Autism Alliance of Metro West: A big Thank you to CrossFit Prototype of Westborough for the generous donation to the Autism Alliance this morning. We are very happy to be a recipient of your fundraising efforts. We are looking forward to a continued partnership for our families!

From mid October to mid November, we opened up our doors and held a 30 Day Community Fitness to the public. We were surprised by how many people wanted to partake! We had over 40 people participate over the course of the 30 Days and we raised a significant amount of  money which we raised for the Metro West Autism Alliance! All in, we raised over $900 and couldn’t have been happier! Our main reason why we decided to donate the money to Autism Alliance is our strong belief and core value in helping others. The Metro West Autism Alliance along with several other organizations work to help those who need it. In addition, we have started a program that be believe can help the kids in our community who might need it the most.

We have started a new program combining fitness and learning.  The program, Ignite! Prototype Academy, is for school-aged students and is designed to benefit students of all ability levels.  Cognitive, academic, and learning tasks are integrated into individual or small group sessions.  Some students who take part in the Ignite! Prototype Academy have learning disabilities or struggle with learning; however the program is designed to be personally beneficial for students at all levels.
The philosophy behind the Ignite! program is that we can use exercise to optimize the emotional,
physiological, behavioral, and hormonal benefits of purposeful movement. It is a brain based program that works on cognitive enrichment through exercise. Movement has been shown to improve brain chemistry and develop many foundational skills essential to learning. The Ignite! Protocol increases blood flow to the brain, triggers certain chemicals associated with memory and retention and holds the students interest throughout the cognitive tasks.

The overarching goal is for clients to independently apply skills and increase confidence to participate in desired organized/structure extra curricular activities.  The program also strives to generate an interest in physical fitness and increase a clients independence using tools and strategies for self-regulation
At the Ignite! Prototype Academy, coaches have been selected based on their experience and background knowledge iworking with students who face a variety of learning challenges.  Contact danielle@crossfitprotoype for more information and schedule an assessment.