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This is our 72nd episode of The Community Conversation! In this episode, Steve is interviewing our two new interns Gaby and Cayla! In this episode you will get to know our new interns better, as well as learn how the interview process was conducted.

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Steve Cimino  0:03  

Cool Okay. Hey everyone. Today we have a pretty cool community conversation. We have our two newest interns joining the prototype team, we have Gaby Baker, and Cayla Ehrlich.


And so we have Cayla and Gaby. And we’re super excited. We’re going to talk a little bit how we brought them on board. And these are our two newest interns, so it’s gonna be really cool to see how they develop how they kind of learn, but also what we could learn from them. So I first wanted to start off, and you guys can pick who goes first, I just wanted to kind of hear why you guys chose to apply and become interns at prototype. And when they don’t remind you guys you already got the job. So you could be like real with this and like give like the real the real answer, not the interview answer.


Cayla Ehrlich  1:06  

Alright, so basically, I have been going to the CrossFit classes for a few years, on offseasons with sports. And I just really like the community and like everybody that you’re surrounded by when you’re in there. So, when I saw the post from Steve about an internship, I was like, oh, it’d be cool to spend more time in there. And I decided to apply.


Gaby Baker  1:31  

Yes, I’ve been training with Steve for a while now. And I am heading to college next year. So I’m kind of exploring, like what I would want to do as a job in my future. I thought that, you know, this community is it’s such an awesome community to be a part of, and I figured I really liked working out there. So I figured why not do this? Why not explore kind of how this path would take me down? And then I figured spending a lot of time in this community that kind of helped me figure out whether or not this would be a path I would want to take.


Steve Cimino  2:14  

So yeah, Gabby to follow up on that is yesterday, you got your first taste of the community a little bit you stayed in the front desk at Friday Night Lights and helped out a little bit. What did you take home from that? Because Cayla, I know you’ve been kind of involved with community a little bit more, because you’ve been taking the classes during the Open, but Gaby, this was your first taste. So what do you think about that?


Gaby Baker  2:34  

No, yeah, I really liked it. I loved how everyone was coming in, and just bein so supportive of each other, even though like you know, they’re on opposite teams, I guess to say, but it was really cool to just watch everyone kind of come together and be with each other and be really supportive. It was also really nice to meet a lot of the people who were attending that night, too.


Steve Cimino  2:56  

Cool. And then Cayla, you crushed the Open this year. You had some you’re on the leaderboard a few times. I know you. You finished. What was it? 22.2 finished. Yeah. So why don’t you tell me a little bit about your experience, like participating in the Open and, you know, some highlights and things you learned?


Cayla Ehrlich  3:17  

So yeah, I mean, I’ve grown up like playing sports, very competitively. I’m a very competitive person. And so part of CrossFit is that competition, and I really like it. So the Open, I think this is the first year I’ve actually done it. And I really enjoy it. Just like how everybody’s in there having good time. Like, you’re getting whatever you got to do whatever you need to do done. It’s really fun. Like, especially in the mornings when everybody’s walking in, in a good mood ready to start the day off.


Steve Cimino  3:48  

You’re a 6AMer, Yeah, that’s pretty impressive. For a what? 15 year old? Yeah, I was not waking up that early when I was 15. I could say that to work out especially so that’s pretty cool. So um, I kind of had an idea of why you guys wanted to have the internships. Why don’t you guys tell me? Cayla, we can start with you like, how you got involved with with Prototype. So it’s really awesome that both you guys are members at the gym. You know, you didn’t just like have your parents working out here and be like, Hey, you should apply for this internship. You guys are here experiencing it working out here. How did you get how did you get started with prototype?


Cayla Ehrlich  4:33  

So actually my dad did start at Prototype about like a year or two before me. And he  joined just as wanting to go to a gym. And when he was going my brother and I would show up once in a while and just like hang out in the couches in front. And I would see people doing it. I’d be like, Oh, that’s so cool. Like, it’s a workout but it’s also like a sport. And I was like, Oh, I totally want to do this. So once I got older and was able to lift some weight I was definitely ready to start up Prototype.


Steve Cimino  5:04  

And Gaby I’m a little familiar with, your story, but, uh, why don’t you kind of talk about how you started getting involved in the gym and, and all that good stuff.


Gaby Baker  5:14  

Yeah, so I had started, I think, the beginning of my freshman year because I had just moved to Bethel FC where Steve was a coach. And I kind of had expressed an interest of want to start working out, you know, building my strength to improve like on and off the soccer field. And so Steve kind of had me come in and checkout kind of what it was about and I did like a I did a session there to see like, how it would be and then I really enjoyed it. So I signed up and I kept taking it until now.


Steve Cimino  5:49  

Yeah, normally you start doing it but you got your little brother David to come along with you. And then in dad signed up now to so that’s another thing about you guys like your families come here. So you guys, it’s really cool that you guys have found prototype as a spot not only for yourselves, but your your whole families are coming here and working out which is which is really cool. Nice. So you guys are both athletes. Right, Cayla, you talked a little bit, Gaby, um, while you guys talk a little bit about like what sports you play. So Cayla, why don’t you start? I know, lacrosse, right? Tell me a little bit about that. What you’re doing, what your plans are all that fun stuff.


Cayla Ehrlich  6:30  

So I play field hockey, lacrosse and I ski race. And I play club lacrosse and field hockey ski is kind of like a in between season for me. I really like the people on that team. I’m not. I’m not a very good skier, but I like it. And so I just actually came from coaching lacrosse for the first 3/4 graders and field hockey. I started freshman year, maybe eighth grade. And I loved that sport as well.


Steve Cimino  7:04  

And your Dad Your dad is a big lacrosse guy, right? He’s coach. Yeah, talked about it a few times. Little goalie.


Cayla Ehrlich  7:11  

He was a goalie in college. We call him MattyLax. He actually he liked my brother shoot on him during practice today.


Steve Cimino  7:19  

Nice. So he puts all the pads on and just let’s let you guys crank shots at him saying


Cayla Ehrlich  7:25  

He didn’t put on the pads today. But he does once a while.


Steve Cimino  7:28  

Wow. Good for him. I haven’t stepped between the pipes in a long time. I’m speaking of goalies, Gaby or soccer player goalie. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that. I know you have, You decided where you’re going to go play in college as well. So um, let’s hear a little bit about that.


Gaby Baker  7:44  

Yeah, so I’ve been playing soccer since kindergarten or first grade. And I also played softball a little bit and a little bit of horseback riding but ultimately decided that soccer was going to be kind of what I wanted to go forward with like in eighth grade, I think it was and I didn’t actually start playing goalie until full time until my freshman year. And so I’ve been playing that I’ve really been trying to kind of get better. And I’ve been going to all these ID clinics for college. And that ultimately led to me finding my school. I’m going to Emmanuel College in Boston in the fall. So I’m really excited about playing there, too.


Steve Cimino  8:28  

You guys had a pretty good high school year this right? Your senior year.


Gaby Baker  8:37  

We were the circle champs. So our league we won. And then we won the central mass athletic directors association tournament. And then we were in the finally for states this year, which was pretty cool, because we got moved up to we were in Deewan for the central mass tournament. And then I think we were Yeah, we were ready to for the state tournament. And we played we got to play a lot of really good teams. We went to PKs a few times, which was good, it was new, but it was really exciting to kind of be put under that pressure to perform good for my team in that scenario.


Steve Cimino  9:15  

Nice. And then Cayla I know you had a pretty good field hockey season, this fall and you’re gearing up for lacrosse. How did your field hockey season go? And then what are you looking forward to in lacrosse this year?


Cayla Ehrlich  9:29  

It went well our team we had a lot of younger players this year on both lacrosse and field hockey. And I think we had a ton of freshmen and sophomores put on the field like first game and actually our team grew so much this year as like a community and as like as athletes and it was really fun to watch like everybody kind of get to know each other on the field and off the field and lacrosse is going to be the same we had six freshmen starting last year for lacrosse, So we’re all coming back. And we’re all really excited to improve even more this year.


Steve Cimino  10:06  

So one thing is, is that we mentioned earlier that your your families all come to the gym. Do you guys I mean, I know for the Bakers, but I’m gonna ask about about you first Cayla, like, do you get competitive with your dad on like on the workouts and like see who does what do you guys kind of like, you know go back and forth at home or are you guys keep it pretty, pretty clean.


Cayla Ehrlich  10:27  

Oh, I’ve been accused of cheating about about a million times by now. My dad especially he’s so competitive with me just because I’m like the oldest kids. So he he’s constantly like, he keeps the expectations high. But he also likes to make sure that he’s not losing to me at all ever. So we definitely get competitive.


Steve Cimino  10:59  

That’s awesome. And then Gaby. I mean, I know when you talk a little bit about your dad with the with the deadlifting.


Gaby Baker  11:07  

Yeah, so I’m, I’m pretty competitive when it comes to kind of who can lift them more weight. It’s kind of silly, but especially like, even with my brother. I know. Like I can lift more than him right now at the moment. But then my dad will come in and he started a little bit after me. So I was like, Oh, cool. I’m gonna have the edge on him for deadlifting for a long time. And that didn’t really last and he just PR for 300 I think the other day and my PR is only 255. And so he came home and he was like, Yeah, I PR for 300 today for two reps. And I was like, wow. Okay, so I have a lot of catching up to do there.


Steve Cimino  11:49  

It really helps me as a trainer. The the motivation you guys have is what Gabby’s doing. And then it’s exciting to see to see David as well. He’s grown into his zone. Yeah, that’s awesome. So how have you guys felt that like your relationship? It doesn’t even have to just be the, the training itself, but like, the everything you guys learned at prototype and what you’ve been doing, like, how has that helped you guys on the field? Like, from coming in here to you know, do you see what’s translating on the field for you guys?


Cayla Ehrlich  12:24  

Oh, yeah, I think definitely with, especially in CrossFit with, the AMRAPs and like, different EMOMs, things like that, it really like keeps me on my toes, and it shows me like, how to pace myself and keep the endurance going, but also, like, push right from the start, and, constantly just keep that pace throughout the entire workout throughout the entire game. That’s really helped me with endurance, and speed.


Steve Cimino  12:48  

So it’s almost like the physical side, but also the mental side of it to, like in the game like so again, a CrossFit workout. When to back off, when to really push, you’re seeing that happen on the field too, which is, which is pretty cool. Yeah.


Gaby Baker  13:05  

Um, so for me, I know, you work with us a lot on like, explosive stuff. So I feel like that really helps me in that like for when I have to get off the line quicker if I have to jump out to get a ball. I feel like you know, I’m ready. And then I guess more the more mental aspect of it. I know. Like I need to, in kind of get this done like when I have when I know I’m like going for a new PR then I know I have to really kind of focus and kind of get my, my form right before I can do that. So it just it really helps me kind of focus in on what’s happening around me.


Unknown Speaker  13:45  

Cool. So what, Cayla, I’ll start with you. What are you most excited to like to learn through this internship? So I know why you wanted it. But like, what, what are you looking for to learn? Like, what are you most excited about?


Cayla Ehrlich  13:58  

I definitely, I mean, from the start, you told me that this is like a leadership internship. And we’re gonna learn a lot about leadership and how to work with the business and like work on the back side of things from Prototype. And I’m just really excited to see how like a small business runs like behind the scenes and like what you guys put into all of the put how much effort you put into everything that goes on at Prototype. What about you, Gaby? 


Gaby Baker  14:28  

I agree with what Cayla said. I’m also really, to kind of learn how to better communicate with people who aren’t like necessarily my age, I feel like it’s gonna help me moving forward in life knowing how to communicate with people, people that are older than me, people who have kind of different backgrounds in me people have more experience to me or even some people my age that walk in, I feel like it’s gonna be really helpful to learn how to communicate with all different types of people going forward.


Steve Cimino  14:57  

Nice. Yeah, I think that’s a that’s a good one. For sure, like thinking back when I was your age talking, talking with adults and learning how to communicate with them and getting those nerves out, right? I mean, you guys have already done a really good job of that, like Cayla, you’re in the classes. Gaby, you were there at the front desk last night. So I think there’s, there’s some awesome value in that. And then yeah, Gaby, you mentioned it in at the beginning saying like, if this was kind of a industry you were, you would like to get into. So kind of experience that and like Cayla, you express that as well. So definitely a lot of a lot of cool stuff you guys will, will get exposed to. And the stuff you guys do is really, really well you’re gonna do is really helpful for us, you know, for the coaches, some of the, you know, stuff that you guys help us help us get out. And so we could focus on, you know, taking a community. But the other thing too, is like, the community so great. Like, I feel like you guys probably don’t feel super intimidated talking to these people. Because everyone’s so welcoming, and you know, excited and all that stuff. Why don’t you guys speak a little bit more to that, like how you first felt when you know, you had to kind of approach people in here as opposed to how you’re feeling now? What were your expectations? That’s probably a better a better way to ask it. Sorry. So like, going in, what did you think it would be like? And then what was it actually like?


Cayla Ehrlich  16:21  

So when I was younger, I walked in, and I knew, like two people in there, my dad and my friend’s dad. And I was like, sitting there like, oh my god, who am I supposed to, like talk to if I need chalk or if I need, help getting the barbell down or something. And I was super scared. But then after like a little bit, the coaches started, like getting know my name and talking to me. And they were always like constantly welcoming, and so helpful. And I was like super intimidated. But coming into Prototype, they just, like completely changed my mind about like going and asking for help. It was so helpful.


Gaby Baker  17:01  

Yeah, for me, it was less, that was my first time meeting a lot of the people who like do the classes, so I feel like having watched them do their classes before it’s a little bit intimidating seeing it’s really cool. But it’s also a little bit intimidating, seeing like what they do. So I think meeting them for the first time, I was a little bit nervous. But everyone was super nice. So after a little bit I was I realized there was I didn’t really have to be nervous, and they were all super nice. And I had met a couple of coaches before so they were all really nice and helpful when I needed help with something


Steve Cimino  17:33  

nice. It’s really cool. Gabby you excited to take some classes, you got your first your first one together. So that kind of transition that seems like, um, I kind of talked to you guys a little bit about this. But I wanted to let our members know what our process is going to be with you guys and like how it’s gonna work and kind of kind of what we’re what we’re looking to see. So essentially, we brought in Cayla and Gabby and we have another intern has been with us for a long time Maddie Silva. And we’re gonna go through a three month cycle. And these guys are going to have some sub projects that they’re kind of taking the lead on, whether it be like social media, posting workouts in wodify, you know, entering inputs into wodify whatever it is. And after each month, you guys are going to kind of cycle teach the other one, what, what you’ve learned, so you’re going to learn it, teach it and then also learn it from someone else. So you guys are kind of like going a nice little circle on learning and teaching and kind of seeing how how you guys can adapt and then you know, one more time you guys will cycle through it. So we’re pretty excited to see how you guys do like to be honest, we’ve already had you you guys do a few a few projects and they’ve come out pretty great guys have been responsive, but I’m excited to see like once you guys really get your feet wet and start up what it’s gonna be like so I was curious like what you guys think about that, like the whole process we we’ve been using and and what you guys will go through there.


Cayla Ehrlich  19:12  

Yeah, I mean, it’s been like, at the beginning it was a little nerve wracking. I was like, oh, what like what am I supposed to do? Like do they like this design style? Like are they gonna are they gonna want to post this social media and I like was a little bit scared but after like communicating with you Steve and like working with Gabby and different people that were going for the internship, it was like a lot easier to kind of know what we were supposed to do. And I’m excited to like get more into this and like keep working with you.


Gaby Baker  19:43  

Yeah, it was a little bit nerve wracking. I think the first part because I didn’t really know kind of what everyone wanted but then once I started working more and realizing that you know it’s okay to dance and get some guidance from you know, I felt like a lot easier. And then working with Cayla. This past week has also been really fun. It’s been it’s helped, I think, make this process a little bit easier too.


Steve Cimino  20:10  

Yeah, I mean, essentially, we had, we had a good amount of applicants and, and it was really hard to kind of distinguish who we want to go. And like the every every kid that applied like, gave me no reason not to hire them. It was more about like, how do I how do I distinguish, you know, the top two here. And what we were looking for was was communication, I coachability. And then, you know, well, this kind of goes into the communication, but like asking questions, seeking feedback. And you guys both did a really good job with that through the process. So the first the first thing we sent over to you guys is let everyone knows, I’m a graphic tablet redesigned. And what you guys did was, you know, send back some drafts get feedback, then, you know, make the adjustments, send it back. And in that first, you know, sequence you guys both kind of like stood out a little bit there by sending over multiple drafts seeking the feedback, quick adjustments changing and we’re looking to see how that would like carry over into everything we do. So I know you guys mentioned it was a little nerve wracking when you first started. How do you feel with that, like first? First assignment you got? Cuz you guys both did a good job on it. But I’m here I’m actually pretty curious like, what it was like? Getting that I’m sure you probably haven’t been put in that situation before. For any tip. For you guys. This was your first interview to write your first thing you’ve applied to maybe not Cayla, I’m not sure.


Cayla Ehrlich  21:41  

Yeah, I’ve had a few jobs. But it was actually like, this is the first interview process that has been like, a little bit longer. And more, I don’t know how to say it, like, put more work in for it. And I actually really enjoyed the first project. I like graphic design and things like that. I just like to be creative. So I saw it. And I was like, I was like, Oh, yes. Like this is so fun. Actually, I was like in history class. And I started it in the back of the room on my computer. And so I was so excited to start this up. And it was a little scary, but it was also like super fun and exciting.


Gaby Baker  22:24  

Oh, yeah. So this was really the first thing I really had to interview for. So I feel like I think this is a really good process going through. For the graphic design. That’s kind of something I struggled a little bit with, because I felt like it has to be perfect. Like, what, uh, what are they gonna, like? What’s it gonna? Like, how can I get this to be, you know, as good as possible. So it’s kind of it was a little bit of a struggle there. But once I started going, I kind of, in trying stuff out, I kind of figured out something that worked in what wouldn’t work. And I said that Steve said, I said, quite a few drafts over and got a lot of feedback. So I feel like that really helped a lot.


Steve Cimino  23:10  

Cool. Yeah, I know, the communication was great on both your ends, and I’m excited to see how you guys like continue to grow in this and, you know, we’re not going to stop pushing you guys and you know, putting things on you. And so far, you guys have been, you know, really responsive, which has been great. So he talks a lot about like prototype what you guys have done, like the sports and stuff like that, what something like that, like you don’t think people would know about you like a frivolous thing that they really like to do that, um, maybe isn’t like, don’t have to be, doesn’t have to not be normal, but maybe something that people at the gym who know you as like Cayla, the Lacrosse, field hockey, CrossFit athlete, like what’s something that you enjoy that you think people wouldn’t really know about you?


Cayla Ehrlich  23:56  

I actually when I was younger, I did figure skating and gymnastics, and I hated lacrosse and field hockey with all my heart and I did not want to play competitive sports at all. And so it was only until like middle school that I got into, like Prototype and like competitive athletics. And I don’t think anybody knows that side of me at all.


Steve Cimino  24:21  

Well, well, I’m sure that gymnastics has helped you with at least the like all your sports, like the balance, the coordination, the mobility, getting into your lifts and all that stuff. So that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know that about you. What about you, Gaby?


Gaby Baker  24:37  

Oh, boy. So when I was younger, I did actually I was in a dance class that did not last very long, which you know, it was probably a good thing. Looking now because I don’t know if I would have you know, come as far as I have and like soccer and being able to improve but yeah, I did take a couple dance classes. I did get kicked though because the dance teachers thought I wasn’t ready for it yet, but sorry


Steve Cimino  25:09  

What about like So Gabby like, you love watching Dance Moms now right? That’s something Yeah, so that’s like a thing like, anything else outside of sports like something like you mentioned graphic design anything like do you like to like build Legos? Like what’s your what’s your like?


Cayla Ehrlich  25:26  

Mmm hmm, that’s actually I mean, I guess TV definitely anytime, anytime I can get my hands on the remote I love watching TV shows. So if anybody comes to me anybody at prototype you and you need a TV recommendation I got you. I’ve watched abouteverything on Netflix.


Steve Cimino  25:47  

Well, that that that’s actually a good segue because something that Mike does and all his community conversations you kind of ask ask people this, like, kind of rapid fire three questions. So um, well, what I’ll do is I’ll ask the first one. And then I get both your answers and we’ll go through it. So the first one is like, what’s your favorite movie of all time? Favorite movie of all time? Be anything.


Cayla Ehrlich  26:09  

 Oh, miracle. Miracle, the story of the US Olympic team.


Steve Cimino  26:15  

Yeah, nice with Herb Brooks. Right. Yeah. I remember when I was younger. I love that story. I used to watch like the documentary all the time. But the guys and Herb Brooks was a he’s an intense coach. Have you ever had a coach like him? And Gaby, what about you? What’s your favorite?


Gaby Baker  26:47  

I’m gonna have to go with Lilo and Stitch.


Steve Cimino  26:52  

I just recently watched that one. My daughter’s three and a half and she’s into Disney. And as that was on the list. Oh, that’s a good story, actually. So that’s the one with the little girl who’s um, she’s not trying to get into is trying to get adopted or what’s her her mom? Her mom is a single mother. Right?


Gaby Baker  27:10  

And it’s died in an accident. This sister is trying to keep her and then the alien comes down. Right? That’s like kind of mean, but they become friends. That’s a good that’s a good movie. 


Steve Cimino  27:22  

Cool. Um, all right. Favorite TV show of all time.


Cayla Ehrlich  27:29  



Unknown Speaker  27:30  

Friends. Can’t go wrong with friends. Do you feel like um, so I was probably a little like, maybe a little younger than you guys when friends was was like actually like airing like, do you feel when you watch that? Like, there’s stuff like dated stuff? They’re like, what? What is this? Like? What are they doing? Are they like picking up a phone off the wall and like, dialing it?


Cayla Ehrlich  27:51  

There are pagers in that TV show. And that really caught me off guard when I saw it. I was like, how do they how do they know who to call from the phone when they get the page? Like, what are they? How do they see it on that tiny screen? What are they doing?


Steve Cimino  28:08  

Could you check your Instagram account on on a pager? Exactly something cool about friends that like if you watch it and you see like, there’s so many shows that are like just modeled completely after that. And it’s like, it just works like making you feel like you’re in that that group so you kind of get that like feel like you’re part of the group. And now I think it’s a really cool and friends. It’s good. What about you, Gaby?


Gaby Baker  28:33  

And I don’t even know I really like friends. I love watching like reality TV shows like Dance Moms, for example, or like 90 Day fiance something I watched to just, I really like the drama that kind of comes with it.


Steve Cimino  28:47  

Alright, so I’m not letting you be what is the favorite show? You can’t just list like chose.


Gaby Baker  28:52  

Oh, um, I suppose I’m gonna have to go with 90 Day fiance and that one just because I’ve been watching that one.


Unknown Speaker  29:03  

Yeah, so I’m not sure what it’s so what is that show? It’s like you’re you my guess is based on the title. You have 90 days to pick a fiance or your wife. Yeah.


Gaby Baker  29:13  

So it’s an American person and then they have their meet they meet someone from like overseas like in Europe or Africa or wherever they have their from and then they get engaged. And then they have 90 days to decide whether or not they want to get married. It’s just it’s kind of funny. I find it funny.


Steve Cimino  29:34  

Does it go horribly wrong a lot?


Gaby Baker  29:36  

Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of drama. And it’s, it makes me question you know why people would do that or like air that on TV. But they have they have a lot of issues that need to be worked out.


Cayla Ehrlich  29:53  

Actually there’s another TV show now called Love is blind and like that makes me think of it. That’s a good one but they Got, one of the people got engaged in like the first episode and I was like, how is that possible? Like they they haven’t even seen each other yet?