Getting the most of persona training at a Westborough CrossFit gym.Whether you’re coming into CrossFit Prototype for our personal training, small group training, or CrossFit classes, it’s important to keep it up. Sure, we understand that fall and winter are busy times: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas programs, holiday parties, Christmas itself, and New Years. All of these cause us to run ourselves ragged — yet we do it all without physically breaking a sweat!

With all of this going on, you might think to yourself that visiting a fitness gym is something that can be put off, or, worse yet, canceled during the long winter months. Nothing could be further from a good idea, because when the days get dark is when you need to double down on your personal training and exercise. Why?

The Calories!

The biggest reason to keep up with your exercise routine during fall and winter is the huge influx of calories. Candy at Halloween, huge meals and the accompanying leftovers at Thanksgiving, and big meals (followed by naps) during all of the December religious holidays. Plus party after party after party, all filled with fattening foods and sweet treats.
When you’re taking in that many calories, you need to get to our fitness gym as often as possible.

The Indoors!

When the days get shorter and colder, we go on a lot fewer after-dinner walks. We also play less ball with the kids and engage in fewer organized recreational sports. In short, we’re more likely to sit on the couch and watch more TV.
Don’t let this happen! Get in here and exercise with our physical trainer!

The Snow Shoveling!

personal trainer 1“Wait” you might say “isn’t snow shoveling exercise?” Yes it is, and that’s the problem. Emergency rooms see an influx of people who have heart attacks because they don’t participate in any exercise and then exert themselves too much when they shovel the walk. Don’t let that be you; keep your exercise routine going all winter long!
We want to see you in here at our fitness gym all winter. Don’t put on those pounds just to fight them in spring. Keep the pounds off and spend spring getting stronger!