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This is our 32nd episode of The Community Conversation and today’s guest, is the one and only Mark DiRienzo. Mark has a funny story on how he started at Prototype, but more importantly, he’s been with us since our near inception. Mark has some great insight on mindset and creating an environment of healthy habits for his family. You won’t want to miss this episode as it’s a good one!

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Michael Collette 0:03
All right. We got the legendary Mark DiRienzo… DiRienzo. For you guys that are listening, if you don’t know Mark, then you probably haven’t been in the gym very long because it’s not. It doesn’t take a long time to get to know Mark. He’s loud. He doesn’t listen very well. And he’s incredibly handsome. And he makes them really, really cute kids. We can talk about that as we go through the committee conversation. But, Mark, I appreciate you being on today means a lot to me. And yeah, man. Our pleasure, Mikey. Good speaker. Yeah, dude. So Mark, why don’t you kind of give everyone a little bit of context in you how you kind of like found CrossFit down prototype, like your whole fitness journey. And we’ll kind of start from there.

Mark DiRienzo 1:00
Yeah, it’s got to be over eight years now. Right, I think, because we still had the or you still had the, the turf going through the middle of the gym. When I first joined the pull ups bars were only on the side where they barbells are now. So those tons of open space. So I got into I mean, I’d always kind of worked out or gone to the gym or done stuff like that. And then I just kind of got boring doing the same old, same old so I started just searching different things. And I was at at the time northborough Fitness I think it was or encompass or something like that. They’re in the center of town in North bro. And I started doing their boot camps. And so I started Googling like boot camp workouts. And then I came across a video of Mika Salo doing seal fit, so and then I Mikko was like blown away all these seals in his training. And so I started doing some research on who Mikko Solo was, and then came across CrossFit. So then I moved into a gym in northborough called Project j fitness. And the guy was super into CrossFit, really awesome guy, just great, great person. And his gym was kind of set up more like a CrossFit gym with like, no real machines, just kind of like weights and stuff like that. And so we were doing CrossFit means site workouts to the best of our ability. And then I just I wanted more. So that’s how I started, you know, kind of going around and meeting different people. And I think you remember right, I walked in, and it was talking to you about the gym. And you know, what you have to do and you were talking about was it wasn’t virtual at the time, what was it called?

Michael Collette 2:46
We called elements

Mark DiRienzo 2:47
elements. Like Yeah, from a safety standpoint, and I’m like, Well, what am I gonna do muscle ups, I just walked over the rings and

Michael Collette 2:57
an alpha move.

Mark DiRienzo 2:59
Yeah, trying to say I didn’t need to do elements. So that’s kind of how I found it. And I think the first one of the first weeks was the open workout. where it was, it was something with rowing, there was 50 total bar. Then there was wall balls, and then it was 30 cleans or something like that. It was like 6050 4030 or something like that. And it crushed me but at that point I was I was hooked. Yeah.

Michael Collette 3:31
So you’re, you’re all in I remember the day you came in. You’re like I’m losing muscle. Everything on the rings. All right, I forgot. I forgot what the next thing was when I was like, how do you like this guy? This guy’s walking in there. And it was so young to man that was long, long time ago. You know before you know when you had hair. Back then you had hair and I had a little bit more mine pool. You had grass going down the middle of your gym? That’s right. We had a lot of hair growing out. We’re actually going to probably go through our hair went into that into that. Yeah, my three kids rolling around upstairs, right. You mentioned Mikko sailo I don’t know if you remember this but he did an open workout. I forget what it was, I think was like that never ending Fran thing over three rounds like 1515 and he did it in like this like the rogue Garat like rogue like, facility in like, somewhere in Europe and Sweden. And it was like dark silent there was like three people there just watching him no music, and it looked loose like I suffer fast. And then he said something like about like, you know, oh man, he was like crush that workout. You should be like dying like Why aren’t you like under the ground on your back? And he said like, that’s like the position that like animals take when they’re like, you know, something around those lines like that they’re that they’re like vulnerable But they’re giving obviously got young I’ll never go on my back. Last, like that last position before death. Dude that guy was mentally like he still is because he still exists here or something like that. I think

Mark DiRienzo 5:16
that’s like his si Yeah, yeah, yeah, remember to like so there was no music it was by himself and he was in sweat pants, right and he was like he started off like a road hoodie. And then he was just in a T shirt. And they asked them, you know if he had a goal and he all he said was one more than froning time, you know, rich was at the top and he did he did. He did one more than froning he only did workouts once. But he got injured that year at like he didn’t eat a Terran abdomen or something.

Michael Collette 5:49
Yeah, he did something he did something, something that happened to him. But I remember him like kipping those pull ups do they were they weren’t like, you know, the traditional butterfly or even like, it was just like a kind of like a modified version of something in between that, but I mean, yeah, that guy, you’re into that stuff. They’re into these like mentally strong like things like you said, You’ve worked out like a workout with David Goggins, you’re, I think you’re the one that turned me on to can’t hurt me. Like, how did you? Like, that been always like a mindset thing has that always been something you’ve been into, but I feel like that’s something that you’ve talked a lot about, or you’ve like, you’re into, like, the whole, that sort of stuff.

Mark DiRienzo 6:27
I wouldn’t say it’s something I’ve always been into, like, I’ve always, I mean, I wasn’t a very good athlete, like in high school, you know, I played multiple sports, but I wasn’t very good. And I was like, you know, third line hockey. You know, in high school, I ran track, I was fairly slow, but I could pull off, you know, so I did like, these alternate stuffs. And, you know, I tried to do every different sport in kind of as I get older, I just, I don’t know, I just, I just wanted to try to challenge myself more find people that I could find motivation from. And so, you know, originally, you know, when I got into CrossFit, it was Mikko sailo. And then I remember, you know, Goggins talked about this, when he watched the seal videos, you know, those first seal videos and learning about how we can buds and all that stuff. And, you know, always trying to find motivation there and just trying to find people that seem to not possess all the athletic ability in the world never had like a leg up or a gift or, you know, had all the financial freedom to do everything want or have other people help them just did it on their own. And I always got kind of inspired by that stuff. Like, I’m not a big reader, like I’ve, you know, struggled my whole life with ADHD. So sitting down and reading the book, was something I could never do. But I always found myself able to read those books, like a Goggins type of books, or there’s a book Eric Rogers turned me on to called with the old breed in talking about, you know, just challenging times that people went through. And it kind of just I found motivation with that now, I was fortunate enough to work out with Goggins, that was an unbelievable experience, I find his story to be impeccable. And I feel like there’s all these, you know, motivational speakers that they got nothing to show for it, they’re just paid speakers, they just get paid to talk about motivation, when their actions don’t back up what they’re saying. And when you find people that can put that all together, you know, to me, that is that something special and you know, especially if their background isn’t coming from a place of privilege, or, you know, extreme athletic pedigree, and they’re able to do it, you know, I find that pretty inspirational.

Michael Collette 8:37
So Awesome, so important for you here to talk about motivation, like what keeps you motivated, you’ve been working out and training, like, for eight years doing this stuff, like you’ve kind of gone through, like, I don’t wanna say, the ringer, but like, you’ve kind of achieved like different, like, you know, levels of fitness, you’ve been able to do, like you talked about the muscle ups, you can do a lot of higher higher level stuff. And, like, so what has kept you motivated and keep driving towards like excellence.

Mark DiRienzo 9:11
I want to be a badass 90 year old. I don’t, you know, my old man is, is 71. And he sends me videos of, you know, deadlift prs that he’s doing, you know, he’s never really been into CrossFit. But he likes to lift he likes to stay in shape. And he can play baseball with his nephew with his grandson, you know, My son, who’s 11 and you can, you know, he’ll do flips into the pool to try to Cannonball the kids and, you know, I want that and I want that well into my 70s and 80s. And, you know, I’m a, I’m a big believer in, you know, some of the things that CrossFit has brought to me is, you know, the gift of what your body is and what it’s capable of doing. And really the I guess the problem with chronic diseases and the self inflicted things that we do to ourselves or to prevent from ourselves and the body really does. For most people, there’s obviously tragic situations where things that you can’t control, but most of us can control the manner in which we live our lives and our ability to do what we want to do and how we want to age. And I want to, I want fitness and exercise to be something that is routine in my house for my kids, that they see mom and dad and like, you know, being exercising and eating right, and doing all these things. And it’s not like, a strenuous thing or something, we regret doing something that is just part of our lives. So that’s it, and I’d be lying, if I say it wasn’t vanity do right, you know, I like to try to look good on the beach, or, you know, feel good, or, you know, I don’t know, it’s, it’s a combination of a lot of different things I like, I like being able to do different things and continually try to push myself and I want to be super fit for a very, very, very long time. I don’t ever want to not be able to do something because, you know, it’s, it really requires requires a physical ability on and off.

Michael Collette 11:18
But I call you Mr. GQ. But like, for the people that like are out there that you know, that aren’t you might not have that like mentality, but maybe have a desire to get in better shape. Like what’s your, you said, your your dad, you kind of got your dad into like CrossFit, like, how do you communicate? Or how do you like, what, how would you talk to those folks that, like, want to lead a better lifestyle, but have, you know, maybe you’ve gotten in their own way? To an extent?

Mark DiRienzo 11:49
Yeah, I think it’s kind of where my professional career and my personal career kind of intersect. So for those who don’t know, I, you know, company banner in the background, I work for Lincoln financial, but I’m an account executive for one of their long term care policies, or long term care products. So I’m intimately aware of what end of life is, you know, there’s this the Gulf there of everybody talks about what the average lifespan is. But more importantly, it’s the average health span. And the United States, our average health span is less than almost any, you know, advanced country, we spend about 12 years are our average life in an unhealthy state. And so, you know, for people that I have the ability to talk to, or you know, talking to my dad, who’s, it’s already something he knows about, but strength is one of those biggest things like, you know, what keeps you out of a nursing home? What keeps you from having to need the policies that, you know, my company sells is strength. Now, it sounds crude, but can you get up and down from the toilet when you’re in your 80s? That’s what keeps you home? Right? those simple little things can you get up and down the stairs, if you fall? Can you get up. And so, you know, for people that you may see the, the gymnastics or the muscle ups or the other huge deadlifts, of CrossFit, you know, that’s, that’s not it, it’s, it’s really should be defined simply as functional fitness. And that’s what I try to talk to people about, I think that’s the most impressive thing about the majority of the community that you’ve built inside prototype, it’s, it’s not all about, you know, the muscle ups, the deadlift, PR is the, you know, crazy cleans, it’s the functional fitness you think about how many lives you’ve affected over the last decade or so since I’ve been there. It’s, it’s pretty amazing. So as I try to talk to people, or if I do talk to people, or they asked me why I do it, you know, that’s kind of a it’s because my work life and my profession in my personal life kind of collide. And one is preventative, and one is taking care of issues when people don’t have you know, the self preservation, you know, built inside from, from personal strength and functional fitness.

Michael Collette 13:57
So important, such a good reminder. And you’ve like, instilled that too, in your family when your kids are just like that they’re always, always moving Johnny playing all these different sports like, what’s that influenced? I guess, you and in Christina, like the, like, your, the influence that you’ve had on like, just your lifestyle, like family, like what’s that kind of? Like?

Mark DiRienzo 14:22
I don’t know if it’s, it’s just what we do, right? It’s not like, you know, it’s not, it doesn’t have to be forced when it’s all your kids see, from an early age if they see right, they know. When I was going to the gym early, you know, Dad usually coming in as we’re getting up. Oh, he was at the gym. Now, mom’s on her peloton, you know, all the time mom’s doing yoga or meditation all the time, like, and that’s her time to do that. And it’s not time to do playing the study of the thing. It’s part of her day. She schedules you know, and It’s not an emphasis on one thing versus the other. It’s not like, you know, CrossFit is more important than this are more important than that it’s just moving in activity is something we do, that’s that happens in our house, it’s going to happen. You can’t not do some activity, it doesn’t have to be baseball, it doesn’t have to be hockey, it doesn’t have to be, you know, any particular sport. But there does have to be movement going on. I don’t care what it is, I don’t care if it’s gymnastics, I really don’t care what it is, do whatever you want. But you’re going to move and I think, you know, people come people are, what their environment is that they’ve been created in, I believe, right? Whatever environment you can create for your child, you know, they’re going to eventually do and I think we’ve been put in the fortunate position where we can do some of these different things, and our kids get to see it, and they want to do it, right. They see the happiness matter provides us we’re better I’m a better person, when I workout, you know, we kind of talk about it, Christina and I in front of the kids, like, you know, we haven’t had a couple of days where we can work out for some reason or another, you know, mom’s grumpy, she didn’t get this in, or Dad, you know, is grumpy, he didn’t get this. And so they know, it’s, it’s just an aspect of what we do. And as the kids do it, the other ones want to do it as well, too, because the littler kids want to always do what the bigger kids do kind of just as monkey see monkey do when you have kids, and so it’s kind of always been that way. That’s just kind of what we do.

Michael Collette 16:32
So basically, we said it’s like, product of the environment. So you are your product of your kind of environment that you’re in, you’ve created this environment where they’re just it is what it is they see you said monkey see monkey do. This is like what they do so but you guys have like, implemented some really, really good habits, too. And I think that’s like that’s kind of hard to just get that created. Right. And I love talking about like how the hardest part. Yeah, and like, you say, like seeing like, peloton yoga meditation, you’re working out strict with like, you know, pretty strict on like nutrition, like, what, what are some of those habits that you’ve kind of implemented? Or maybe some things that you do that that other people may not necessarily think about? Or? Or do you remember, they used to get up? Like, where the crack of dawn, come in and work out? I mean, before the gym was opened back in the day with Jesse and everything like that. But like, what are some of those maybe some little tips or tricks you might have for those folks that are listening right now?

Mark DiRienzo 17:30
Well, I don’t know. That’s a tough question. I think the biggest tip is is like, you know, so I forget who it was who said this, it might have been Jocko, or maybe Goggins on him. But like, the biggest, one of the biggest tips I ever got was, don’t ever hit the snooze button, because you can’t start your day off with a failure. So if you set your alarm to get up at 6am, right, and then you hit snooze, you’ve already failed your first task of the day. So you should never do that, right? If you set your arm to get up at a certain time, do it execute on your first task of the day. And then everything else kind of falls in line. So you know if and that’s one of the things with signing up for a class, right? Sign up for your CrossFit class beforehand. Because you know, if you’re going to say you’re going to the 7am, you sign up for go to it right? never hit that Cancel button. There’s extenuating circumstances that come up, particularly when you have kids, right things that you can’t account for that happen in the night or the day. I think once you kind of get in that mindset of doing what you say you’re going to do, you know, words have value. There’s a book that Brady talks about all the time, the Four Agreements, right? And one of them was be impeccable with your word. And it’s not so much just with other people, but also with yourself. So if you tell yourself something, you challenge yourself something, you do it, like there’s no, I was gonna do this. But now I got to do this. And it’s just do it. So I guess a tip would be, you know, find a routine, particularly with fitness and try to stick to it. Don’t say you’ll get in at some particular point in time today, because something always comes up that can interfere it. You know, you think about Mattie Calhoun or or you know, moe or those guys, Mattie’s 530 all the time. That’s the time that’s when he works out. You know, you think about the 5am. Ladies, I mean, my God, you know, ever since I’ve been coming here you have a group of women that get up at 430 or earlier all the time, every day. And you talked about the monkey see, monkey do. I think that’s one of the powerful things that you’ve created is that there’s that community accountability. So I guess another tip would be finding an accountability partner, where there’s a mutual interest, right? Find people that believe in where you’re going and I’ve thought about where you’ve been about where You want to go when you’re going off and certainly help out?

Michael Collette 20:05
God there’s so much good stuff that you just said. I love that the don’t hit the snooze button you start your day with failure execute the first task of the day. It’s like, think like it’s just reframing that and thinking like that makes it so much more powerful. Do

Mark DiRienzo 20:22
you think about that? Right? It’s such like a innocent thing. What’s the first thing everybody does? They smack their phone in the morning. Right? Well, does that follow up? I put your feet on the ground. And if it doesn’t, like you, when somebody when it was said to me as you just failed your first objective of the day, like the first goal you set for yourself, you just fail. It’s kind of like that. The book? Was it. General McAllister, who was the one who wrote the book? Make your bed?

Michael Collette 20:51
Oh, you’re talking about that speech? Yeah, yeah, it was McAllister. Yeah, it’s kind of like a follow up on that. Right. Like,

Mark DiRienzo 21:00
you can’t make your bed. Now, Christina makes she read that book. And he spoke it or I think he spoke at her PC commencement, or whatever, Providence College things. You know, so she makes her bed every morning. So that task is done. But if you fail, like the first objective of the day, you know, it may not seem like a big deal. But you’re setting yourself up for more wins. If you win your first task.

Michael Collette 21:27
When the morning when the day I think that’s a Tim Ferris quote. So I think maybe not I don’t know. We can just go back and forth the quotes. I friggin love quotes. let’s get let’s pull it back. Let’s pull it back into the exercise things. Say you know, you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while now. And even before you got a prototype, any like workouts or things that kind of stick out in your mind, maybe like your favorite slash maybe some of the hardest ones that you’ve done that you want to talk a little bit about and then kind of adding to that, like, maybe started talking about what are some of your favorite like moments being at like, the gym because we’ve done a lot of different stuff together.

Mark DiRienzo 22:07
We’ve got a lot of stuff, Mikey. I mean, my favorite workout by far is holy man. 30 rounds. Five wall balls, three, handstand push. No, yeah, five wall balls, three handstand push ups. One clean, I have not been able to do it RX yet because the clean is 225 I think my record is 27 minutes and 210 for the clean, but to me that is that workout is such a mental grind because the first six or seven rounds are so easy.

Michael Collette 22:43
Yep, like forever.

Mark DiRienzo 22:45
Then you get into around round 12 for like 18 and you feel like it’s never gonna end and then you start getting this extra boost of energy that you don’t expect right around round 21. I just I absolutely love that workout. I think it’s it epitomizes CrossFit. It epitomizes the mental and physical aspect of CrossFit. And it hits every single, you know, muscle group variable. It’s like a crazy body pump. The hardest workout for me I think I’ve ever done is probably hot shots. I’m not one kills me. That’s the one time I almost passed out doing that workout.

Michael Collette 23:26
Just disclaimer, don’t pass out when you’re working out

Mark DiRienzo 23:31
thruster rowing workouts are brutal. But you know there’s they’re not. They’re not 40 minutes. You know what I mean? Hot Shots is just brutal. Some moments that stand out. I mean, my god, there’s so many of them. You know, when you do your first full open Rx, you and I did a St. Patrick’s Day. Complex competition together at CrossFit Creek. Yep, we just missed the finals. And we were right behind the guys from CrossFit swamp, who have been in the CrossFit regionals. I

Michael Collette 24:10
feel like there was some finicky going on with that because I just throw it out there.

Mark DiRienzo 24:14
There was right and you know, we remember that, because we had that workout where it was heavy friend went from 95 to 135 to 155.

Michael Collette 24:24
And we had this game plan

Mark DiRienzo 24:28
where we were switching back and forth on on the the thrusters and the Pope’s the first what was it called? Not the hero 20 fours that we did was unbelievable, right? We’re here. Yeah. Yep. First one, we did that. And then one of the Battle of the ages we did with big Todd. Now that was amazing as well, too. So I mean, I’m sure I’m missing something. But there’s been there’s been a lot of good ones. You know, making brand French do tequila shots and pegs was pretty fun.

Michael Collette 25:05
And I think you know

Mark DiRienzo 25:09
there’s been there’s been a lot of good ones Yeah, I you know, I told you this like I, I give up golf before I gave up prototype, it’s it’s too big.

Michael Collette 25:22
It’s big being a single digit handicap guy like yourself

Mark DiRienzo 25:25
Not for long man I’m playing so bad right now. At least I play faster than Doc though.

Michael Collette 25:30
You’re playing back then then Doc, Doc, if you’re listening? it’s I think it’s on a daily occurrence at this point that mark makes funny. I wanted to touch back on the 24 heroes and how special that was. Thank you. And you’re the one that kind of got that thing you and Brent. I think that’s that rolling over years ago,

Mark DiRienzo 25:50
right, um, sent out a text to you. And I think I replied them all in. You offer up the space and the time and then we just ran with it. And it kind of flew by the seat of our pants in regards to how we’re going to do it. And like everything that you do, it kind of comes together and it came together. Unbelievably, that was that was that was awesome. Yeah, this past year was tough to do it. We still did it. You’re going to do all 24 next year, or this year. Yeah, I thought I’m going to plan to hopefully,

Michael Collette 26:25
You mean you’re going to?

Mark DiRienzo 26:26
I got to get my visits up a little bit at the gym. You know, I’m slacking a little bit. So I told you one of my goals this year was that 250 classes this year and i’m i’m a little bit behind the eight ball so I’m gonna pick it up. I’ll use that as motivation.

Michael Collette 26:42
I can tell you where you’re at at the end of after we go. I don’t want to you’re all good. I guess ignorance is bliss, right? I’ll probably be below 100 right now. We’ll take a look. may not be as bad as you think. Take a look. Marky Mark on to get into the fire round of questions. Not really step by are they gonna go slow? Question numero uno is what is your favorite movie and TV show? Of all time and then flash? What do you currently binge watching right now? You can’t say golf tournament. Favorite movie of all time? his godfather.

Mark DiRienzo 27:26
Favorite TV show is or was Anthony Bourdain, no reservations. What do we binge watching right now? Nothing really. We just finished Yellowstone, which was awesome.

Michael Collette 27:42
I watched like, I feel like I watched a few episodes of that. And it was like, awesome. And then I stopped watching you get back into it. Yeah, but there’s a lot of twists going on in that show.

Mark DiRienzo 27:51
Oh, there’s a million twists. You know, it’s, but it was good. We decided to kind of take a break because I wanted to get back into reading a little bit. And I just got a new book from Daniel Pink that I’m trying to get into. So we’re taking because yeah, like an idiot. I’ll stay up late and watch like four episodes because you really only get like, kids go to bed in the summertime at like 930 10. And so we get like no time to ourselves. So we stay up till midnight watching shows. Stupid.

Michael Collette 28:28
What the book by Daniel Pink?

Mark DiRienzo 28:30
You know To sell is human. It’s called. So I just saw this guy speak. And he is an English English or Australian. I forget. And he talks about the mental aspect of sales. And obviously, it’s one I’m in so quick read somebody get into that.

Michael Collette 28:51
I read his book Drive a while ago.

Mark DiRienzo 28:54

Michael Collette 28:55
Daniel Pink, he’s good. I just read a few of you will want to read more. I can add another book to your list, which I think you would absolutely love. It’s called atomic habits. Atomic habits. by James clear, it’s spectacular. It’s like I feel like it’s like maybe four ish hour audible. So like I listened to maybe a chapter or two every time I walk my dog like you know 15-20 minute chapters. And it’s just awesome. And it gives you like actionable stuff. He’s got a pretty cool story to intercept.

Mark DiRienzo 29:32
You read Extreme Ownership, right?

Michael Collette 29:34
Yes, Jocko I was just on as an event where he was a speaker I was just on and he was like I told you about that. Annual read for me. I got to read it every year. Yeah, it’s good stuff. I love it. I love the audible version too, but he was hearing his voice still raw. And I mean,

Mark DiRienzo 29:51
the black and white Jocko videos at 430 in the morning.

Michael Collette 29:55
Oh just like picture of his watch. And he’s like 430 done. What are you doing? Like I love that stuff. Second question. So I just went into like favorite TV show and said, oh, what’s your favorite? Like, what’s your band musician, and favorite song of all time. But tune we like listened to

Mark DiRienzo 30:18
right now. I see my favorite musician is probably Nathaniel Ratliff. But what I’m listening to right now is a lot of jazz. Gianni is into jazz a little bit. And Christina and I before watching Yellowstone watch stromae, which is an unbelievable series on HBO, the gentlemen who did the wire, did it on the post Katrina, so it takes place three months after Katrina in Orleans. And he talks about the jazz music scene and a lot of the racial inequalities that went on in New Orleans and things like that. So I got really into brass. And so we get into jazz. So I’ve been going down like a grant green hole in jazz because Johnny loves it. So listen, some jazz smiles. Charles earland the big brassy is an unbelievable band on OLS. So we get into a little bit of that, dude, I

Michael Collette 31:27
wouldn’t I didn’t know you’re in the jazz music and then Gianni, how old is Gianni like 12?

Mark DiRienzo 31:33

Michael Collette 31:35
Kids listening to Jazz and that doesn’t surprise me though he was reading when he was like year and a half right?

Mark DiRienzo 31:43
Because again it for me is my wife’s amazing she’s brilliant. She She does handles all that stuff. I don’t I was not very good in school at all. Which is why I sell stuff.

Michael Collette 31:55
Now there’s there’s more to being smart than just being good at school. You got to get a good balance between the you and your wife in your in your kids song of all time you said what was my favorite? Yeah, favorite song you get honest no one song rest of your life what would have been one song maybe wished you’re here Pink Floyd. I would say Comfortably Numb over that time now. We’re all good. They’re all good really comfortably know that guitar solo and Comfortably Numb. Sick. Now I can listen to one album, probably Allison chains unplugged. Okay. Good. So you’re like a 90s guy. used to have that? long flowing hair. I saw pictures of you play off here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Point. That’s right. Last question mark. What? And I probably know the answer this but besides working out, favorite hobby, everything you could be like you just you mean family.

Mark DiRienzo 33:10
You know, my favorite thing to do is mice. Johnny’s super into baseball right now. So we’re in the middle of baseball season. There’s nothing I love more than watching the games. But in general, being on the beach kids is like literally my favorite thing on the planet to do. There. I luckily have three beach babies. They all love the beach. We could stay there for 12 hours. Whether it’s sunny, whether it’s overcast. They just paddle ball pro football is jumping the waves sandcastles. They love it. Christina, I love it. It is hands down my favorite thing to do. So I can’t wait till next week. We’ll be down the cake. Writing right down the street from you, buddy. And then it was nice to volunteer to babysit too. So that’s gonna be awesome. And then the golf

Michael Collette 34:03
never said that. But yeah, sure. Well fish activity would be golf. You play you play golf with Gianni.

Mark DiRienzo 34:12
Gianni plays golf. Karolina gets into it. She’ll play like three labels. She’s She’s more there for the snack bar.

Michael Collette 34:20
She’s more there for what?

Mark DiRienzo 34:21
The snack bar!

Michael Collette 34:23
The snack bar at the turn Yeah, as a family man. Well, this is awesome. Mark. I appreciate you jumping on join in chatting for a little bit and sharing your your knowledge and wisdom. Everyone that tuned in right now appreciate you listening. I know this is a fun conversation. So again, you guys know the drill. Every Monday we release new community conversation get your week started. So if you’re a member of the project community, like you’d be in the community conversation, let us know. But until next time again. Thank you, Mark, appreciate being on my man.

Mark DiRienzo 34:58
Thank you Mikey, it’s been a blast!