catch up to itself.

Mike Collette 26:37
you’re managing now you’re like the boss mode you

Dan McCarthy 26:39
want to climb and you drag that and I think it’d be over a year I got a lot of pick that leg up. And, and but then it was like, I would try and keep my street cred. But so i’d climb I’d help the guys out a little bit. But then I hurt and I was not the badass I used to be. And it was just really bumming me out. And but I needed structure. I needed the I needed to be told the routine I needed to be told Alright, we’re running this way. And and I like I think CrossFit is ideal for me.

Mike Collette 27:20
Yeah,I would agree, especially with what you were doing what you were accustomed to before. I mean, and you’ve only been with us for a couple of years. Like, you know, I get the sense and I feel like everyone at the gym probably gets a sense to feels like you’ve been here for a lot longer than that just because you have this incredibly energetic personality. And you’re super personable and friendly. And that’s what makes you just an incredible member here, at the gym.

Dan McCarthy 27:47
I appreciate that. But I think the reason for that is the way you structured the gym, the way you have set it up to be a community to be you know, you call it the fit fam. Like I think Yeah, like I think when new faces come in, they are not like scrutinize like, Who are you you haven’t done your time you shut up and you stay in the back corner. I think every It is very inclusive. And I think that’s the reason why if it appears like I’ve been there longer than I have, like even now, like, I’ll be at the gym and I can’t tell. I can’t really tell if there’s a new person, or an old person that hasn’t been here for a while because everybody’s just talking. Everybody just is welcoming.Yeah.

Mike Collette 28:38
And that’s why you thought that I still had a moustache because we’ve been having masks on and we can’t see everyone’s face.

Dan McCarthy 28:44
Dude. I am like so good. When a girl comes in and she’s highlighted her hair. Someone’s got like, like, trim or whatever. I know. Bam. You got a haircut. He did something. I am embarrassed that I didn’t know you shaved your mustache. I am sorry.

Mike Collette 29:01
It’s a few months now. It’s okay. I’m right there with you too. I’m but I’m more with the sneakers and shoes. If someone gets a new pair of shoes. I’m like, How’d you know? I’m a senior. Looks like some issues. Man. So Dan, I again like you’ve only been here for a little while. Tell us um, you know, what’s your favorite? Give us like your favorite story so far. Your favorite moment at the gym today?

Dan McCarthy 29:28
Umm, favorite moment. Oh man didn’t see this question coming. Uh, well, I love working out in the I liked working out in the parking lots.I love that. That was fun.

Mike Collette 29:42
That was fun. Yeah,

Dan McCarthy 29:43
yeah. hard.

Mike Collette 29:44
It’s hard now it’s a little chilly.

Dan McCarthy 29:47
Yeah, but ya know, I did that. I love the the opens. So I’m done.

Mike Collette 29:56
Its Coming up, man.It’s coming up soon.

Dan McCarthy 29:58
Oh yeah,

Mike Collette 29:59
you ready?

Dan McCarthy 30:00
Totally not. But uh, yeah, no, I think the opens I yeah, I guess I would say that. So I got a video of it was the first open and it was like the last Friday of the open and so for those that don’t know, we kind of make it a party at the gym, you bring food and it’s people cheer. It’s, it’s chaotic. And there’s music plan. And I remember talking to people and not knowing the moves, not knowing like what are they doing? Like what is like this was very long ago in the beginning and, and I just knew like, I’m home like, this is like everybody’s yelling and hooting and hollering, and there’s like techno play, and it was just like, this is awesome. Yeah, yeah. And, yeah, so, um, I guess that the seed of the open? Yeah.

Mike Collette 30:52
Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s coming up. March 11, will be the prototype open, we’re going to be rolling out again, intramural open. So that’ll be fun to team. I’m sure that you’re going to be a big part of that, which you don’t really know yet. But you will. Also, if you didn’t know, you were nominated for a few awards this year for our community awards, which section from today from this conversation? That’s on January 22. That’s our holiday party. So

Dan McCarthy 31:24
hopefully you’ll get a window. Scroll the most troll like the bald troll.

Mike Collette 31:29
We had that award. You might win it but we don’t. Unfortunately, you might you know, I don’t know. Who knows. So, Dan, final questions.

Dan McCarthy 31:38

Mike Collette 31:38
a fire around. All right. number one favorite movie slash tv show or TV show of all time?

Dan McCarthy 31:48
Favorite movie or TV show? You’re not going to do the James Plimpton like your favorite word. Shit. Ah,

Mike Collette 31:56
your favorite word?

Dan McCarthy 31:57
I think that he would end that he would end his interviews and like, whatever the word movie is, so it’s so difficult. I would say jaws jaws. That is the definition the epitome of horror. It is such a well directed well active well written just it we set the stage for like, good movie making. And yeah, I like that,

Mike Collette 32:28
sure. That that movie certainly is made a lot of people afraid to be in the water.

Dan McCarthy 32:35
It changed society changed society. Like I won’t let my kids watch. I don’t want to ruin their like their their ocean.

Mike Collette 32:43
Yeah, I totally agree with you. All right. So, next question, favorite musician or artists?

Dan McCarthy 32:49
Oh, gosh. So above and beyond, above and beyond trio, three guys. And it’s like EDM, electronic dance music kind of techno. They have their own record label and junuh beats. And it is such positive. A good message of inclusivity and love, it and really energetic music. It’s the best music. It’s so.So the story about Celine Dion. Like I love that one song. It’s like the best song. But like, I’d never listen to her. Like if you ever hear me, or have you ever seen me listening to music? It’s above and beyond? Gotta check it out.

Mike Collette 33:34
Got it. I think you did show me that when we did that. 20 we’re doing the 24 heroes workouts.

Dan McCarthy 33:38
Right, right. Yep.

Mike Collette 33:39
I like good. Good stuff. We got to get that on the gyms next time. We’re in the gym. All right. Last last final question. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? working out at the gym?

Dan McCarthy 33:51
Um, I like doing projects. Like I’m not a project kind of guy. I guess I just like working like around work. I’ll help neighbors. I just like working. I like working. But uh,

Mike Collette 34:03
yeah, like shovelin. Mark Higgins driveway?

Dan McCarthy 34:07

Mike Collette 34:08
Very nice. But that’s why I love you, buddy. Those are nice things.

Dan McCarthy 34:12
Yeah, dude. So I guess if I was gonna leave off with one thing for the other members, is that that you say it’s important to and others you know, like help local businesses, you know, visit the restaurants. I see this interview as helping the small business like you want this I will do whatever you want to help grow and help prototype. And yeah, I think this is the least I can do to help the message of prototype to help you facilitate your vision. Yeah, like I am all in dude.

Mike Collette 34:58
Yeah, well, that means that means a lot to me these these conversations are about you and about our community getting to know you, but I do appreciate I do appreciate that and you supporting us. And doing this man, it really means it means a lot and you know with a With that said, you guys that are tuning in and watching. Remember every week we’re releasing one of these new community conversations with a new guest to get your week started. So every Monday we’ll be posting these. So you know, to be the first one to know, subscribe to a YouTube channel or join our daily brief newsletter. These videos are also posted in our private member’s group on Facebook, which is like the best group on Facebook. So if you’re a member and you’re not in that, just let us know at the end. And then lastly, if you’re interested in being part of the community conversation, just shoot us a message and we’d love to have you so to that end, until next time, we appreciate you guys tuning in and Dan, thank you again my man.

Dan McCarthy 35:49
Right on man. See ya.