Thank you for tuning in to The Community Conversation, brought to you by Prototype Training Systems, home of CrossFit Prototype. The Community Conversation highlights a different member of the Prototype Community each week and allows them to tell their story, share their life experience, and communicate their perspective on all things fitness. 


We’ve all listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries and these people also walk amongst us. We believe we have some AMAZING people at Prototype and we want you to get to know them!


For today’s episode, I want to introduce our 2nd guest, Nicole St. Pierre, also referred to as NSP by her fellow Prototype fam. Nicole has been part of the Prototype community for almost 7 years, she’s a consistent 5am’er who rarely misses a workout, she’s a mother of 2, has a great sense of humor, and has been just crushing life recently.

On top of that, Nicole has completely turned around her Nutrition (the Prototype Nutritionists are proud of you!) and has crushed practically every fitness challenge that we had in 2020!

Thank you and enjoy!

Mike Collette 0:02

Everyone, thank you for tuning into the community conversation brought to you by prototype Training Systems home of CrossFit prototype. The community conversation highlights a different member of the prototype community each week and allows them to tell their story, share life experience, and communicate their perspective on all things. Fitness. We’ve all listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos that highlight some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries. And these people walk amongst us every day. We believe that some of these amazing people are here a prototype and we want you to get to know them. So to that end, I want to introduce our second guest, Nicole St. Pierre also referred to as NSP by her fellow prototype family. And Nicole’s been a part of the project community for almost seven years. I think it’ll be seven years in just a few months. And yeah, she’s consistent five and rarely misses a workout. She’s a mother of two, the great sense of humor and has just been crushing life recently. And, Nicole, thank you so much for being part of the community conversation. Thank you for the very nice introduction. I don’t know if I deserve all that. But I appreciate it. Very well. No, very well deserved. So first question here, Nicole, tell us your story. Give us a little bit of depth background on who you are, you know, your fitness journey. I know you were doing CrossFit and in fitness before you came to prototype, give us a little bit of information on that. Okay. It was a beautiful night, July 18 1979. My mother was only in labor.

Nicole St.Pierre 1:35

I’m from Central Massachusetts, originally, you know, pretty simple, small town life.

I ended up moving to Korea, I was a teacher in South Korea after college, I went to UMass Amherst studied business came back within Colorado. And I was in sports marketing there. So we booked celebrities, athletes and entertainers and speakers for events and appearances. So I’ve gotten to have some pretty neat experiences with that.

And that’s kind of the professional side that has not been happening so much for the past few months just because of obviously, there’s not really events and that’s what we do. So I’ve recently been transitioning to another career

that I’m working on right now that maybe we’ll get into a little bit later. Yeah. And fitness wise. I was, you know, not like a amazing athlete. In high school. I did gymnastics, I was a cheerleader, like a real cheerleader, like a competition cheerleader where we went to nationals in Florida and that kind of stuff. through college in my early 20s, I was not really into fitness, I was blessed with eating what I wanted and staying super skinny, at least when I was younger, so

it didn’t really become a big part of my life until like my late 20s and early 30s or so. Do you want me to keep going? Or are you telling us your this your story?

Mike Collette 3:00

So I didn’t know that you were in Korea. So this is like so it’s funny, because, like, when I talk to like people, like our members, and uh, you know, you know, as tons of people, you know, at our gym, yeah. And the reason why we do these things is like, I don’t even know, like, everyone’s background and story. I mean, you think, you know, like, everyone you don’t I didn’t know you were you live in Korea. Like, that’s cool. Like, tell us a little bit about that experience like that. That’s really interesting.

Nicole St.Pierre 3:27

Um, so I actually was previously married, and I met him on spring break. He was at West Point. I was at UMass, and we got we met one march on spring break, got married the following spring break on a rainy Monday afternoon in Wichita Falls, Texas. And he was basically we should get off the pot. So we got married. And then I went with him to Korea.

And while there, I just kind of went out on my own, like, rode the bus. And like, I knew I could probably get a job as a teacher because they really liked the American accent. So I just kind of did a little research online. It was like 2002. So there wasn’t like a ton but walked into an English school and they ended up hiring me.

And so I taught kids from like, for three or four because in Korea, you start at one years old, like when you’re born you’re not zero, you’re one anyway. So if they do it differently, but anyway, so I was a teacher there and taught kids Yeah, up through, like the junior high high school level. I loved the food and the culture. It was very interesting. Definitely missed home did a lot of traveling there went to China, Japan, Thailand, Australia. So it was kind of cool to be able to see that part of the world and work and live in that culture. And also, I think the most interesting part of it was being able to be a minority because nowhere you know else in my life about Ever been a minority? So I feel like that’s a really eye opening kind of interesting perspective that everybody should have at some point.

Mike Collette 5:08

Yeah, I can. I can’t speak from experience. I can only say that that’s, uh, that experience sounds pretty amazing. So you say you traveled a lot like what’s your. What was your like, favorite all time doesn’t have to be during that time period. Well, what’s like your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

Nicole St.Pierre 5:21

Good question, um, probably Australia. And it was just so beautiful that people were so interesting. I mean, I was at the beach most of the time, and I really loved Australia. And Bangkok was pretty cool to some CDs stuff, but some pretty interesting stuff. And the food was amazing. I can only I can only imagine. Yeah, Australia. Sounds like a pretty awesome and Spain. We just I just went to Spain with the family last 2019. That was pretty. That was awesome, too.

Mike Collette 5:51

That’s awesome. Yeah. So Alright, so travel. Korea. Grew up in central mass, like, tell us how you got into like, you know, How’d you find CrossFit? I know you. Like I said, I know you were working out atanother gym before you came to the prototype. Talk us through that journey. How did you get into it? Like, what inspired you to start doing CrossFit? Like, what’s your experience been? Like? What do you love about it?

Nicole St.Pierre 6:18

So I moved back to Massachusetts in 2009, with my now husband, who was my boyfriend then lived in Razi. roslindale, right outside of Boston, and I had was starting to work from home for the first time ever, and I had just turned 30. And so working from home, you’re not moving around as much your kitchen is right there. And like after 30, I think my metabolism slowed down a bit. So I gained like, 15 pounds in like, five months. And I was like, you know, so I was like, I gotta get fit. So I did p90x, and that actually really got me pretty tore up. But it was boring. It was so monotonous. I mean, Tony Horton, stirring the soup and saying the same damn thing every day. So I was like, I gotta do something that’s gonna keep me interested. I started doing yoga, which I liked. But I felt like I needed something a little more, you know, intense. So I ended up you know, just researching gyms and CrossFit came up and I had had a friend back in Colorado that was into it when, you know, it was a really new unknown thing back in 2005. So I’m like, I guess I’ll give it a try. And the gym that I found was great. It was CrossFit crack and Dedham. Marissa actually knows the people there. But she was at their sister gym. So we kind of had that thread in common.

So I really liked it. And then I started to, you know, do really well. And then six weeks later, I find out that I’m pregnant with my oldest, but I’m like, okay, so I guess I’ll stick with this as long as I can. And I ended up going until I was nine months pregnant. So

yeah, I just really liked it there. Then we moved here in 2013. And I started at CrossFit SoBo, it was at the time in southborough. And it was awful. It was everything like that prototype is not the coaches were terrible. I had like, I went to maybe 10 different classes, and there was like eight different coaches. One of them was encouraging people to kick up into a headstand, which from yoga, I knew is not at all what you’re supposed to do. It’s like really dangerous for your cervical spine. So I was like, this really sucks. And then Lisa strain, sorry, Lisa strain, who used to be a member of the ATM crew A long time ago, I met her at a book club and she was talking about prototype and you and john and she’s like, Oh, this place is great. And I’m like, Okay, I’ll check it out. And then I walked in and immediately it just felt different, like just the community atmosphere, the people that were there the 8am ladies that I used to, you know, spend a lot of time with Kim Bell and Kathy bridges and Sandra flock and all those ladies. And they made it really fun. Crazy bill was there quite a lot of the time Sarah Sullivan, Barry, when they were like just getting engaged and all that.

Mike Collette 9:15

So yeah, there’s certainly some there’s some great people at the gym while people still here. Andyou know, it sounds like you’ve made some good memories. What’s your What’s your favorite memory so far since being a prototype?

Nicole St.Pierre 9:29

Probably jumping up and down into a puddle of my own pee in front of you.

Mike Collette 9:35

Tell us a little bit tell the viewers a little bit about that. Not everyone knows that. I think I even cleaned it up a little!

Nicole St.Pierre 9:46

No. Um, yeah, actually, that was such a fun day. It was the first competition I’d ever done. It was blogtober and I think 2016 or 17. Christina Mendoza. She was like 25-26 she’s my partner in this. You know, she doesn’t realize these pelvic floor issues are a real thing. So unlike it was only single unders too. And but there was so many of them there was like 15. So I was jumping and jumping. Oh, there it goes. So I, you know, peed a little and then I peed a lot. And but I didn’t stop. I just kept jumping. And we actually got taken place, though. Kept jumping, just kept jumping. up, and I had a change of clothes. So it was all good. All good. Just

Mike Collette 10:32

So funny. Yeah, just keep jumping, I think should go on the next t shirt. So you’re like in that 8AM routine. And like, it’s like now like in our last like, several years you’ve like now early in this 5am routine, like your early morning person get up, get after it. And like I think, you know, from our conversations like your your like mindset and approach to like fitness and just routine in general has been like, just I think you’re, you know, you’re you’re setting the stage or setting the standard for a lot of like, you know, people just in general, just in terms of like your dedication, just being overall healthy. Talk a little bit about that, like how that’s kind of changed and what you’ve done differently.

Nicole St.Pierre 11:15

Well, I, after I had my second child, it took me quite a long time to get back in the gym. And my schedule wasn’t really going to allow for me to come later in the morning. But I just thought I have to get in there. I know how much better I feel when you know, I’m working out regularly. physically, emotionally, mentally, I just feel so much better. Like this week, I missed three days because my backup jacked up. And I was hitch for like three days. And finally I went this morning. And I feel like my demeanor is just 100% different. I’m just happier.

Anyway, so I realized I’m going to be going back to the gym, I gotta figure out a way to do it. I think I tried a couple times to go at night. But being a mom of like young kids, it just wasn’t gonna work. So I’m like, bite the bullet set my alarm for 4:26am. And, you know, it was hard to adjust to that. But I love it because you get out of bed before you even know what’s going on. Like, I just have to hit the alarm and just pop right up. And the first couple minutes suck, but you just deal with it. And then when you’re done, you realize you just like kicked your own ass and sweat and got an amazing workout in and got to hang out with your friends. Like before, most people are even thinking about opening their eyes. So it just I just love the early morning thing. And obviously once I first started just the whole crew of my ladies, my middle aged broads, the hens as we call them. We have a good time and and that’s like, kind of my favorite memories. Just like almost every day there. There’s something else to laugh about. There’s somebody else saying something completely inappropriate that everyone just cracks up over. But yeah, it’s a good crew. There’s a good crew at the early morning. It is true too is you know, getting it in getting up getting it in being done with it sets your day up, you know, not just the physical return you get on it, but the the mental return you get on it to take time.

Mike Collette 13:26

Yeah, I totally understand. And I think a lot of people listening and probably understand that or some people probably listening, you know, probably most people that might struggle with, you know, getting up early and having that like motivationto do that. Like what was like, you know, like, what do you like, what motivates you?

Nicole St.Pierre 13:42

What motivates me, um, you know, I was never very consistent about being in the gym, I really just, I think I did it mostly for vanity reasons. Like, you know, I would get I just didn’t want to gain weight like I had before. So I would just kind of use that as motivation. But over the last year as a lot of people know, I’ve struggled with alcoholism, I’m almost a year sober at this point. I think I’m like 26 days away or so. And the health and fitness aspect of my recovery has been completely in line, it’s been the most integral thing to it. I, you know, just I feel so much better when I treat my body right when I’m when I’m working out. It’s, it’s all really going hand in hand. So really, that’s a big part of my motivation now. I really just want to be healthy too. I want to be able to, you know, have be a good example for my kids. When I’m working out and eating better, it just sets the stage for it just sets the stage for you know, a healthier life and a healthier balance. For me overall.

Mike Collette 15:01

26 days, it’s something like that. Yeah, yeah, I’m close. February 12. That’s incredible. That’s an amazing, amazing thing. And yeah, I mean, I can I can just attest. I mean, just seeing just the change in you has been incredible.

Nicole St.Pierre 15:19

Why was I real shitbag before?

Mike Collette 15:20

No, no, no. No, you’re still shitbag I’m just kidding! Oh, um, but uh, you know, one thing I didn’t mention when we started this thing is like, in you know, obviously, 2020 is a dumpster fire of what 2020 is, you actually made it to be a pretty monumental year, I think you won, like, every single one of the challenges that we did at prototype?

Nicole St.Pierre 15:45

If I didn’t do the last one. I know. I was gonna say when you asked me to do this, and like, I think people are sick of me, Mike.

Mike Collette 15:54

I don’t know. I think I think we will have a good opportunity to learn some things. And you know, obviously get to know you too. So you know, with that said, I got a I got a few more questions. Right. And this is like what I didn’t last one. So three, questions. Favorite movie or TV show of all time?

Nicole St.Pierre 16:15

Um, or TV show? Um, recently Yellowstone has been I watched anything else now. And I’m like, this isn’t Yellowstone. Yellowstone is really good. And like Game of Thrones. Sopranos sorry. I know you said one. But all right. So those three so Yellowstone. I was I actually was watching that a little bit.

Mike Collette 16:34

I think I do like a few episodes. I was like Ryan Philippi?

Nicole St.Pierre 16:38

No, no, Kevin Costner.

Mike Collette 16:41

Oh, I’m thinking of a different show. Then. What am I thinking of? Yellowstone? Okay, no, no, no. Okay, Yellowstone. Got it. I haven’t watched it yet. And I have watched Game of Thrones and Sopranos. That’s tough between those two.

Nicole St.Pierre 16:51

It is so different. Different.

Mike Collette 16:54

Yeah, I gotta go with Sopranos. That’s me personally. But yeah, it was a Game of Thrones. Next question, favorite musician or artist?

Nicole St.Pierre 17:09

I really, I don’t know. There’s too many genres. There’s just too much too many to pull from what’s yours?

Mike Collette 17:17

Easy, Dispatch.

Nicole St.Pierre 17:18

Me too. I actually loved them in college. Like I totally did. I listen to tapes all the time. Back at UMass. They played it. You must live.

Mike Collette 17:28

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. They’re still they’re still going strong. Yeah, we have like few new albums out there. Great. Yeah.So we gotta get an answer, though. Stuck on a desert island.

Nicole St.Pierre 17:42

You should have told me you were gonna ask me this. And then I would have thought about it. Yeah. Um,God, come back to it.

Mike Collette 17:51

All right.Favorite thing that you do when you’re not working out or at the gym, with your family?

Nicole St.Pierre 17:58

Um, I love being at my mom’s pool. Like we just hang out. The kids eat their little popsicles like my I have races with my brother and my husband and swim around with a kid. It’s just like the most wholesome, happy summer fun. Yeah.

Mike Collette 18:14

Where’s your mom? Still central mass?

Nicole St.Pierre 18:17

Yeah, Templeton, Massachusetts.

Mike Collette 18:18

That’s cool. Okay, back to the question. musician, and artist.

Nicole St.Pierre 18:28

I can only listen to you right now. My kids, all they listen to you right now is like at Rock. They’re like Def Leppard and Guns and Roses in Whitesnake and I love that stuff, but I don’t feel like it’s a favorite and I couldn’t pick just one.

Mike Collette 18:42

Alright, then we’ll just we’ll go with that.

Nicole St.Pierre 18:43

I think you’re good person.

Mike Collette 18:44

Thanks. Yeah, I’m not gonna hang it on that! Well, Nicole, thank you again for being part of the community conversations means so much to me. And obviously everyone that prototype and then for everyone at home, thank you for watching tuning in. Remember, every week, we’re gonna be releasing a new community conversation with a new guest. To get your week started. To be the first to know when a new community conversations posted, subscribe to our YouTube page or join our daily brief newsletter. These videos are also posted our community members only club on Facebook. If you’re not part of that, for some reason, let us know add you in. And then lastly, if you’re interested in being on the committee conversation, just shoot us a message and we would love to have you so that’s fine, guys. Thank you. And thank you again, Nicole, and we appreciate it.

Nicole St.Pierre 19:32

All right. Thanks Mike. Got it.