fbheaderimage1The holiday season is coming up, and the traditional gift exchanging dates are right around the corner. You could get your family members clothes that they’ll think are out of style in six months, or you could get them little statues or pieces of art that are set aside and seldom appreciated. Or — hear us out on this — you could get them something that they’ll really appreciate. Something you can do together and make you all healthier at the same time. How about a small group training package from CrossFit prototype?
Think about all of the advantages! Here, we’ll help you:

You’re Doing Something Together

content2Many Christmas presents encourage people to go off and do their own thing. iPads, new phones, and video game systems all encourage family member to spend time (virtually) away from the family. Gift cards are often used when you’re not even there to see what the person is getting. Likewise, individual interests at school, after school activities, and work can make a family fracture into a dozen different directions every night.
So, how do you make sure that you’re doing stuff together? Small group training at CrossFit prototype will ensure that you’re spending time with family members at least a couple of hours a week.

You’re Working Out With People You Like

Sometimes in a small group there’s a person that you might not get along with. Perhaps they’re a little overly-ambitious, too talkative, or won’t stop kissing up to the fitness instructor. When you’re in a small group training class with your family, at least you’re surrounded by people you like! Even if they do talk too much, you already know that and can accommodate for it.

You Know How To Help Each Other Out

content1When you’re a parent and your children are doing homework, you help them out, right? Sure you do…until that one day that they bring home a math sheet with formulas you don’t remember and methods of doing the work that hadn’t even been imagined when you were back in school.
Now imagine you’re doing small group training with your family. Because you’re all working on the same exercises together, you’re all able to help each other out. You’ll have the physical trainer with you while you’re at our fitness gym, but what if one of you wants to incorporate certain exercises into his or her daily workout routine? At that point you can step in and help (or they can step in and help you!). Because you’re all learning from a fitness instructor at the same time, you’re able to take that group knowledge home with you.

You’re Establishing an Interest in Exercise

Some families are interested in playing sports, while others are more stay-at-home readers and TV watchers. In either case, small group training can help. The sports family will get more limber, stronger, and faster so that they can enjoy their competitive activities. The more sedentary family will get the exercise they need in order to get healthy. Both families are being reminded that exercise can be a fun experience that makes you feel good. It’s important to establish a good exercise routine when kids are young so that they will be more healthy for a lifetime.
If you think that small group training would be a great gift for your family this holiday season, check out our fitness gym’s packages right here.