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Mike Collette 0:02
All right, everyone. We have Amy Costello here on the Community Conversation, aka our prototype of the month. I am so pumped to have Amy on, Amy, how are you doing today?

Amy Costello 0:14
I’m doing great. Thanks for having me on. I’m excited.

Mike Collette 0:17
You’re so welcome. It is Friday, which means it’s virtuosity Friday, which I’ll ask you that at the end of the day. But Amy, why don’t you share with everyone kind of like, kind of your journey in fitness? Like how did you find prototype? Like, what’s, what’s that experience been like? Just kind of walk us through from the start to the beginning.

Amy Costello 0:34
Sure. So I would say fitness has always been within my lifestyle. So I was, I’ll be the first to admit. I was never an athletic kid, like do not throw a ball at me. I’ll duck but what I could do was I could get into a gym, and I it was like, I was in heaven. So you know, from the minute I was, you know, old enough to really go join a gym. I think I was 16 I had my license. I did so and I started out like Bally’s remember Bally’s at, like Lincoln Plaza. And you know, and I just loved it, I just, you know, it was always cardio because that’s what was in at the time or taking step class, but I just knew, you know, being in high school like this, this helped me so much, I was always a pretty. I was a very fortunate child, where I didn’t really run into a lot of challenges in life. So I don’t want to say like at the time, you know, it helped my mental health or this or the other thing, but you know what, it just made me feel good. So, you know, that’s a different story. Now I notice as I get older, it’s probably more important for my mental health than it is even for my physical health. But, um, so that was it. You know, I joined the gym, and I’ve been, you know, consistent with sticking with it through my entire life, like through my pregnancies through everything. And then I would say, let’s see, I was found prototype the first time about three years ago. And that was because I drove by every day when I was going to work. And I knew I needed something a little different. I was getting a little sick of you know, going and hopping on the treadmill or forcing myself to do weights that I really didn’t like to do. It was boring, but I just sort of kept up with it. And I think I stopped I might have either stopped in or I might have emailed and I believe I talked to Steve. And I went in I did a tour. And I thought oh my gosh, this is crazy. This is so unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m super nervous. But I’m going to do it. And that’s what I did. And Jon did my initial classes, which was great. What are those called? Mike? I can’t remember.

Mike Collette 3:12
Our virtuosity session yeah.

Amy Costello 3:14
Yeah, the virtuosity sessions. I felt like an idiot because, you know, I never I had never lifted I had never like lifted weights like that before. And I felt out of breath. I like even though I had exercised my whole life, I had felt that it was just like, oh my gosh, this is so this is so hard. But I stuck with it. And it didn’t take long to really just feel like you fit in and you realized very quickly that everybody was rooting for you. So you go into those first few classes and you just you know have kind of no idea what you’re doing. And there was always somebody there to help you whether it was a coach or a member and it was just such a good feeling. Such a good feeling. So I think I stuck with that for I want to say about six months and then you may remember I got my puppy Brody and I had to like I had to take some time off because between having the new dog at home and then work and kids and family I said all right, you know what, maybe I need to pause but I quickly came back you know, I think I want to say within six months after that I was back in the gym because I realized that it wasn’t there was no reason that I that I couldn’t still be in there and then I was hooked you know then it was buying by the CrossFit shoes and you know like really like really like buying in and drinking the Kool Aid type of thing and that’s it. I mean, that’s my story. It’s been awesome.

Mike Collette 5:04
I remember you were like an afternoon, evening person predominantly, which is something you come in the evening a bit. I know. Mike comes in around that time to your husband and but now you’re like a like, more so like early morning like five and make that transition to kind of navigate and make life a little bit easier. What happened there?

Amy Costello 5:24
Yeah, yeah. So believe it or not, I was I’ve always well, you do believe it, because everybody who knows me will know, I am actually a morning person. So even as I was growing up, I would work out in the morning when I could. So that wasn’t unusual for me. But when I did start, I think I was taking the 430 class because because I would hit the gym on the way home. Yep. And then I decided to move to the mornings. And with COVID. That made sense, because I’ve been working at home ever since. Yeah. But morning is definitely definitely my time.

Mike Collette 6:09
And you mentioned like, kind of like what you stopped for a little bit, there’s some disruption, then you kind of got back into your you’re hooked. You said, bought the CrossFit shoes, drank the Kool Aid. I feel like that’s like a normal thing, like buying the shoes is kind of like, you know, and is that when you knew you kind of like, like, what was the moment when you’re like, this is like the thing that I’m doing like I’m all in,

Amy Costello 6:32
I just knew how much I missed it. I just missed it. I said, there’s nothing like this, like my fitness level. And the way my mind felt there was nothing like it. We all get that because anybody listening to this understands that. But for somebody on the outside, like, they, they probably think we’re a cult.

Mike Collette 7:01
It’s not the first time that people have referred to CrossFit or Prototype as a cult, but you can leave like you left for like six months, we weren’t like, yeah, you know, going to your house and pulling you back in. I was he was close, though. I remember sending you a couple emails.

Amy Costello 7:20
Yeah, you did.

Mike Collette 7:21
Yes. But no, it’s funny. Do you feel like it’s the workouts like how you feel? Is it like community? Is it like combination of those things? In your mind, like what was that thing that kind of kept you reeled in?

Amy Costello 7:36
All of the above definitely the work I was putting but it no doubt it was the people. Um, I like I would go to the gym previous to Prototype, I would put my headphones in, didn’t want to talk to anybody I didn’t want you know, it’s like don’t didn’t look at anybody. I just didn’t even want to make a connection with anybody. Whereas here, it’s it’s like social hour. And it’s fun. And I have made some amazing friends. And I just love the support. I love the community, the environment. I mean, my gosh, we laugh like that 5am class we laugh so much. So it’s like a party.

Mike Collette 8:21
And you wouldn’t think that parties start at 5am but they clearly do if you’re at CrossFit. I find it so hard to believe that you were like a headphones in head down like person that like the gym because you’re so personable and like bubbly. I did not expect you to not expect that I thought was not I didn’t think you’re gonna say that which is interesting to me but that’s like what most people kind of their experience right when like working out like on their own or going in to like a gym back decent valleys but like could have been like Planet Fitness or like a sports club right? Or any of the bigger gyms kind of you kind of in there and you’re in your own kind of world which is like, which is it’s a lot different than classes and stuff like that. When when you started kind of getting into a groove like there’s like a ton of stuff that we do right from like, the weightlifting stuff to the bodyweight stuff to the like gymnastics and the cardio like, What’s your favorite thing? Like what like, what like, what drives you? What are the things you’re kind of working on? What are your goals like that sort of stuff?

Amy Costello 9:24
So my favorite things are the things that I consider myself good at. So I love squats. I really enjoy like front squats, back squats, anything where you’re kind of where I’m more using my my base as my stat for my strength, I love those days. You know, I’m gymnastics is definitely a challenge for me. So getting better hanging from the bar, getting you know, toes to bar making some progress there, but like, I am still afraid to go upside down. Like I cannot kick up to the wall. You know what I mean? I just, it’s totally mental. Jack will be the first one to say I let my mind get in the way. And I know I do. I do that with everything.

Mike Collette 10:20
Now, so that’s interesting. You said that box jumps? Is that another mental thing?

Amy Costello 10:29
Yeah, but I think I’m over it.

Mike Collette 10:31
You’re over it. So so so the reason I asked that question, I was at this, um, this training last night. And there’s a woman who said she couldn’t like jump on to like, this height of this box. We literally brought out boxes. And like we did some stuff we helped her and she was like, half an inch soon, we showed her the height difference, because like we stacked up plates and she didn’t really know the height, but she’s able to do it. Because mental not physical. She knew she was like, completely. Like not, she couldn’t do anything. Right. It was really interesting. But it’s like, it’s you’re so right. It’s so mental. The fear component. How did you get over that fear of like jumping on the onto the box?

Amy Costello 11:10
So I bought a soft box. And that helped. Leah helped me tremendously get over my fear. So and she did just that she brought out the box, we would put on weight, she would videotape me. And when I was jumping, she would say she’s like, Amy, she’s like, you’ve got inches above, you know, the height of this box. But as I’m looking down, I feel I felt like I was going to jump right over it. You know, and no matter how much she tried to tell me and then, but believe it or not, it just came down to that softbox. I just did it one day, and I just kept doing it. And I have gone back and forth. If I’m in a class where my legs are super tired in a workout. I get nervous. But I just have to stop thinking about it and just do it.

Mike Collette 12:18
It’s It’s so interesting. Like, once you did it, it was like, the chain is broken, and you were just free. You’re able to keep doing it. You said you’d like the selected rights this day? Is that your decision to do that because you don’t want to hurt yourself or whatever. But you have the confidence to be able to do it. I’m curious, helping you get over the handstand fear. I feel like that will be something that we’re going to tackle. And I have some some ideas. I appreciate you sharing the things that scare you. What other things are there any other things that kind of scare you? In the gym? That like kind of like give you anxiety?

Amy Costello 12:58
You know, I will always get anxious on a anything that’s timed. And that’s just it’s not it’s not a terrible anxiety, but it definitely makes me a little nervous. Not nobody ever makes me feel like, like, who cares if I’m the last one done? Nobody cares. So why should I care? But that one definitely gets my gets my heart pumping a little bit before we before we start. Um, and you know, but no, it’s going it’s it’s upside down. That’s my that’s my thing. Yeah.

Mike Collette 13:35
I’m so fascinated about like the fear stuff. You don’t avoid stuff though. Like you try it. Right.

Amy Costello 13:43
Oh, I I try it.

Mike Collette 13:45
Yeah. Which is good. Like that’s good. The the reason I asked is like the, like, the time workout style, you’re like, skipping those workouts like you’re coming in, you’re doing it but still kind of gives you that gives you that fear, which I think is awesome. Right? And the more you do that, the better you feel. And same thing you kind of show that with it. Anyway, I’m just like, I think that’s really cool. And I don’t think we talked about that stuff enough. Because it’s like, it’s probably reflective and other things outside of like, the the workout right? Actually had no idea this conversation was gonna go this way. I’m just curious. Like, and again, we’re on the committee conversation is being recorded. I’m curious, like, if there’s any other like, like, kind of overcoming some of the fears maybe the box jumps we’re doing some stuff in the gym like is right. Have you seen like an impact outside of the gym? Or anything you can like think about?

Amy Costello 14:43
I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. I go, but when I do these things, um, definitely. It sets me up for my day. Hmm. So whether it’s overcoming something which really puts me in a really, really good mood like I’m pumped, I’ll talk about it you know, to anybody who will listen. But um, you know, for the most part, like on my daily schedule, I’m a very resilient person. And so I don’t feel like it’s really made a huge impact other than the fact that it just makes me feel really good. I definitely have my mind will get in the way of so many things. Like and I there was one day at the gym when we were doing double unders, and I couldn’t do it. And you looked right at me, and you were like, we’ll just do one. And I was like, Well, I can’t. And he’s like, we’ll just do it. And I did. And I was like, Oh, that wasn’t so bad. Why couldn’t I do this before?

Mike Collette 15:47
Well, you know, you’re very coachable Amy, which is important is a very important thing. You know, we all we all kind of in our heads, I suck at this conversation kind of went this direction, I’m so fascinated by talking about it, but like, you just brought up so many good points. And I think this is like really cool. Because it, I think, like anyone listening to this, that’s like a member or like, it’s like, familiar with, like, doing the stuff that we do in here. Like, there’s stuff that like scares us, right. But you’re like a perfect example of someone who’s like tackles the stuff that kind of scares them and, but still is aware of some things that’s that scare you. And they know that you have to, like, overcome some of those things. That is like a mental component. But like, when you break that barrier, like, just more success, and more stuff just continues to happen. And it puts you in this like, really good mood, and you feel really good about yourself, and you said you’re pumping you like, just tell everyone about it, which is really cool. I mean, that’s the stuff that like, you know, you don’t really hear outside of like, in from a gym, right? Like, you know, people come in here, they want to work on their fitness feel better, like work out, like, you know, the idea of like community and friends from anyone that’s not familiar with CrossFit is like, hi, like you said that from headphones in and I go and work out, but like this other like stuff within the movements and the things that we do, and like how that like, makes you feel, and like the challenges and like, setting goals and like being able to conquer stuff. And it’s just, it’s just really cool. And I appreciate you kind of sharing that again, I wouldn’t know this direction this is gonna go into so this is awesome. So, um, another question that I have kind of the change pace a little bit, cuz you’ve been in the gym for a few years now anything that kind of sticks on your mind, like favorite events or favorite moments that you’ve had, like, while being like at prototype, it could be anything from, you know, an external event to an internal event to like, a particular moment you remember, like, workout or friends or whatever, like anything that kind of comes to mind for you?

Amy Costello 17:46
Any of the hero workouts mean, they just mean so much to me, like it’s a totally different feeling. So the 2424 workouts in the 24, you know, 24 hours, I couldn’t go to that many I only went to a couple, but it was just a very special feeling to be able to be part of that. And, you know, Veterans Day, I practically started crying, you know, as we as you guys introduced, you know, what we were doing this for? So it’s very, it’s so meaningful to have that in addition to a workout. That makes any sense, you know, um, I also, I loved working out outside during COVID. Yeah, some of those cold mornings last year. I believe we were out until November.

Mike Collette 18:47
This time, yeah.

Amy Costello 18:50
And I can remember showing up one morning, and Jon looks at me, he’s like, where are your skis? I was so bundled up. But we would, we would just like we would be stretching and lying on our backs and looking up at the stars, because it was dark. And it was, again, it was just special and the fact that I have never seen a group of people. That was that were able to take a global pandemic, right, a global pandemic, something, something totally, that has just never happened in our lifetime and make such a successful business. I don’t want to say business out of it, but just turn everything to be so successful during that time. So many companies, but so many small employers closed, you know, how sad is that? And you you just turned you said, All right. This isn’t this isn’t gonna work. So what can we do? And you made it work, and there’s just such an appreciation for that. So those were some of my favorite times for those outdoor workouts. That was awesome.

Mike Collette 20:02
I appreciate that. And I agree with you. I think that it was really cool working out outside. I mean, a lot of work and it all said last time and it was ILM our fighting was got freakin cool. I think like, you know, when I think there was one day it was like below 30. And I was just like, you know, people are wearing gloves all under the barbells I don’t know. Yeah, we can’t really do this too much longer. Yeah, well, yeah, it’ll be it’ll be on ice skates in a in a cup. Yeah, no kidding. Which is which, which can get a little dangerous if you’re trying to throw some weights over your head. But uh, but yeah, no, that’s, that’s cool. You bring it up. That’s it. It’s funny because it literally was like about a year ago. So it’s a good reminder for how like the difference between this year and even to last year even though we’re kind of not over the stuff yet. But like, there is a there is a difference in terms of where where things are at which is which is really cool to kind of reflect on and speaking of reflection, since it’s Friday, it’s like virtuosity Friday, so yes, something we’ve been doing lately kind of internally with the team chairman, our members group and some folks have shared so you might be the first person that will like verbally share virtuosity, but the virtuosity like stance or doing the common uncommonly Well, it’s kind of like our gratitude. So, the idea is to you know, and it could be anyone in your life, right? So it could be like, you know, family member, like co worker, you know, friend, some anyone, but someone that like, helped you during the week or like, helped you grow up to succeed or something you just have kind of gratitude for but um, that’s what the virtuosity is so it kinda like you can get like a virtuosity, almost think of it like a token to something. So you know, with that being said, Who would you do your virtuosity be or go out to for this week.

Amy Costello 21:42
So this is so hard, because I immediately want to go to like my family, because they’re always there and awesome. Um, and I did have a co-worker that was like, just amazing this week, but I you know who it is. It’s Emily. Emily Oberlee. She has become like one of like, she’s just such an amazing friend. And just, she’s always there. She’s always there to listen, she’s always there to laugh with. And I just feel very, I feel so fortunate to have met her through this time. It’s not often as an adult you meet people that can be, like, become a good friend. I think that’s very difficult, you know, unless it’s through your kids and things like that. But like, it was really kind of neat to get to know her and, and I like there’s so many people, like I say that whole 5am classes, just awesome. And I feel so strongly about all of them. But yeah, I’m gonna throw it out to Emily.

Mike Collette 22:51
That’s great. That’s great. I’m sure she’s, she’ll listen to this. And she’s gonna really appreciate that. So that’s a, that’s cool. We’re gonna word it. So I love that you shared that. And I’m going to make sure you share that in the members group too. But I’ll remind you after we get off this, we’re going to go sit by around now though, Amy. All right. Ready? Final three. I hope you prepared because I haven’t changed the question Did I should change the question said, I don’t I’ll change the key. So question one, favorite movie, favorite TV show of all time. So those are two. That’s Part A Part B and Part C is what do you currently binge watching right now if you’re binge watching any anything?

Amy Costello 23:32
Alright, so favorite movie and you’re gonna, you’re gonna laugh because I like very light hearted things. So favorite movie is hands down The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. If I’m flipping through the channels in that movie is on. I cannot shut it off. I’m crying laughing. It makes me laugh. Favorite TV show will always be friends. You can’t go wrong. And then binge watching. It’s kind of funny, because I feel like I’m I’m a day late and $1 short, like anything to do with Netflix. People are like, oh, you should watch Breaking Bad. And I’m like, Oh, great. Is it new? You know, and it’s like, well, no, and it’s like, 20 seasons. And I’m like, yeah, no, I can’t do that. I’m always too late. But um, embarrassingly enough through COVID. I binge watched Grey’s Anatomy for the first time. All seventeen seasons.

Mike Collette 24:49
That’s a commitment right there.

Amy Costello 24:51
That was a commitment. But I have to say I love Ozark and I just learned it’s coming back on in January.

Mike Collette 25:00
Yes, that’s an awesome show. Erin and I, we binge watched friends during the pandemic because that was the show that we well she’s seen it. I’ve seen like a couple episodes, but I wasn’t like, never really watched like friends. But that was a show that we binge watched as well and I thought that that was awesome. So I I can appreciate the friends because that’s a great show. Second question is two parts is a favorite band or musician whose music artists of all time, then that’s part A Part B is your favorite song of all time does not need to be from your favorite musician.

Amy Costello 25:39
Oh, I didn’t prepare for that one. Um, so favorite artists of all time is Elton John. Now, anybody who works out with me will be like, “You’re a liar” because every song that comes on in the gym, I’m like, this is literally my favorite song. Like that’s

Mike Collette 26:07
Literally my favorite song.

Amy Costello 26:09
Literally my favorite song. But no, Elton John, I always go back to him. Love you know, we’ll just play it play it in the background all the time. And that song? Mike I was not prepared for this one. Um

Mike Collette 26:33
First one that comes to mind. How about your favorite Elton John song?

Amy Costello 26:40
No, it wouldn’t be that wouldn’t be it though. Um I got nothing.

Mike Collette 26:48
You got nothing. We’ll revisit. We’ll try to come back to it. Because the last question is what’s kind of like your favorite activity to do outside of the gym. Could be with family. It could be by yourself kind of like your frivolous activity. You’re fun thing you like to do.

Amy Costello 27:06
Yep, definitely going to the beach. Love the beach. Yep. Yep. I love the water, I love the ocean.

Mike Collette 27:14
You go to the beach in the winter?

Amy Costello 27:16

Mike Collette 27:17
Is there anything in the wintertime or coldtime?

Amy Costello 27:19
No, I would like to say I ski. But I’m a terrible skier. And the older I get the more I’m ready to give it up. I just you know, I’ll be honest, I love winter. I love snow. I love to be outside. So it could be walking the dog. It could be those are just great activities. And my other passion is reading. I’m actually much bigger reader than I am a like a TV watcher.

Mike Collette 27:49
Hmm. Are you part of the Prototype book club? That’s like the 5000 books that’s under the table at the front of the couch? Well, there’s a there’s 100 books over there. So there’s plenty of good ones.

Amy Costello 28:01
No idea.

Mike Collette 28:02
It’s a secret book club that a lot of the five and ladies seem to just donate books to for each other to certainly take so whatever is there is yours. So whatever. Take a look next time you’re in.

Amy Costello 28:15
I will take a look. I’m still going back to my favorite song, I can’t even think of one.

Mike Collette 28:26
Well, we’ll figure that out. That’ll be question of the day, maybe this coming week. So you’ll have some more time to prepare. I’ll let you off the hook on that one for now. But uh, but Amy, this is great. I really appreciate you being on the Community Conversation this week. And for everyone that’s out there listening right now, thank you so much for tuning in. Remember every week we have a new community conversation, whether it’s with our members here at Prototype or a Community Conversation with the nutrition crew, Jon and Sam or my leadership series. Tons of content that we’re putting out. So I appreciate you all listening. And again, Amy, I appreciate you being on today. Thank you so much.

Amy Costello 29:04
Thank you. Thanks, Mike. I appreciate it. Take care.

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