At Prototype, we take pride in our Coach Development Program and are very fortunate to have some of the best Coaches and Trainers in the area working right out of our facility. Several months ago, we started our Young Coaches Program, were we offered internships to high schoolers who wanted to pursue the field of Strength and Conditioning. Over the summer, we had 3 Young Coaches go through that program to develop a sense of the fitness industry. Prior to the YCP, we have grown several coaches through our community at Prototype and rarely hired externally.

Culturally, it’s important to us that our team members at Prototype check several boxes for us, but the biggest is caring deeply to improve self and to improve others. To that end, we are excited about 2 of our newest coaches going through our CDP (Coach Development Program).

Read below to get to know both Tanya and Chanel

Chanel Augustus

“I am a certified personal trainer, life coach, as well as continuing education for Nutrition Coaching. While growing up I was not your typical athlete, through personal experience through the years I have found that upkeeping a fitness regimen is the most important part to mental strength. I began training with my fiance who is an athlete of 20+ years, and in doing so realized that I also wanted to help individuals with their fitness journey. My passion is to assist others in learning how to take back their life by growing their confidence with leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Outside of Prototype I spend the majority of time with my fiance and my two dogs, Tiger and Loki. I enjoy drawing and painting, as well as am continuing my education with additional classes in physical training and nutrition.”

Tanya Wareck

Tanya Wareck is a board certified behavior analyst who’s supported children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders for over a decade. Tanya’s personal health experiences and passion for helping others, ignited her journey towards coaching and empowering clients on their individual path towards wellness. Tanya is able to integrate individualized behavior change methodologies with her clients unique health and fitness goals. Tanya embraces a holistic and sustainable approach to health and wellness.

Tanya currently holds a personal trainer certification and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. Tanya also has over 8 years of weight lifting experience and has competed in both natural bodybuilding and raw powerlifting competitions.

In her free time she enjoys music and the arts, spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, Christmas tree farming, watching New England sports (go Celtics!), snuggling up with her 3 cats, reading, coffee, and LIFTING THINGS!

-M.S. Behavior Analysis
-Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst
-NASM Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1
-Working towards NBHWC certification

You might have met them at one of your classes this week or last but we are excited to have them with us! If you see them next week please introduce yourselves