If you don’t know Olivia (Liv) Harwood, then you probably aren’t an early morning person at Prototype! Liv has been one of the few college athletes at Prototype that train with us before the crack of dawn. Prior to COVID, she was at the gym at 6 am almost every day!

In addition, Liv is one of the longest-tenured members at Prototype and has been training with Coach Mike since 2011… over 9 years! She started training at the age of 13 is now 22 years old. A recent graduate of Bates College, Liv played Women’s Lacrosse and continued to train at Prototype when she was on breaks from school. I still remember getting texts from her on her way home: “Hey Mike! Is it ok if I work out with you and my parents tomorrow morning?! Thankkkssssssss”.

Liv has put in the work and has seen some AMAZING results!

Just in the past few months since being back from school, Liv has dialed in her nutrition and has increased her training here at Prototype. She does virtual personal training sessions 2-3 times a week with her mom, Sally (who just turned 60!) and dad, Brent at 7am with Coach Mike as well as doing 3-4 group classes per week.

She spends her weekends on the cape crushing golf balls and working on her tan before she starts her career in the real world!

Liv has gone from 164lbs and now is at her lowest ever at 142lbs! Her body fat percentage is down and her strength is way up! As a matter of fact, she had a PR of 9 strict unbroken pull-ups on Tuesday which is INCREDIBLE!

Liv even gets to buy new Lululemon workout leggings as a result of all of her hard work! How great is that?!

I can’t say enough how proud I am of the progress Liv has made. I recently told her that many people during these times have gone in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Liv has dedicated her time and effort to her health and fitness and is easily in the best shape of her life. Great job Liv, you’re awesome and your hard work does not go unnoticed!!!!