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This is our 30th episode of The Community Conversation and today’s guests, I’m just super excited to have on the show. As a matter of fact, this is the first time an entire FAMILY has been on all at once (just missing one apparently!). So today we have The Donadio Family on the Community Conversation; Jacki, Carl, Drew, and Dani. Dani was actually our Prototype of the month last month (great work Dani!) so this makes this episode even more special!

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Michael Collette 0:03
All right, we’re live with the Donadio family. So welcome, everyone. Welcome jack, Carl. Drew. Danny. I appreciate you guys being on the committee conversation today. Looking forward to it. Absolutely. So why don’t we kick things off? And why don’t you guys just kind of give us a little background on how you guys got involved that prototype how you guys started, like your fitness journey? I know you all didn’t come in on the same day. So that’d be how that all kind of worked out. Who was the last one that drink the kool aid? stuff so I would love to hear hear about that.

Carl Donadio 0:39
started with the first right here. She’s the one who brought us all along.

Jackie Donadio 0:42
Yeah, well, I think you hit hit the nail on the head with the Kool Aid because I I started I always you know, we do yoga, Anytime Fitness Boot Camps, different things along the way. And then some of the girls from Anytime Fitness, they came over by you, I guess they were renovating the gym or something. And one of the girls was like, you really need to try this CrossFit. You’ll love it, you’ll love it. And to me, I felt very intimidated by it. So I held out for a little bit. And then I finally called you and you’re like come on in and I I’ll never forget the first day and I know I tell you it sometimes. I was so nervous, and I was working out with you. And you’re like, Okay, let’s do these wall balls. I’d never done them before. I think I did nine wall balls. And I literally thought I was gonna throw up, like and I’m like, how am I ever going to keep up with this, but I kept coming back and I loved it. And Carl would say to me, jack, you drank the Kool Aid. And he was always making fun of me. But he worked out at work. And I said no, I think if you I think if you come to cross bag that’s what he told me. But he I said I think if you come you’ll enjoy it. So you did like that. What do you do that special Christmas offer? So I bought that’s what I bought them for Christmas was his CrossFit?

Carl Donadio 2:07
Yeah. I think Christmas probably should have been. So for me it was Jackie was going for probably almost two years, right? Maybe 18 months to two years. And my guy would literally be like, Oh my god, you drank the Kool Aid, CrossFit, blah, blah, blah. And I would make fun of her and I would say all this stuff. And then she bought that for me. And for Christmas. And right after Christmas. I literally stepped on the scale. I had never been over 200 pounds, I weighed 205 pounds. It was two days after Christmas. And I was the heaviest I ever was I was approaching 50. And I said Damn, you got to do something. So I took that, again, was I insulted maybe a little bit but but I just took it and I went literally I think it was the 27th of January, December, which was my first class. And I never looked back. It has been you know, like Jackie said, I was intimidated at first to I couldn’t do a pull up. I couldn’t do a push up. I was, like I said approaching 50 out of shape. And it was time to do something. And I’ll tell you what, I haven’t looked back. It’s been just an incredible experience for sure. And I’m very thankful that she gave me back drinking the Kool Aid. I drank it hard. I’m all in. So Jackie, and then Carl, and then I think

Drew Donadio 3:27
it was me. It was me. Yeah, yeah. So right around the same time. I also I guess I was also not in the best shape. I was like 582 110 pounds at one point in high school, went out to California started to get in shape was playing club lacrosse out there. And then I wanted to stay in shape when I was coming home over the summer. So both my parents were doing it at that point. I think my first workout was a partner WOD did it with my pops over here had a blast and have been coming back every time. I’ve been home since so I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

Michael Collette 3:58
Awesome. Drew. All right, Danny, you’re the last one.

Dani Donadio 4:00
Yeah, I know. I just think they all joined. So then I joined to remember I did the virtuosity with Coach Ben when he was still there. And I don’t know, it’s just fun to do it with my family. And I also like to do it before Rallycross seasons just like get in shape a little bit. But pretty much.

Michael Collette 4:17
So you guys all have different goals at some capacity, and you’re all different ages, but the thing you all have in common is that you’re all family. What’s it like being able to come into a gym and workout with each other? Because some people are completely the exact opposite. They don’t want to work out with their significant other or their family. And maybe it’s more on the kids side than the adult side. You don’t want to work out with mom and dad. But how have you guys been able to make that not just not I wouldn’t say make it work but like, like, kind of embrace that and make that as part of your life. What does that experience been like for us?

Carl Donadio 4:53
So So from my perspective, right? I mean, to have my family there and to be healthy to get And to work hard together. I mean, when we get to do it like this morning, we all went in today. We even brought my nephew in this morning as well. So he’s up visiting, he came in. It’s so cool. I mean, it really is, it’s the greatest thing. Like I said, you know, to get moving with your family. And look, they’re up at 7am. Dorothy, you know, they’re at the 7am class, so most kids would be sleeping in. So you know, the fMRI to get them active to get them out there. As a dad, it’s, it’s awesome. I would say on the weekends. So Jackie, and I would pretty much be at the 7am. And Jackie would be at the 330. During the week. I started going on Saturdays, and Jackie was kind of hesitant to do it. I think he again, you’re probably a little intimidated by it.

Jackie Donadio 5:43
Like, I’m not Saturday, I’m taking the day off. And Carl’s like, Oh my god, it’s awesome.

Carl Donadio 5:47
So for us to work out on Saturday mornings. I mean, it’s awesome, right? I mean, we get you know, when the kids aren’t home, we’ll go in together on Saturdays, we’ll work out and I just love it. It’s, you know, it’s a great way to bring people together. And I’ve been having a blast with it. So it’s pretty cool.

Jackie Donadio 6:01
I love having the kids know, to and I and Carl and then like after, you know, when we came home or we’re having breakfast we’re discussing, you know, the weight. We did the word we did. I mean, maybe that’s not for everybody, but it’s just you know, we have a lot of laughs about, you know, oh my goodness, you know, one time I know, Drew and I were running and I when I came around the corner, I started sprinting as fast as I could because I knew he was gonna let me and then like, we’ll laugh about things like that. He was like, wow, Mom, you really were fast. But really, I was giving it everything because I just didn’t want him to catch me. So it’s like little competitive things that we do within the family that maybe no one’s really catching on to at the time but then we laugh about that. That later on he she always says she’s not competitive, just with the family.

Drew Donadio 6:46
Yeah, I think I think it was great last year too. I came home for a while a couple months during COVID definitely doing the virtual workouts I definitely would have just slept in and been lazy like pretty much every day but to have the parents and Danny get me up and go work out during a pretty tough time was was awesome last year so I was my best take out from it. Yeah, you know, that’s a really good point. During COVID during the pandemic, we would literally as a family every morning get up at seven o’clock and there were some days where I didn’t feel like doing it or Jackie didn’t feel like doing or Danny didn’t feel like doing it and each one of us would push each other to get up and go do that workout and you know a beginning you know the whole beginning was down in the basement because it was cold and then we were outside. But it was a it was a great stress reliever during that period for sure. So that’s a good point you I didn’t even think of that.

Dani Donadio 7:38
I like working out with my parents especially because I know that they’re much older than me someone there was watching me and workouts and motivates me a lot to go a little faster if you have your weight or something

Michael Collette 7:51
a little jab you just threw in there Dani

Dani Donadio 7:53
Yeah, well, that sounded like a backhand motivation for me.

Michael Collette 7:58
I was gonna say there has to be some sort of family competition especially working out together y’all y’all experienced that? I know Jackie just said she experienced that do you guys find that to be something that motivates you and like how do you guys how does that kind of go and afterwards like so after you leave the gym you guys talking trash like what’s what’s

Carl Donadio 8:19
ton of trash talk!

Drew Donadio 8:20
I just get “I hope you’re still doing this when you’re my age for my dad after every single workout”

Carl Donadio 8:28
cuz he always makes the comments like oh yeah, I whipped you today Dad I said you know what, when you’re 50 something I hope you can whip your son’s butt like that so

Jackie Donadio 8:37
yeah yeah, it’s it’s fun and um, a takeaway from COVID that you said Mike was we get to we get to do this. And that always encouraged us every day you know, things weren’t great. But we get to do this we’re you know we’re fit to do this we get to do this we we get up and get out and do it early usually early in the morning like seven o’clock and it was kind of funny because then some of the neighbors would be like, What are you guys doing out there every day even the kids are out up and out and we’re like running all over the neighborhood doing you know all the different workouts and stuff but um you know we get to so I just think that that’s such a great bonding I guess you could say experience for family. Great.

Michael Collette 9:22
I loved hearing that so since they obviously there’s a lot to talk about with COVID but we got to the young ones here that are in you know school and are and you know enjoying the enjoying their youth How have you guys been able to you know continue to stick with it even though they’re despite like the the difficulties of COVID and talked about the virtual but I guess when you guys are together as a family you guys have that that accountability? Right drew was talking about it I wouldn’t have gotten up unless they are getting me to get up like how do you stay motivated, especially like you guys are talking about there’s so many, like younger folks out there that just want to sleep in like what is the what is the motivation behind

Carl Donadio 10:00
So is this directed at Jackie and I as a as the elders, or the young girl is the youngers? Yeah. You guys are the Kool Aid drinkers.

Dani Donadio 10:10
Um, at school I do F45 classes, which is kind of similar. But I definitely slack off a little bit with that just because I like don’t even have the accountability at school. So sometimes I just sleep in the knockout. But I do like doing that, because it’s pretty similar.

Drew Donadio 10:26
Yeah, I think when I’m in Arizona, you know, it’s definitely a little more difficult, especially like gyms being closed and stuff during COVID. But I’d like a running trail right by my house, I’ll go do some of the virtual workouts that we had in a park or you know, just just hit the trailer and do a lot of running. So that’s kind of how I stayed in shape, over COVID. But definitely looking to you know, maybe join a gym and get in better shape now. It’s kind of wrapped up.

Michael Collette 10:49
That’s awesome. I just love the fact that you guys are all on here because we’ve never had a full on family on the communion conversation, couples, and whatnot. But we haven’t had like a fall family on here. I have I want to get all your opinion because I feel like every time I see Carl, he mentioned this to me. I know that there is a nother Nadia. I see Carl got them and got the whole family in here. Except that except one. What’s his deal? What’s going on? He hasn’t drank The kool aid yet?

Jackie Donadio 11:24
Yeah, he’s an athlete. He’s in in shape. But I would try. Yeah,

Drew Donadio 11:31
I think if my parents pressed last on him, he’d be more likely to join.

Carl Donadio 11:37
I haven’t said anything.

Michael Collette 11:42
So he hasn’t he has the you haven’t guilt trip them yet?

Jackie Donadio 11:45
Yeah. I asked you to come over and abducted him out of the house.

Michael Collette 11:51
I think that’s illegal.

Carl Donadio 11:53
Yeah, he would be great. Mike. He’s He’s fit. You know, he’s athletic. He always played sports in high school. He would be great at it. But we’ll see. Maybe eventually.

Jackie Donadio 12:03
I thought maybe this summer was good.

Michael Collette 12:06
I didn’t know if he got if he was like out behind there. Just kind of listening in. I know if I want to know, kool aid for him. Yeah. So. So what’s the what’s the next goal? Right? So you kind of you guys have all kind of gotten in here. You’ve been working out really consistently? Like, what are the things that continue to motivate you? What are the things that you’re that you’re all individually working on? besides just, you know, being healthier? and feeling better? Like what are the things that like, I guess motivate your drive you to to work? hard, right? Because CrossFit, it’s not so easy. Like, what what is that motivation look like. And I don’t know if that’s different for for each one of you.

Carl Donadio 12:51
Who wants to go, I can, I can start. So for me, again, like I said before, right? When I joined, I was approaching 50, I was I was in the worst shape of my life. And I knew I had to do something, and I had to do something, I lost my dad pretty young. So my dad was 57 when he passed away, so you know, I’m approaching that now. Right, I’m getting relatively close. So I want to do everything in my power to be as healthy as I can. So I can be here for my kids, I can be here for my kids, kids in the future. You know, so that’s important to me. And obviously, by moving and, you know, moving heavy weights and doing what we’re doing every day, it’s just gonna keep me in a better for, you know, a better state physically as well as mentally. So I’m doing everything I can to make sure that I’m here for a long term. And again, to get in the gym every day, you know, I’m a seven a hammer, and you know, it’s a shame group of people, and getting to see him in the morning and laughing with him and joking around and with the coaches and all it’s it’s just, you know, everybody says it right. But community, a prototype is so awesome, but it’s the truth that coaches are awesome, it’s the truth. That’s what keeps you going every day. And for me, it’s so I can be here in the long term. So I can, you know, get to meet my kids, kids, eventually.

Jackie Donadio 14:09
I agree with that i, for me, you know, we’re getting older and older, and it’s only gonna get harder and harder. And, and I always just wanted to keep it, like, just to be fit is great. So that’s always been a goal. But then there’s some of the things that at CrossFit, like, the double unders, you know, I can’t spring them, I can get one here, one there. And so there’s always things like that are total bars, you know, I could get one occasionally, like, I have these goals. Yeah, I’ve had them for a while, but COVID did it, you know, so, but it’s nice to always have something that you’re working towards, you know, and for me personally, I love going in the mornings in the summer. It’s a great way to start my day. And then in the afternoon, during the school year, just you know it’s 330 but it just when I come out, I feel So good. You know, every day I go, I feel good. Even if I’m sore, and I’m complaining that I’m sore. Once I do the workout, I just I feel so good, so good about myself all round. So, you know, I just you know, staying in shape is definitely just my, you know, priority. But that’s, that’s my goal, you

Dani Donadio 15:20
I don’t know, I just definitely like the way I feel like mentally after I work out. I feel like it’s a good refresher for me personally, because I just like to stay in shape to, I don’t really have any solid reasons why. It’s just nice for me to go and just like have an hour during the day where I just get to refresh and just stuff like that. And I definitely do feel myself especially this summer, compared to my past summers with CrossFit getting a lot stronger. And I have been like reaching new goals like just yesterday, I started doing kipping pull ups and I’ve never been able to do that before. So stuff like that makes me feel a lot better about myself and makes me feel motivated to do other things.

Michael Collette 16:01
Congratulations. Excellent. That’s a huge milestone. Yeah.

Drew Donadio 16:07
Yeah, I think for me, once I got in shape, I just really wanted to stay in shape. And it’s definitely like helped me do that, like just definitely a total full body workout. I know last summer I wasn’t really running, but I was doing the like workouts five or six times a week. And that one ran my first half marathon last summer. And like, I feel like I was in such great cardio shape just from doing these workouts every day. So I think my next goal would be to do a full marathon trying to convince someone to deal with me, but no one wants it. And so love to see updates to come on how that goes. I

Michael Collette 16:36
love that man. I love to hear that you ran a half marathon without running too much. That’s pretty awesome. Yeah, it was it was it was definitely brutal towards the end, but we finished a lot of you finished right? That’s awesome. Oh, so you guys have to have like a favorite workout. Or like favorite movements? What if you know if I was to boil it down? Like what is your favorite? If you have one off the top of your head? Like what is your favorite workout that you’ve you guys made? Oh, it doesn’t have to be all together you got individual but they were workout you guys have done or what are your favorite? Like exercises to do if you were to pick your perfect? Like workout? Like you’re the workout that you would never ever cherry pick?

Carl Donadio 17:18
So I for me, I guess I’m gonna have to shave the Murph right again. So I it’s funny. My progression in the murf. You know, from the first time I did it to where I’m doing it now. Obviously, I still have an RX. But the last time I did it was the first time I actually RX the movements, right. So I did all the push ups. I did all the pull ups. And that’s the first time I didn’t come close to that. So that was huge, but I love doing the Murph. And it’s a lot of reasons, right? Because a lot of times we’ve done it together, which is very cool. But it’s also when we’re at the gym and what that’s all about and you know, everybody coming together and you got big groups doing it. The vibe, the energy is so awesome and cool. So I would have to say by far from me, it’s definitely doing the Murph.

Jackie Donadio 18:05
I don’t know if I could just pick one specific workout. I always like workouts where there’s some running involved. I wouldn’t say I love running, but I like it. Um, so I think definitely was running above but you know what, like, what Carl, just to play off what Carl just said about the vibe with the Murph. Same with like the CrossFit open. I sign up for that. Well, in the beginning, I didn’t. And then my first one was very difficult, but I felt so good after like this accomplishment that it just feels so good when you’re there in the gym in those afternoons and people you know, you’ve got your person scoring you and stuff and it’s just such a nice community feeling. And so things like that, or even the that row for Crows that we did that time. That was so much fun.

Yeah, that again this year. Yeah, I know. I said I’m quick team of four. In Clemson. We’re in Clemson. Yeah, yeah, we were bummed about that. But um, but those kind of like community workouts, I always feel like this is just amazing to be a part of, and it’s something that I thought I could never be a part of, because I just didn’t feel like I had the strength to be able to participate in something like that. So that’s huge for me.

Dani Donadio 19:26
I like the Saturday partner watch, because maybe my mom usually together. I know. It’s just not fun. And I know me and drew did one on time and it was like a mystery wad so it wasn’t posted before. And that’s like I think that was the most fun I’ve had during the workout just because we just showed off noses like ridiculously hard workout, but I don’t know doing it together was a lot of fun. So

Unknown Speaker 19:47
You like not knowing what the workout is, yeah, I kinda like that. I like knowing on Saturdays. Yeah. What was that?

Carl Donadio 19:55
I was just saying on Saturdays, it’s usually us to partnering right as soon as one of the kids On the phone, guess who’s on the outside? Right? I have to now go find a partner. Very good luck to them. All the contracts today, because I live in Arizona now. So I think that one’s cool. And you guys do it every fourth. So let’s go on, do it. Anyone that has running in it just because that’s probably the thing I’m best at at the gym makes me feel better about myself.

Michael Collette 20:22
I love that. So good. A good mix. Here, a couple hero workouts, the Murph and hot shots. And then the Saturday workouts which is always a favorite amongst families. And Jackie, you were talking about the CrossFit open you really like Yeah, I remember. Like, having to convince you to sign up for it. I think I remember seeing you almost every Friday, and you would come up to me. And I think I would say something like, aren’t you glad you signed up? Aren’t you glad you signed up? And then and then I think by the end of it, you’re like, yeah, this is great. This is fun. Yeah,

Jackie Donadio 21:03
I thought I might divorce Carl during it though, cuz he was like, you’re getting me to sign up. And it was so hard. And I was writing that first lane. And it was Oh, but then I was so psyched that I did it. I was

Carl Donadio 21:17
Cathy Milligan which was wrapping her and she’s like, I’m gonna kill him. He made me sign up for Yeah, why

Michael Collette 21:23
not? One piece of advice is really is to never have your significant other be your judge in the CrossFit Open,

Drew Donadio 21:31
He’d be no repping her like crazy, honestly.

Michael Collette 21:35
I’ve experienced that with with Aaron myself. Not fun. Not a fun conversation after afterwards. You know, integrity goes out the window. Right. Right. All right. I’ll want to get into our Spitfire around here of questions. So if you’ve heard this, you guys know it. I always say I’m going to change it, but I don’t really change them up. So I hope you guys all have different answers here. So first question is favorite movie, TV show and TV show of all time? And then also what do you currently binge watching? No, we’re all

Carl Donadio 22:17
Yeah, either. Favorite movie favorite TV show? Me favorite movie, boy. I’m probably going to have this as a throwback. I’m gonna say Caddyshack. I just love that movie. It just it just kills me. It’s just so funny. Favorite TV show of all times is definitely the sopranos.

Michael Collette 22:38
I love you, Carl. Those are two awesome. I love the sopranos. You know, there’s a prequel coming out next year. I can’t wait to see this fall or something.

Carl Donadio 22:45
Yep. Looking forward to that for sure. You know, that’s Gandolfinis son, That’s playing Gandolfini. Oh, that is cool. It was really cool.

Jackie Donadio 22:56
I don’t know favorite movies kind of hard. I didn’t really like that Sixth Sense. You know, the first time we watched that I really liked

Michael Collette 23:03
That’s the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Or somebody watched me when I was a kid watching that and it scared the crap out of me. And I was like, I can’t watch it. Still to this day. It scares I just can’t watch me. Oh,

Jackie Donadio 23:15
sorry to bring back bad memories. Oh, no, it’s good. I love this. Yeah, I love that. It really caught me off guard. I don’t know if it’s really my favorite but I thought it was a good one. And then I loved we watched shits creek that was cracked me out so much. So I just love that. That was a great one. Good show.

Dani Donadio 23:38
Really no movie. Probably safe haven. And I’ve heard of that. never even heard. I just like it because it’s romance. It’s filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina where grandparents live so we know someone places. Nine favorite TV shows probably Gossip Girl. I think that’s Erins favorite show too.

Drew Donadio 23:56
My favorite movies easily miracle gets me fired up every time and then favorite TV shows probably like whatever golf tournaments on that. We don’t watch a ton of TV shows.

Michael Collette 24:05
That’s a great answer though. Can’t go around with a golf tournament. What do you got? You guys binge watching anything right now? Yeah, we’re crown the crown. You want to do a NBA Finals there, right?

Drew Donadio 24:19
Oh yeah. I got my son shirt on.

Carl Donadio 24:24
I’m watching Handmaid’s Tale so if you ever seen that that’s an interesting one.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
I feel like I Erin got me to watch the tried to watch the first episode and I had to turn it off because I was just they couldn’t watch it. For sure it was still too disturbing for me. But yeah, yeah, it’s a little out there. I’m watching new girl a little lighter. Yeah. Oh, that’s right. That I’m pretty sure the guy in that is a big CrossFit guy. One of the the actors Oh, yeah. This guy. Yes, yeah. Yeah. Now it’s one of the the CrossFit Games workouts as well. My second question is, we’ll move that moving to music favorite musician band artists of all time. And then also favorite song where we got we got from the Donadio family, but you guys like listen to

Drew Donadio 25:15
those. So it’s Yeah, so you can go okay. favorite songs probably colder weather by Zac Brown band on a huge country fan favorite musicians probably like Luke combs or Cody Johnson for me. While the country that country? Yeah, yeah, pretty much

Jackie Donadio 25:31
I do like the country as well. I do. A lot of times I like to listen to 70s music not to date myself, but I just really like that genre. Yeah. You know what? So I think it’s looking glass brandy. I like that song a lot.

Unknown Speaker 25:50

Carl Donadio 25:51
yeah. So I would say for me, it’s funny. I’ve gotten into country recently and I probably have to attribute that to Drew. My favorite song right now. Is his beers and sunshine. Absolutely love that. What Darius Rucker love that song. I think it’s so cool.

Michael Collette 26:10

Carl Donadio 26:12
eah. My favorite music though. My favorite music. style is like 80s rock. That’s I still love to bang my head a little bit of 280s rock. Fired up at the gym at the 7am right.

Dani Donadio 26:27
I’m with drew on the contrary. I love Morgan Wallen, so I hear it time for him. It’s probably wasted on you know,

Michael Collette 26:35
I love it. So it’s like we got a country family going on right here in mass. Yeah, I like it. Alright, final question is his favorite hobby? What is your favorite thing to do outside of working out?

Carl Donadio 26:49
Yeah, I guess for me, it’s probably playing golf. I love to play golf. I got I wish I were better. we all we all suck at golf. We all suck at golf. Yeah, it’s so frustrating. Like, I get so frustrated. It’s I’m like I shouldn’t be better. But I tell you what, I do hit the ball a whole lot further than I ever have. Of course, it’s just depends where it goes. So it goes. I know it I know that a family time as well. I mean that that to me is is obviously a great, great thing to do as well.

Jackie Donadio 27:22
I love time with family. I love walking the dogs. And I love shopping to you and Erin get along so well. Yeah, number one. I’ll be right there. Like

Dani Donadio 27:35
I even got it. I love my family. I do love being at school. A lot of a lot of fun down there is your hobby. I don’t know just like the weekends I come sooner. So

Drew Donadio 27:50
again, it’s still not a hobby. I like golfing, skiing, running cottage being outside in general. A lot of cool stuff to do in Arizona. Whoa hot this time of year. But, uh Yeah, it’s kind of kind of all my favorite hobbies right there.

Michael Collette 28:06
I love it. Good. A good mix of fun. all comes back to family but uh, did audios. I appreciate you guys being conversation. This is this was awesome. We got a lot of great tidbits. And I appreciate everyone that is tuning in and listening right now if the no conversation comes out every Monday to get your week started. And if you’d like to be like me conversation, just give us a shout and we’d love to have you on but until next time, Drew Danny, Jackie Carl, appreciate you all being on the community conversation. Mike,

Jackie Donadio 28:37
thank you so much. And thank you for all the all the coaches and all your hard work and dedication at CrossFit because we really appreciate it. We certainly do. Thanks, Mike. Thanks, for having us on.

Michael Collette 28:46
Thank you. You’re welcome, guys. We’ll see you